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G R A M M A R Participant s Number:.. Read the following passage about dolphins and think of the word which best fits each of the gaps Write your answers in the space provided below the passage.

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G R A M M A R Participant s Number:.. Read the following passage about dolphins and think of the word which best fits each of the gaps Write your answers in the space provided below the passage. Spelling counts! Some people have a touching faith in the intelligence and sensitivity of dolphins. A long scientific study has recently reported 1 they are so highly intelligent that, given the chance, they would spend their time reading The London Review of Books and listening to Wagner. As far as I am concerned, the height of dolphinkind s achievements are in a dolphinarium, where they learn 2 to jump out of a pool to snatch a fish from a blonde in a wet suit, I completely 3 to understand how armed with such slender evidence, people can make their extraordinary claims for the swimming mammal s superior brain power. Dogs, after all, can be trained in much the same way but 4. anyone to make similar claims of massive IQ for a dog 5. a stick, it would be clearly ridiculous. If dolphins are so clever, how come they keep getting caught in those tuna nets? I can t understand 6 they don t swim the other way. Have they got highly developed communication skills or haven t they? That dolphins are playful is indisputable, as is the 7. that getting them to do tricks is relatively easy. The purely coincidental fact that their mouth structure makes them look to humans, 8 in normal critical awareness, as if they are smiling and enjoying themselves is not, however, a 9 of intelligence. During the Cold War, the US Navy trained dolphins to carry out highly dangerous mine-cleaning work. If anything, 10..strikes me as conclusive proof of lack of intelligence points G R A M M A R Participant s Number:.. For each of the sentences (11 15) write a new sentence as similar as possible in meaning to the original sentence using the word given. This word must not be altered in any way. Spelling counts! 11 Why didn t the Principal publish the exam results in the normal way? purpose We ll have to make up our minds by the end of this week, won t we? be People often find their first experience of sky-diving rather sickening. common 14 We are currently spending far more than we earn. outgoings I ve never been on such a long and tiring train journey as that. count... 5 points Total Points:... /15 pts V O C A B U L A R Y Participant s Number:.. Complete each sentence (1-10) with the best answer (A- D). Circle the correct answer. 1 I slept badly last night and I am feeling particularly..... this morning. A slow-witted B far-reaching C off-hand D top-heavy 2 It may have.... your notice, but it s Jane s birthday today. A slipped B skipped C missed D escaped 3 After several disastrous matches, he was... of his captaincy. A cancelled B removed C relieved D reduced 4 I have every in your ability to succeed. A confidence B trust C belief D persuasion 5 Plans to build a new airport suffered a major when the government refused to fund the project. A challenge B withdrawal C setback D deflation 6 Unfortunately.... too often one of our players gives the ball away. A all B every C none D once 7 The judge found himself in a. when he realized he was related to the accused. A problem B loss C dilemma D puzzle 8 There were a.. few people rather disappointed with the result. A great B quite C good D fairly 9 As a poet I think she..... comparison with the greatest poets of this century. A makes B stands C leads D matches 10 This ward has been reserved for the..... ill. A deathly B terribly C deeply D terminally 10 pts Total Points:... Participant s Number:. V O C A B U L A R Y: P R O G R E S S IV E T E ST Write down a list of diseases e.g. influenza. You will score 1 point for every 5 correctly spelled diseases. Time limit: 3 minutes. Total Points:... R E A D I N G C O M P R E H E N S I O N Participant s Number:... Read the following article about Science Books written by Anjana Aluja. There is one task to do on the next page after you read. The most anticipated book of the year was The Universe in a Nutshell by Stephen Hawking. A follow-up to his best-seller A Brief History of Time, this is a sumptuously illustrated romp through cosmology written in bite-sized chapters. It is a competent introduction to how the universe began with a Big Bang and may end up with a Big Crunch. Along the way, there are multidimensional universes to be conquered, so Hawking s book may end up lying guiltily on the coffee table. My next choice is The Science Book: 250 Milestones in the History of Science, edited by Peter Tallack. A silver slab of a book, it guides the reader through a chronology of science, beginning in Swaziland 37,000 years ago with the origins of counting and ending with the recent Humane Genome Project. Topics are summarized on one page, making it ideal for dipping into bits of science such as superconductivity and why there are different blood groups. Rivalry is often the lifeblood of science, and so I was thrilled to see Michael White s inspired treatise on this subject earlier this year. Rivals details eight feuds, both historical and contemporary, that fuelled academic endeavour. We learn that Sir Isaac Newton harboured an almost pathological desire to humiliate and hinder competitors. His main rival was Gottfried Wilhelm von Leibnitz, a German mathematician who claimed to have invented calculus at the same time as, and independently of, Newton. The enraged Englishman rallied supporters to denigrate von Leibnitz as a plagiarist. Those who like to witness harmony among their fellow humans will be heartened to read The Seven Daughters of Eve by Bryan Sykes. Sykes is an Oxford University geneticist who has discovered that 95 per cent of Europeans are descended from one of the seven ancestral mothers, and his book unashamedly upbeat story how the discovery came about. In this racy, pacy account, Sykes bestows nicknames on his seven European matriarchs (Katrine, Xenia, Jasmine, Velda, Ursula, Tara and Helena) and indulges in amusing speculation about what they would have been like. Biographies are always coveted possessions. I recommend two of this year s crop. The first is Oliver Sacks s memoir Uncle Tungsten. It is a story of a strange childhood bound up with the history of chemistry. Sacks, a neurologist who has written eloquent accounts (Awakening, The Man Who Mistook His Wife For a Hat) of how strange a human mind can be, dreams that elements in the Periodic Table are his friends. It is, admittedly, a slightly bizarre book, but written with elegance and compassion. My second suggestion is The Northern Lights, Lucy Jugo s fictionalized account of the life of Kristian Birkeland. He was a Norwegian scientist who tried to understand the Aurora Borealis, the dancing coloured lights that streak across polar skies. Birkeland, born in the middle of the 19 th century, was a textbook excentric: obsessive, absent-minded and disorganized. As Jago explains, his theory that the dancing lights arose from the interplay between the Earth s magnetic field and charged particles streaming from the sun- was largely disapproved. However, some may find the blurring of fact and fiction, and the excitable speculation about Birkeland s final years a little trying. If you re looking for a book to shock you out of complacency, you could try Surviving Galleras by Stanley Williams, a chilling first-hand account of a volcano eruption in 1993 that killed several William s colleagues. Williams, who was injured, tells us about the elite band of researchers who would study volcanoes despite the very real dangers involved. Williams s veneration of these hero-volcanologists is controversial in the geology community, but his tale offers an irresistible insight into the reckless, darker side of science. For questions 1-10, choose from the reviews A G. The reviews may be chosen more than once. Write your answers in the space provided. A The Universe in a Nutshell B The Science Book C Rivals E Uncle Tungsten F The Northern Lights G Surviving Galleras D The Seven Daughters of Eve About which of the books is the following stated? 1 It describes personal antipathy that stimulated scientific enterprise.. 2 It is an overly jolly book about a scientific breakthrough.. 3 It presents the interweaving of an early life with a scientific discipline.. 4 Despite being odd, it has a humane approach.. 5 Its heavy subject may cause it to be abandoned... 6 Many people were looking forward to its publication... 7 Its emotive and subjective approach may irritate the reader... 8 It will appeal to readers who appreciate peaceful co-existence... 9 It makes reference to a hypothesis which was ignored at the time.. 10 It describes a public attempt to discredit a scientist pts Total points:. Participant s Number:.. L I S T E N I N G C O M P R E H E N S I O N Listen to the following passage about conspiracy theories. For questions 1 5 fill in the gaps with two words you heard in the passage. Write your answers in the space provided. You will hear the recording once only. 1 The flag had a horizontal pole along its... 2 US Air Force is said to have examined the aliens dead bodies before... the whole incident. 3 Conspiracy theorists have searched for more.. 4 The CIA has been blamed for turning a (an) to the attacks on the WTC. 5 After... to break into the Democratic Party Headquarters Nixon kept telling lie after lie. Total points:... Autori: Mgr. Marta Macková Recenzent: PaedDr. Anna Brisudová Korektor: Marja Juhola, M. A. Olympiáda v anglickom jazyku Vydal: IUVENTA Slovenský inštitút mládeže, Bratislava points
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