one day promo MOBILE Bestel via jouw regio manager of op de stand van de leverancier. Commander via votre représentant(e) ou au stand fournisseur. - PDF

one day promo Bestel via jouw regio manager of op de stand van de leverancier. Commander via votre représentant(e) ou au stand fournisseur. MOBILE Enkel geldig op 14 september 2015 Uniquement valable le

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one day promo Bestel via jouw regio manager of op de stand van de leverancier. Commander via votre représentant(e) ou au stand fournisseur. MOBILE Enkel geldig op 14 september 2015 Uniquement valable le 14 septembre 2015 only valid 14/9-16/10 Acer Liquid Z410 4,5 5MP camera Quad-core 1,3GHz 8GB + micro SD Android 4.4 Buying: 74,72 Going: 99,99 PXACERZ410B: PXACERZ410WH: Acer Liquid Z220 4,0 5MP camera Dual-core 1.2GHz 8GB + micro SD Android 5.0 Buying: 59,49 Going: 79,99 PXACERLIQZ220B: PXACERLIQZ220WH: Acer Liquid Jade Z 5 13MP camera Quad-core 1.5GHz 8GB + micro SD Buying: 135,66 Going: 179,99 PXACERLIQJADEZB: PXACERLIQJADEZWH: Order 3x Acer Z x Acer Z x Acer Jade Z = 5% korting/ réduction Huawei P8 Lite 5 scherm 8-core 1,2GHz 2GB internal memory + SD card 13 MP camera Android 5.0 Buying: 188,51 Going: 249,99 DGHUP8LITEB : DGHUP8LITEWH : DGHUAM10S free :. PROMOTION Order 1x Huawei P8 Lite black + 1x white = 1x Huawei AM-10S bluetooth speaker for free Panzer Glass Super resistant screen protector Buying: 13,25 Going: 26,99 Huawei P7: GCPANHUP7.. iphone 4: GCPANIPHONE4.. Samsung A3: GCPANSAMA3.. Samsung A5: GCPANSAMA5.. Samsung S4: GCPANSAMI Samsung S5: GCPANSAMS5.. ipad Air2: GCPANAPAIR2.. iphone 5: GCPANIPHONE5.. Samsung S4 Mini: GCPANSAMI Samsung S5 Mini: GCPANSAMG800.. iphone 6: GCPANIPHONE6.. iphone 6 Plus: GCPANIPHONE6P.. 10 (in the mix) + 1 gratis / gratuit PROMOTION only valid 14/9-16/10 BEM Mobile Speaker / Mojo Speaker / Sunrise / Multiroom Philips Screeneo HDP1590 / Philips Pico / My Gica Android stick / Philips Magic 5 Primo fax Supertooth Buddy / SCV InMotion / Steelie car mount / Nite Ize handle mount Bestel op volgende pagina / commandez page suivantes only valid 14/9-16/10 Net prices (delivery via Ce-Dis, invoicing via ERG/RSG) Product Buying Going Order Portable audio BEM Mini Mobile BEM Speaker Mojo BEM Sunrise Multiroom Multiroom set 3 Speakers Projector Philips Screeneo projector HDP Philips Pico LED Projector PPX AV/TV accessories MyGica ATV185 OTT Android stick dect Grundig dect D TTM DP TTM BIG Faxes Philips Magic 5 Primo Philips Fax + Tel + SMS PPF Philips inkt/encre voor/pour Magic 5 PFA Bluetooth carkits Supertooth Buddy Supertooth One SCV Inmotion R1EX Inmotion SCV V Steelie mounts Steelie Car Mount Kit Counter Display 12pcs 210 Steelie Car Mount Kit Tablet Nite Ize Nite Ize HandleBand Counter Display 12pcs 145 PROMOTION DORO Doro 508: 100 entries; memory buttons; bluetooth; SMS; FM radio 1.Doro 508: Koop 9 ref. + 1 GRATIS/Achetez 9 réf. + 1 GRATUIT 2. Doro dect 100 mono black: Koop 11ref. + 1 GRATIS/Achetez 11 réf. + 1 GRATUIT 3.Doro GSM: Ontvang een GRATIS case bij aankoop van een Doro GSM/ Recevez un case GRATUIT à l achat d un Doro GSM. Buying: 39,11 Going: 54,99 DOHP508(Black): Doro Dect 100 mono: 20 entries; display; big buttons; max. 5 handsets Buying: 29,08 Going: 44,99 DOPE100WB(Black): Doro GSM: + case DOHP509 ( 79,99): + case DOHP508( 54,99): + case DOPRIMO215( 55,99): + case DOHP606( 74,99): + case DOHP607( 84,99): + case DOPRIMO215G ( 55,99): + case DOPRIMO413( 89,99): + case DOHP612( 99,99): + case DOHP613( 108,99): + case DOHP631( 139,99): + case 19 99 Gigaset G-Tag Vind uw waardevolle voorwerpen (sleutel, auto, handtas, ) Retrouvez toujours vos objets précieux (clés, voiture, sac à main, ) Buying : 13,36 Going: 19,99 STGGTAGB (black): STGGTAGGR (green): STGGTAGOR (orange):.. STGGTAGR (red):. STGGTAGWH (white):. PROMOTION 10pcs counter display STGGTAGDISP10 :. 60pcs floor display STGGTAGDISP60 :.. only valid 14/9-16/10 Order 20 Vivo products (min. 6x VivoActive) = large display + 20% demo discount on 3 products Visual ontdek Garmin wearables in opendeurdagfolder oktober (IT/mobile: nov). Verwijzing op naar winkels met demo display Pub Découvrez Garmin wearbles dans folder Portes Ouvertes oct (IT/Mobile: nov). Référencement sur vers magasins avec display (no products included) Order 5 products (min. 1x VivoActive) = small display + 20% demo discount on 1 product Visual ontdek Garmin wearables in opendeurdagfolder oktober (IT/mobile: nov). Verwijzing op naar winkels met demo display Pub Découvrez Garmin wearbles dans folder Portes Ouvertes oct (IT/Mobile: nov). Référencement sur vers magasins avec display (no product included) only valid 14/9-16/10 Product code Product Street price GGVIVOFITB GARMIN VIVOFIT BLACK ,99 GGVIVOFITBL GARMIN VIVOFIT BLUE 89,99 GGVIVOFITP GARMIN VIVOFIT PURPLE 89,99 GGVIVOFITR GARMIN VIVOFIT RED 89,99 GGVIVOFITHRMB GARMIN VIVOFIT HRM BLACK 119,99 GGVIVOFITHRMBL GARMIN VIVOFIT HRM BLUE 119,99 GGVIVOFITHRMP GARMIN VIVOFIT HRM PURPLE 119,99 GGVIVOFITHRMR GARMIN VIVOFIT HRM RED 119,99 GGVIVOFITHRMSL GARMIN VIVOFIT HRM SLATE 119,99 GGVIVOFITHRMT GARMIN VIVOFIT HRM GREEN 119,99 GGVIVOFIT2B GARMIN VIVOFIT 2 BLACK 109,99 GGVIVOFIT2BL GARMIN VIVOFIT 2 BLUE 109,99 GGVIVOFIT2WH GARMIN VIVOFIT 2 WHITE 109,99 GGVIVOFIT2BHRM GARMIN VIVOFIT 2 HRM BLACK 139,99 GGVIVOFIT2WHHRM GARMIN VIVOFIT 2 HRM WHITE 139,99 GGVIVOACTB GARMIN VIVOACTIVE BLACK ,99 GGVIVOACTW GARMIN VIVOACTIVE WHITE 249,99 GGVIVOACTBHRM GARMIN VIVOACTIVE BLACK HRM 299,99 GGVIVOACTWHRM GARMIN VIVOACTIVE WHITE HRM 299,99 GGVIVOSMARTBL GARMIN VIVOSMART BLACK LARGE ,99 GGVIVOSMARTBS GARMIN VIVOSMART BLACK SMALL 149,99 GGVIVOSMARTBLL GARMIN VIVOSMART BLUE LARGE 149,99 GGVIVOSMARTGL GARMIN VIVOSMART GREY LARGE 149,99 GGVIVOSMARTGS GARMIN VIVOSMART GREY SMALL 149,99 GGVIVOSMARTRL GARMIN VIVOSMART ROSE LARGE 149,99 GGVIVOSMARTRS GARMIN VIVOSMART ROSE SMALL 149,99 GGVIVOSMARTBLHR GARMIN VIVOSMART BLACK LARGE WITH HRM 179,99 GGVIVOSMARTBSHR GARMIN VIVOSMART BLACK SMALL WITH HRM 179,99 GGVIVOSMARTGLHR GARMIN VIVOSMART GREY LARGE WITH HRM 179,99 GGVIVOSMARTGSHR GARMIN VIVOSMART GREY SMALL WITH HRM 179,99 GGVIRB GARMIN VIRB ACTION CAM 229,99 Order Folder Electro opendeur oktober Folder Electro portes ouvertes octobre Gigaset Elements Starter kit Smart home control Basis station, bewegingssensor/sense ur de movement, deursensor/senseur de porte + camera App Android/iOS Buying: 174,10 Going: 249,99 Order: STGELEMENTS:. PROMOTION Bestel 2x Gigaset Elements Starter kit = gratis lege dozen voor instore visibility Commandez Gigaset Elements Starter kit = boîtes vides gratuites pour visibilité magasin ihealth PROMOTION Bestel 200 ihealth of ismart producten en ontvang iham3s Activity & Sleep tracker gratis (79,95 ) Commandez 200 de produits ihealth ou ismart et recevez iham3s Activity & Sleep tracker gratuit (79,95 ) Uitlevering via Globalsat, facturatie enkel via ERG/RSG Livraison par Globalsat, facturation uniquement par ERG/RSG Category Product Buying Wireless Tracker ihealth iham3s Wireless Activity & Sleep Tracker 46,02 79,95 Alarm ismartalarm ihisa3g ismartalarm Preferred Package 115,08 199,95 Oximeter ihealth ihpo3 Wireless Pulse Oximeter 46,02 79,95 Contact/Motio Sensor ismartalarm ihdws3g ismartalarm Contact Sensor 17,24 29,95 Balance Connectée ihealth ihhs4s Lite Wireless Scale 46,02 79,95 Balance Connectée ihealth ihhs6 Core Body Analysis Wireless Scale 74,79 129,95 Blood Press. Monitor ihealth ihbp5 Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor + Travel Pouch 57,53 99,95 Blood Press. Monitor ihealth ihbp7 Wireless Blood Pressure Wrist Monitor + Travel Pouch 46,02 79,95 Glucometer ihealth ihbg1 Smart Gluco-Monitoring System 11,49 19,95 Glucometer ihealth ihbg5 KIT Wireless Smart Gluco-Monitoring System KIT 40,27 69,95 Glucometer ihealth ih28g Blood Glucose Test Lancets (50pcs) 2,85 4,95 Glucometer ihealth ihags-1000 Blood Glucose Test Strips (2x25pcs) 11,49 19,95 FITNESS PACK : Body Scale HS3 + Activity & Sleep Tracker Bundle Scale Pedo. ihealth ihfitpack AM3s 68,13 119,95 Motion Sensor ismartalarm ihpir3g ismartalarm Motion Sensor 20,12 34,95 Remote Tag ismartalarm ihrc3g ismartalarm Remote Tag 14,37 24,95 Going Order Hesdo Levering door Hesdo zelf Livraison par Hesdo Fysic Buying Action Going Order Simple use DGFYFMONE 4,57inch; 200 entries; big buttons 48,63 39,60 69,99 Dect Fysic package 120 in plaats van/au lieu de 149 1x FX-5700 DGFYFX5700 mono; 50 entries; handsfree; big buttons 38,21 64,99 FX-5720 DGFYFX5720 duo; 50 entries; handsfree; big buttons 51,26 89,99 FX-5725 DGFYFX5725 duo; 50 entries; handsfree; big buttons; answering machine 60,21 99,99 Fysic package 4X FX-6200= 1x FREE FX-6220 ( 46,32) 4x FX-6200 DGFYFX entries; display; big buttons 37,74 59,99 FX-6220 DGFYFX entries; display; big buttons; duo Profoon corded phone Profoon package: 1x TX x TX-325= FREE TX-310 ( 15,51) 1x TX-317 DGPRTX entries; big buttons 17,37 27,99 TX-325 DGPRTX entries; 4 memory buttons 28,37 44,99 TX-310 DGPRTX entries; big buttons Buying Action Going Order Dect Profoon package: 2x PDX x 6320= FREE PDX-6350 ( 55,58) 2x PDX-6300 DGPRPDX6300 duo; handsfree; 100 entries 27,21 39,99 PDX-6320 DGPRPDX6320 du; handsfree; 50 entries 40,52 59,99 PDX-6350 DGPRPDX6350 duo; handsfree; 50 entries Dect PDX-8115 DGPRPDX entries; display; mono 20,26 18,15 29,99 PDX-8125 DGPRPDX entries; display; answering machine 31,26 24,09 44,99 PDX-8200 DGPRPDX8200 mono; display; silver 18,52 13,75 29,99 PDX DGPRPDX8220 duo; display; 50 entries; silver 33,58 23,65 59,99 PDX-8230 DGPRPDX8230 trio; display; 50 entries; silver 41,68 34,10 59,99 PDX-8400 DGPRPDX8400 mono; display; 20 entries 19,11 15,95 29,99 PDX-8420 DGPRPDX8420 duo; display; 20 entries 30,68 28,05 44,99 simple use PM-595 DGPRPM595 big buttons; 100 entries; display 30,11 23,65 54,99 PM-790 DGPRPM790 clamshell; big buttons; 200 entries 52,80 47,25 89,99 Alcatel Alcatel package: FREE F380-BLK DGALCF380B mono; 50 entries; handsfree 24,89 34,99 F380-GRY DGALCF380GRY mono; 50 entries; handsfree 24,89 34,99 only valid 14/9-16/10 LG Leon 4,5 8MP camera Quad-core 1,2Ghz 8GB + micro SD Android 5.0 Buying: Going: DGLGLEONB: LG G4 5,5 16MP camera Quad-core 1,44Ghz + dualcore 1,82Ghz 32GB + micro SD Android 5.1 Buying: 414,39 Going: PXLGG4B (black): PXLGG4BR (brown):. LG Urban 1,3 IP67 Nano-sim Android wear Buying: 263,09 Going: 349,99 GCW150S:. GCW150S à demo price: Order 3x LG Leon + 2x G4 Leather + 2x Urban = 2e LG Urban smartwatch à 210,47 demo buying Order 5x LG Leon + 3x G4 leather + 2x Urban = 2x LG Urban à 210,47 buying (=2x LG Urban total) 99 99 Microsoft Lumia touchscreen 5MP Windows Phone 8.1 (upgrade to Windows 10 as soon as available) 2-core 1.2GHz Dual sim Black Buying: 76,16 +GRATIS/GRATUIT Azuri booklet ( 21,99)! PROMOTION Koop 1x Microsoft Lumia 532 = 1x GRATIS Azuri booklet! Achetez 1x Microsoft Lumia 532 = 1x GRATUIT Azuri booklet! *DGMI532DSB(Black): +GCAZBOOKMI532B SUPER SELL IN PROMO: Order = 1x Samsung Galaxy A5 for free (379 Going value!) Order = 1x iphone 6S for free!!! Description REU Sell_In_Price Order Amount ALCATEL 20.04C BLACK + CHARGING CRADLE - HANDSET HUAWEI ASCEND Y330 BLACK - MINI PACK HUAWEI ASCEND Y330 BLACK - PACK HUAWEI ASCEND Y330 BLACK - PACK PLUG MOBILE HUAWEI ASCEND Y530 BLACK - HANDSET HUAWEI ASCEND Y550 BLACK - XXL PACK HUAWEI E5776S-32 - WIFI POCKET HOTSPOT 4G MICROSOFT LUMIA 535 BLACK - HANDSET NOKIA 108 BLACK - MINI PACK NOKIA 108 BLACK - MINI PACK NOKIA 108 WHITE - MINI PACK NOKIA LUMIA 530 DARK GREY - XXL PACK NOKIA LUMIA 530 DARK GREY? PACK SAMSUNG A300F GALAXY A3 BLACK SAMSUNG A300F GALAXY A3 WHITE SAMSUNG A500F GALAXY A5 BLACK - HANDSET SAMSUNG A500F GALAXY A5 WHITE - HANDSET SAMSUNG BLACK SVIEW FLIP CASE FOR SAMSUNG S SAMSUNG C3590 TITAN SILVER - MINI PACK SAMSUNG E1200 BLACK - KANGAROO BLISTER PACK SAMSUNG E1200 BLACK - MINI PACK SAMSUNG E1200 WHITE - MINI PACK SAMSUNG E1202 DUOS BLACK BLISTER PACK SAMSUNG E1202 DUOS BLACK - MINI PACK SAMSUNG G357F GALAXY ACE 4 GREY - HANDSET SAMSUNG G357F GALAXY ACE 4 WHITE - HANDSET SAMSUNG G360 GALAXY CORE PRIME GRAY SAMSUNG G360 GALAXY CORE PRIME WHITE SAMSUNG G361F GALAXY CORE PRIME VE BLACK - HANDSET SAMSUNG G361F GALAXY CORE PRIME VE WHITE - HANDSET SAMSUNG G850F GALAXY ALPHA BLACK - HANDSET SAMSUNG G900 GALAXY S5 BLACK SAMSUNG G900 GALAXY S5 WHITE SAMSUNG I9195 GALAXY S4 4G VE WHITE - HANDSET SAMSUNG I9195I GALAXY S4 MINI VE BLACK EDITION? HANDSET SAMSUNG I9505 GALAXY S4 4G BLACK EDITION SAMSUNG I9505 GALAXY S4 4G WHITE - HANDSET SAMSUNG I9505 GALAXY S4 BLACK 4G SAMSUNG N910 GALAXY NOTE 4 BLACK - HANDSET SAMSUNG S5611 SILVER - HANDSET SONY XPERIA E4 BLACK - HANDSET SONY XPERIA E4 BLACK - XXL PACK SONY XPERIA E4 WHITE - HANDSET SONY XPERIA M2 BLACK - HANDSET SONY XPERIA M2 WHITE - HANDSET SONY XPERIA Z2 BLACK - HANDSET SONY XPERIA Z3 BLACK? HANDSET SONY XPERIA Z3 COMPACT BLACK? HANDSET Total PROMOTION Bestel 1x Samsung smartphone= 1x GRATIS Samsung car charger ( 8,99)! Samsung Commandez 1x Samsung smartphone= 1x GRATUIT Samsung chargeur de voiture ( 8,99)! Samsung Trend 2 Lite: 4inch; 3.15MP; Android 4.4; 2-core 1.2GHz Buying: 66,25 Going: 89,99 DGSAMG318H(Black): DGSAMG318H(White): Samsung Galaxy Core: 4.5inch; 5MP; Android 4.4; 4-core 1.2GHz; dual sim Buying: 111,42 (dual; 114,80) Going: 149,99 (dual; 159,99) DGSAMG355B (Black): DGSAMG355DSB (dual; Black): DGSAMG355WH (White): DGSAMG355DSWH (dual; White): Samsung S5 mini: 4.5inch; 8MP; Android 4.4; 4-core 1.4GHz; 4G Buying: 224,89 Going: 299,99 DGSAMG800B (Black): DGSAMG800BL (Blue): DGSAMG800WH (White): DGSAMG800GLD (Gold): Samsung Galaxy J5 (4G) only valid 14/9-16/10 5 touchscreen 13MP Android core 1.2GHz MicroSD Black/White/Gold Buying: 185,06 Going: 249,99 + GRATIS/GRATUIT Samsung flip wallet ( 19,99)! PROMOTION Koop 1x Samsung J5 = 1x GRATIS Samsung flip wallet (GCEFWJ500BB(W)EGWW)! Achetez 1x Samsung J5= 1x GRATUIT Samsung flip wallet (GCEFWJ500BB(W)EGWW)! *DGSAMJ500B(Black): *DGSAMJ500WH(White): *DGSAMJ500GLD(Gold): + GCEFWJ500BBEGWW (flip wallet black) + GCEFWJ500BWEGWW (flip wallet white) Uitleg promo + GCEFWJ500BWEGWW (flip wallet white) PROMOTION SONY Bestel 1x Sony smartphone of 1x tablet= 1x GRATIS leather smartband SWR10 ( 99,99)! Commandez 1x Sony smartphone ou 1x tablette = 1x GRATUIT leather smartband SWR10 ( 99,99)! Sony Xperia C4: 5.5inch; 13MP; Android 5.0; 8-core 1.7GHz; 4G Buying: 262,59 Going: 349,99 DGSONEXPC4B(Black): DGSONEXPC4WH(White): DGSONEXPC4MI(Mint): Sony Xperia M4 Aqua: 5inch; 13MP; Android 5.0; 8-core; IP68; 4G Buying: 226,20 Going: 299,99 DGSONEXPM4AQB(Black): DGSONEXPM4AQWH(White): DGSONEXPM4OR(Orange): Sony Xperia Z4 tablet: 10.1inch; 8.1MP; Android 5.0; 8-core; IP68; 4G Buying: 594,99 Going: 779,00 DGSONSGP771B(Black): Sony leather smartband Activity & sleep tracker Notifications (calls, sms, ) IP58 waterproof Compatibility: see Telecom startcards Proximus Pay&Go: for free YPSTART10:. Mobistar: for free YMSTART15MULTI: Base: for free YBSTART15TRIO:.. Cards are not on ID of POS 59 99 Wiko Sunset 2 4 touchscreen 2MP Android core 1.3GHz Dual sim Colours: Black/White Buying: 44,71 Going: 59,99 PROMOTION Koop 1x Wiko Sunset 2 = 1x GRATIS Azuri speaker/charger! Achetez 1x Wiko Sunset 2= 1x GRATUIT Azuri speaker/chargeur! Samsung Galaxy J5 (4G) only valid 14/9-16/10 5 touchscreen West-Europa / Europe de l Ouest Lifetime Map Updates Buying: 76,50 Going: 129,99 109,99 Order: TTSTART25LTM22:.
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