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m a n u a l t é c n i c o Traducción técnica por Contacto.dk Traducción técnica por Contacto.dk traducción técnica por Contacto.dk Index Section I: Electrical Specifications Chapter 1: Electrical Specifications

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m a n u a l t é c n i c o Traducción técnica por Contacto.dk Traducción técnica por Contacto.dk traducción técnica por Contacto.dk Index Section I: Electrical Specifications Chapter 1: Electrical Specifications 1.0 Electrical Specifications 1.1 Voltages 1.2 Components 1.3 Panels Main Power / PLC and Paint Driver Panel +S Maintenance Panel +P Terminal boxes 1.4 Cables Oversættelse fra engelsk til spansk. Høj sværhedsgrad med mange fagtekniske udtryk. 184 A4-sider. Her vises den engelske Cable Distances from Mangemag s Main Power/ PLC Panel to: Mounting Wiring 1.6 Electrical documentation indholdsfortegnelse Written documentation E Operator s manual E Electrical Drawings E Installation Guide and Application Programs E Enclosures 1.7 Software environment Chapter 2: General 2.0 General 2.1 Marking Machine System Lay-out 2.2 General safety 2.3 Main supply Main switch Power outlet Safety switch Safety module for emergency stop Power outlet Safety module for door contact Power outlet 2.4 Safety modules 2.5 Principles of electrical documentation Chapter 3: Interlocking 3.0 Interlocking signals 3.1 Interlocking signals hardwired from MM marking machine to customer Emergency stop x 2, standard signals (safety interlock) Release conveyor, standard signals (safety interlock) Ready to start marking, standard signal Marking finished, standard signal Spare, special signal Spare, special signal Spare, special signal Spare, special signal Spare, special signal 3.2 Interlocking signals hardwired from customer to MM marking machine Emergency stop x 2, standard signal Enable/ Disable marking, standard signal Direction of profile, standard signal Profile length, Bit 0, special signal Profile length, Bit 1, special signal Profile length, Bit 2, special signal Start marking (stop marking) left to right, special signal 3.2.8 Start marking (stop marking) right to left, special signal Spare, for special signal Chapter 4: Maintenance Panel 4.0 Maintenance panels +P Auto lamp 4.2 Maintenance lamp 4.3 Clearing lamp 4.4 Error lamp 4.5 Air min. lamp 4.6 Solvent min. lamp 4.7 Paint min. lamp 4.8 Marking head, out / home switch with spring return 4.9 Gun 1-16 : 0X, 1X, 1-16 selector switch 4.10 Gun 1-16 : 0, 1, - 9 selector switch (x) 4.11 Impulse pushbutton 4.12 Pulsation / constant switch with spring return 4.13 Atomizing/ Cleaning air solvent pushbutton 4.14 Atomizing/ Cleaning air Off/ On pushbutton 4.15 Machine status off pushbutton 4.16 Machine status on illuminated pushbutton 4.17 Machine status key switch 4.18 Machine status stop pushbutton 4.19 Machine status start Illuminated pushbutton 4.20 Reset pushbutton 4.21 Lamp test pushbutton 4.22 Emergency stop Push/ Turn pushbutton 4.23 Safety switch Lockable safety switch Chapter 5: HMI 5.0 HMI 5.1 Main screen 5.2 Machine status 5.3 Show marking data 5.4 Edit marking data 5.5 Marking settings 5.6 Maintenance screen paint 5.7 Alarm list Chapter 6: Description of Errors 6.0 Description of errors in the marking machine 6.1 Error group no. 6.2 Error location 6.3 Error type no. 6.4 Detailed error list Voltage Data communication Air pressure/ Paint level minimum Emergency stop Errors at automatic sequences Marking data Sensor errors Safety error PLC system error Circuit breaker error Head positioning error Trolley drive error Driver communication error Driver errors Chapter 7: Cleaning 7.0 Cleaning 7.1 Interval spray cleaning 7.2 Cleaning after marking 7.3 Cleaning flowchart Chapter 8: Data Communication 8.0 Software protocol between customer-host and operator-pc 8.1 Way of communication between customer-host and operator-pc From Customer-host to operator-pc From Operator-PC to customer-host 8.2 Descriptin of variables Definition of an integer ( int) Definition of a Double Integer ( Dint) Definition of a String ( Str[x] ) 8.3 Telegrams from customer-host to operator-pc Marking Data telegram (MD) Request status telegram (RS) 8.4 Telegram from operator PC to Customer-host Marking finished (MF) Machine status (MS) Chapter 9: Description of Function 9.0 Functional description 9.1 Marking layouts Beam definitions 9.2 Automatic mode for paint marking machine 9.3 General for the automatic mode Timeouts Marking data Automatic cleaning Home position/ maintenance position 9.4 Manual mode Section II: Mechanical Specifications Chapter 10: Paint marking machine for profiles steel profiles from -10º to 100ºC 10.0 Mechanical specifications 10.1 Drawings relating to mechanical specifications 10.2 Plate marking machine 10.3 Profile specifications 10.4 Marking specifications Distance from marking to profile leading/tailing end 10.5 Specifications of paint, solvent and oil 10.6 Specifications of compressed air 10.7 Hoses between paint pneumatic equipment & machine 10.8 Final mechanical documentation Chapter 11: General Description 11.0 General description 11.1 General safety Chapter 12: Technical Description 12.0 General paint marking machine 12.1 Arr. Turning mechanism 12.2 Arr. Linear movement system Adjustments 12.3 The marking head arrangement Adjustable console 12.4 Valves by-pass 12.5 Paint marking head Dosing Marking section, combi jet CMM16R Cleaning/Solvent valve 12.6 Encoder Encoder wheel arrangement 12.7 Valve connection Atomizer air valve Start-up and emergency stop valve Adjustments 12.8 Paint/ Pneumatic cabinet Pneumatic module Adjustments Pump module Adjustments Lifting/ Lowering for paint Adjustments Cover for paint canister Adjustments Chapter 13: Cleaning Functions 13.0 Cleaning functions 13.1 Automatic cleaning after marking a defined number of markings 13.2 Automatic interval cleaning 13.3 Semiautomatic cleaning program Paint by-pass for maintenance, step Paint by-pass for maintenance, step 2 cleaning of marking sections Paint by-pass for maintenance, step 3 cleaning of marking sections Return to normal paint circulations, step 1 marking section ready for marking Return to normal paint circulations, step 2 marking section ready for marking Chapter 14: Start of Machine 14.0 Start and stop of the machine 14.1 Running-in and start-up Start-up air system Start-up of cleaning fluid pump Start-up of paint system with cleaning fluid Filling of paint Start-up of marking guns Chapter 15: Stop of Machine 15.0 Stop of machine 15.1 Short stop 15.2 Temporary stop 15.3 Complete stop Chapter 16: Maintenance 16.0 Maintenance 16.1 Daily maintenance Paint marking head 16.2 Weekly maintenance Paint marking head 16.3 Monthly maintenance General Paint marking head PP equipment 16.4 Instruction for replacement of parts Replacing the marking head/section Mounting instructions for guns Assembly instructions marking gun Assembly of anchor in manifold with air nozzles Dismantlement of paint marking pump Measuring of viscosity with a DIN 4 Cup Replenishment of paint Special conditions cleaning Lubrication instructions for lubricator List of tools to be supplied by Magnemag Chapter 17: Installation 17.0 Installation 17.1 Machine parts 17.2 Positioning of the marking machine on foundation bolts 17.3 Paint/ Pneumatic equipment 17.4 Safety fence Chapter 18: Troubleshooting 18.0 Maintenance 18.1 Marking guns Poor legibility all guns function Dot missing Gun hangs idle remains open Gun fails after brief standstill Chapter 19: Protection of Environment 19.0 Protection of the Environment 19.1 Disposal of paint, oil and the like 19.2 Scrapping of machine
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