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  A RADICAL APPROACH TO MASTERING KANJI THE SECRET TO LEARNING 1500+ KANJI  MASTERING KANJI:  THE SECRET TO LEARNING 1500+ KANJI Master the radicals that appear in 75% of all jōyō kanji!  A RADICAL APPROACH TO  1 AN INTRODUCTION TO RADICALS And  jōyō kanji?  These are the 2000 most commonly used kanji characters, as set by the Japanese Ministry of Education. Knowing these is necessary to reach a comfortable literacy level as possessed by Japanese adults.By the time you’re done with this book, you’ll easily recognize, read and know the meanings of 75% of the must-know kanji. Simply put, you’ll know more Japanese words and read and understand a ton of Japanese!Check out our site for a basic overview of kanji: Hello there! Are you starting your kanji learning adventure and noticing that it’s a big, scary world out there? 2,000 kanji is a lot! Well, this book puts your fears to rest. You’ll learn kanji using one very powerful method. By learning the top 50 radicals.  These 48 radicals (plus two bonus radicals) appear in over 75% of the jōyō kanji! What are radicals? They each carry their own meanings and sounds. Radicals are the building blocks of kanji . Simply by knowing the radicals inside of unknown kanji, you get an instant general understanding of the kanji you haven’t yet learned.   THE 48 RADICALS THAT APPEAR IN 75% OF THE JŌYŌ KANJI 6 most frequent 12 most frequent 30 most frequent ++                                  = 25%= 50%= 75%  2 How to use this book There are over 2,000 jōyō kanji. How long would it take to memorize all of these kanji one by one? Years! If you try to learn kanji while ignoring radicals, you will need to learn each stroke separately. Some kanji have over 20 strokes! For example:  The powerful technique in this book will help you understand radicals, so you can recognize them inside of kanji characters. Soon you’ll be seeing kanji as just a group clearly easier than remembering 20 strokes, and most kanji are made up of only 2 radicals! In this book we introduce the top 50 kanji radicals; these are the most common radicals you will find in everyday situations.  Each radical component is displayed over two pages. The first page shows the visual aspects of the radical; the shape, name, meaning and stroke order. The second page gives kanji examples and associated vocabulary for both the On and Kun readings. The appendix displays more example vocabulary attached to each reading.The kanji examples on the main pages, and the first three kanji in each radical section of the appendix, are the most frequently used. We recommend learning these first.Most of the vocabulary is designed for beginnerlevels, associated with the JLPT Levels 4 and 5. We’ve also included some useful examples which are at an advanced level. These are indicated with the following icon:Feel free to skip over these advanced readings and come back to them at a later stage.Advanced  Good luck on your great kanji learning adventure!
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