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ORIGINAL DÜPERTHAL HPLC service station Safety cabinets in modern lab design Original DÜPERTHAL PASSIVE OR ACTIVE STORAGE Select the right safety cabinet before preparing your risk assessment - including

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ORIGINAL DÜPERTHAL HPLC service station Safety cabinets in modern lab design Original DÜPERTHAL PASSIVE OR ACTIVE STORAGE Select the right safety cabinet before preparing your risk assessment - including all essential documentation. Do you store flammable liquids in open, non-sealed containers? Does filling or transferring take place inside or next to the safety cabinet? If you have answered one of these questions with YES, then your storage is already ACTIVE! Beside TRGS 526 and TRGS 510 Annex 3, further requirements from TRGS 509 (former TRbF 30), BGR 120, BGR 132, TRBS 2153 and DIN EN have to be considered when it comes to active storage. Therefore, start using the CERTIFIED SYSTEM SOLUTIONS to achieve the specific requirements of an explosion protection concept! The type certificate from TÜV Süd confirming tested safety is an important component of your risk assessment and the explosion protection document involved. Outstanding quality SOLVED INTERNALLY, CONFIRMED EXTERNALLY and independently Our comprehensive quality management according to DIN EN ISO 9001 is the starting point for the important quality marks of approval awarded to all our safety cabinets. Apart from our own in-house checks, the production of the safety cabinets is also continuously monitored by external accredited test institutes. Tested safety at a very high level including: High Quality mark of approval DÜPERTHAL safety cabinets are tested according to the latest guidelines and are additionally awarded with the High Quality mark of approval by TÜV Süd for upper-level style, user-friendliness and increased lifetime. GS mark Type testing according to DIN EN by recognised test institutes (TÜV Süd, ift Rosenheim). TÜV-tested according to DIN EN (laboratory furniture standard). Certification for tested safety (GS) according to the current specifications of EK5 / AK by TÜV Süd. Classification type 90 in accordance with DIN EN GS/CE mark. 4 All-round service ALWAYS A GOOD FEELING A good product is one thing. But competent advice when purchasing and an accompanying full service are also decisive. With the HPLC service station you make the right decision, as we are with you from the outset to help you finding the optimum solution for your requirements. Always at your service: Specialist carrier with checklist The specialist carrier deployed by us works according to a detailed checklist and therefore ensures that our products are installed in their final place of use professionally. Service agreement - the clever option A service agreement is an optimum choice, which offers you many advantages. For example, with a contract period of 5 years, the manufacturer's guarantee is extended to this period. The first check within the scope of a service agreement is free of charge. Through regular maintenance within the scope of a service agreement we guarantee the safety of your HPLC service station Tommy Fittkau, Head of Technical Service, Quality Management 5 HPLC service station - type 90 FOR ACTIVE COLLECTION OF FLAMMABLE HPLC WASTES Our HPLC service station - type 90 - is perfect for collecting waste materials up to a period of 2 weeks at a flow rate of 1 ml/min. It leads to a more efficient value chain within the laboratory, thus releasing resources which can be used actively and purposefully for scientific research. For process reliability Using the HPLC service station allows you to fulfil a great variety of laws, regulations and directives, especially the safety requirements of TRGS 509 for filling and transfer stations. System-aided working ensures process reliability in a sustainable way and can thus be taken into account in your risk assessment. 6 certified system solution - ready to plug in Fire resistance type 90 Fire resistance type 90: Great care is required when handling hazardous substances. Our technology with maximum fire resistance helps you to achieve this. The HPLC service station guarantees a resistance of 90 minutes in case of fire, type-tested according to DIN EN In case of fire, all employees will have enough time to leave the danger zone and the fire fighters have the possibility to extinguish the fire safely. Technology for additional safety: Diverse technical devices ensure sustained functionality and safety in case of fire. In this way, all safety-relevant components are not exposed to daily dynamic use and are therefore free from attrition and mechanical wear. In an emergency, a thermocouple initiates the closing of the doors automatically. A well thought-out closure control system ensures blockage-free door closing, even if the pull-out tray is extended. HPLC service station consisting of: DISPOSAL UTS ergo line S Service rack Fittings: Pull-out tray in sheet steel, conductive powder coating. 7 electrical sockets at the rear of the cabinet. Construction: Wing door and outer carcass in sheet steel, conductive powder coating. Service rack and inner carcass made of high-quality decor panels. PC shelf made of sheet steel, powder-coated. Base in ToeKick version. Colour: Wing door optionally in gentian blue (similar to RAL 5010) or light grey (similar to RAL 7035). Complete carcass in light grey (similar to RAL 7035). Base in slate grey RAL Safety and functionality Apart from tested safety on a high level, our HPLC service station type 90 convinces through its ergonomic and durable construction. Using the sophisticated accessories, you may adjust your safety cabinet individually to your needs. Focus on functionality The push-to-open wing door technology facilitates work at the cabinet. The easy moving safety doors are opened by applying a gentle push to the front. The automatically moving-out pull-out trays provide a new level of user convenience. The conductive 10 litre canisters can be removed quickly and safely with both hands. In case of a fire, a thermocouple automatically initiates the blockage-free closing of the doors. Integrated as a standard, the level monitor MPS 3 with exhaust air monitoring unit and airstream monitor warns about overfilling and represents proactive health and safety protection at the work place as well as environmental protection. The HPLC service station is equipped with a direct fume extraction immediately at the place where vapours may be produced, thus supporting a healthy working atmosphere for the laboratory staff. The stopcock comes in a drip-free version, which prevents contaminating the equipment. The HPLC service station is also available in a mobile version with a roller set. In this way, it can easily be incorporated into the existing equipment. With the roller set, it will also be easy to move the HPLC service station to a new place of use. 8 Fitting features and accessories Further details with great benefits The bench penetrations are prepared for connecting a safety waste cap GL 45 (m) for media disposal and two penetrations Ø 56 mm for power cables. Equipotential bonding saddles at the rear of the cabinet are installed as a standard for the connection to the earthing in accordance with TRBS 2153, BGR 132 (prevention of ignition hazards). The interior fittings are conductively connected with the equipotential bonding saddles. Connecting the cabinet to a ventilation system automatically activates the floor extraction. In this way, harmful substances or vapours, which collect at the bottom, can safely be picked up and removed with the exhaust air. The base in its ToeKick version is the solution to ergonomic work. Users can stand conveniently at the HPLC service station and use the worktop. This spares their backs and avoids them hitting their feet. Accessories Shelf for small parts. Special pliers for PE canister to close it adequately with a torque of 20 Nm. Monitor arm set, full motion, including bracket, optionally with extendable keyboard arm set and mouse pad. Canister changeover via an electropneumatic device, for a higher fill capacity of 20 litres. 9 HPLC service station - type 90 HPLC service station S1 HPLC service station S1 Width 900 mm 1 DISPOSAL UTS ergo line S with 2 conductive PE canisters à 10 litres, 1 stopcock, 1 earthing cable with crocodile clip, ToeKick base 85 mm, 1 MPS 3 exhaust air monitor with level monitor, 1 PC shelf, 7 electrical sockets, 1 HPLC bench penetration and 2 cable penetrations Ref. no. Design Colour: stationary mobile Carcass light grey, door gentian blue Dimensions (in mm) and weight (in kg): Outer Inner Width Depth Height Weight 170 Max. storage capacity/standing space: Quantity Type of container Size 2 Canister, PE* 10 litre * conductive Accessories: Ref. no. Fitting options: Monitor arm set, full motion, including bracket Keyboard arm set, extendable, including mouse pad Additional shelf for small parts Electropneumatic device for canister changeover on request Master card for system configuration Additional interior fittings: Canister made of conductive PE, 10 litre Special pliers for PE canister Safety waste caps with capillary connections see Absorber see Industrial ventilation: Exhaust air system or ventilator see 10 Technical specifications HPLC service station Width 900 mm Dimensions - interior fittings: Model size S1 Width Depth Height Pull-out tray in mm Zoning When all measures for monitoring the exhaust air are observed (protection concept), the proportion between the volumetric flow rates of exhaust air and fresh air is ensured and the lower explosion protection threshold is exceeded only briefly. In this way, zone 1, which prevails inside the cabinet and at the filling point, can be expected to turn into zone 2. For risk assessment, the HPLC service station has to be assessed in connection with its actual application. In this context, it may be necessary to adjust the ex-zones, the exhaust air flow rate or both. Technical details Model size Load bearing capacity with uniformly distributed load (max. load/shelf) in kg S1 Pull-out tray 45 Standing surface for HPLC 80 Maximum volume of the largest individual container which may be stored in the cabinet in l 10 Collection volume in l Pull-out tray 11 Base height in mm with ToeKick base 85 Volumetric flow rate for 10-fold air exchange in approx. m³/ h 1.5 Required extraction flow rate for filling and transferring (active storage) 1) in approx. m³/ h 21 Pressure drop in the cabinet in Pa 1 1) Note! During filling and transferring of media (active storage), the system's exhaust air rate must be monitored to detect a possible failure in the transported air flow. In this case, at least an alarm must be triggered and a shift in the hazardous areas must be indicated. Should the exhaust air monitor fail, all filling and transfer processes must be stopped. Side view Top view Rear view HPLC service station S1 with ToeKick base 11 active Düperthal Sicherheitstechnik GmbH & Co. KG Frankenstrasse Karlstein Germany Phone Fax DÜPERTHAL Sicherheitstechnik GmbH & Co. KG ab Rev00_EN All rights reserved. No part of this document may be reproduced. Civil action will be taken against infringements. We reserve the right to increase prices and make technical changes through improvements and further development and to update the document accordingly in response to standardisation.we do not accept any liability whatsoever for printing errors. Slight colour differences in the illustrated products are possible due to printing.
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