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Successful partner for safety, turnover and profit Life on the go: the TÜV NORD auto-biography. TÜV Partner for industry, trade, repair garages and vehicle owners Service, safety and trust for a car s

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Successful partner for safety, turnover and profit Life on the go: the TÜV NORD auto-biography. TÜV Partner for industry, trade, repair garages and vehicle owners Service, safety and trust for a car s whole life. From the very first draft right up to inspecting the final vehicle when it becomes vintage TÜV NORD looks after cars and their owners for a lifetime. Small, flexible teams of specialists support manufacturers, dealers and vehicle owners, while you have access to the interdisciplinary knowledge resources of a strong Group. We will swiftly be at your side when you need us, offer our support for new designs and provide impetus for innovation. Our specialists guarantee smooth processes, pave the way to the market and increase safety on the world s roads. 2 Experience for the future The work of TÜV NORD Mobilität also owes its success to the more than three million customer contacts a year. Our partners and customers include over 10,000 car dealerships and repair garages, as well as manufacturers and institutions. Our team of approximately 2,700 staff members thus have a wealth of experience that you benefit from. Well organised TÜV NORD s organisation is particularly advantageous you always have a specific contact person, and small efficient teams of specialists are quickly at your side. Channels are short; decisions are made fast. No hierarchies to slow things down; no sluggish administration. We respond quickly and directly to new market demands and ensure long-term success for joint projects. Û Prospects. Uses. g Flexible, successful partner with an outstanding image g Comprehensive range of automobile services all from a single source g Individual, tailored concepts g Short decision-making channels guarantee fast implementation g Experience gained from three million customer contacts a year 3 Research and development The birth of a bestseller. The future begins with ideas. We ll be at your side to advise, research and carry out tests right from the very first draft. Which regulations and guidelines must your new creation follow? Which tests and approvals are necessary? The engineers and experts at the Institute for Vehicle Technology and Mobility will guide you safely, thoroughly and conscientiously through the jungle of national and international standards and regulations. You will get sophisticated and specific answers to any what if questions you may have. 4 Advice, tests and inspections As an accredited service provider, we carry out individual checks, practice tests and type inspections both at home and abroad and will support you until you receive your certification. Our measuring and testing equipment for inspecting a vehicle s compliance with national and international regulations meets the highest of standards. We never get too comfortable. We constantly look to develop and expand, collaborating with universities and engineering services and using external testing facilities. Go on, put us to the test. Top secret When our specialists test vehicles, parts or systems in our laboratories, our absolute confidentiality goes without saying prying eyes must stay outside. Û Full service right from the start g Homologations and type inspections g Supervised research, tests and consultations g Advising on and establishing whether a vehicle would gain approval g Helping the manufacturer to implement new regulations and technology g Inspections in line with regulation 2007/46/EC 5 Production and trade First steps into the market. Unquestioning trust! The kind of trust children have for their parents also exists between TÜV NORD and the Institute for Vehicle Technology and Mobility when it comes to vehicles. Our experienced teams of specialists offer you unrelenting success as if on a production line. Any teething troubles are detected and treated early on, and your new creations soon outgrow their children s shoes to race decisively towards success. 6 Trust paves the way Trust creates success, and quality assurance creates trust. We will help you set up a QM system or certify your existing one according to the DIN EN ISO 9001 standard. We will continue to inform you of any subsequent changes to the law, help you with COP measures and check for approvals in manufacturers requirements specifications. Grow with knowledge Strengthen your quality assurance skills. We can offer you compact, practical seminars in which we train your staff in international vehicle regulations. You will also benefit from gaining essential knowledge for use in all corporate areas and on all levels. Expanding overseas We are the springboard for all companies seeking to make that step onto the international market. We will develop individual solutions and pave the way for your new creations flexibly and right when you need us. We know the international market along with its rules and regulations and can help you gain authorisation. Û Making ideas big and strong g Setting up a QM system g Certification in line with DIN EN ISO 9001 g Inspecting COP measures and checking for approvals in manufacturers requirements specifications. g Management certification g Support in complying with new regulations etc. (example: EC directive 661/2009 General Safety Regulation) g Inspections in accordance with EC regulations g Carrying out inspections and issuing test reports necessary for receiving an EC type approval or a general type approval g Import and export service, plus authorisation service 7 Mobility and safety Fit and healthy at any age. Potholes, wind, snow, rain, plus thousands of miles of tarmac equals wear and tear. The TÜV report, released annually, shows that around eight million vehicles with significant safety defects are currently on the road in Germany. 8 The big health check: the main examination Safety and a clean environment are basic requirements for carefree mobility. It is therefore a legal requirement that all vehicles undergo an inspection at regular intervals in order to check that they comply with the law and are environmentally friendly. This task, which comes with great responsibility, can only be carried out by officially recognised experts, examiners and engineers at TÜV NORD. The environment can breathe a sigh of relief How lovely it is to drive with the top down and the wind on your face! But in busy urban areas, this pleasure is often blighted by smog-filled, sooty and dusty air. This is why having an exhaust inspection as part of the main vehicle check is quite literally as important as having air in your lungs. TÜV NORD carries out the legally required exhaust inspection at more than 200 TÜV stations, as well as at repair garages and car dealerships. With TÜV NORD Portable Emission Measurement System (PEMS), we offer manufacturers, decision-makers, lawmakers and environment ministries a mobile measuring service for use in real driving situations. We have been working intensively on this technology since 2004 and are closely involved with policy making. Better safe than sorry: TÜV post-checks retrofits Individuality is the road to success. Be it a vehicle with shiny chrome fittings, a low-carbon model, or a beautiful-sounding motor with muscles of steel. It may even be a vehicle converted for disabled users that now needs an inspection. Our experts carefully and responsibly examine all retrofitted vehicles and are also happy to give advice beforehand. Get certification and a seal of approval for more fun behind the wheel. Û Success with certification and a seal of approval g Main examination and technical inspections g Issuance of German environmental badge g Exhaust inspection g Mobile emission measurement in real driving situations g Inspection of second-hand vehicles, suspension, gas systems, etc. 9 Second-hand vehicle management and evaluation A new love is like a new life. There are many reasons why a vehicle and its driver may go their separate ways. With TÜV NORD, second-hand cars quickly find new lovers. And for many good reasons. 10 Values sell better: TÜV NORD second-hand vehicle inspections Values instead of words: TÜV NORD stands for objectivity, reliability and technical expertise with no ifs or buts. This pays off in our inspections of second-hand vehicles both for private and commercial customers. TÜV NORD examiners see what others don t. The result? More safety for the buyer and a better basis for negotiation for the dealer. A successful motor in the second-hand market: TÜV NORD second-hand vehicle management Our examiners carefully inspect the vehicles as soon as they arrive and provide the car dealership with a solid basis for value calculation. The customers, on the other hand, have their eye on the TÜV NORD quality seal, which objectively documents the vehicle s state of repair. This provides dealers with a selling point that you cannot put a price on trust! An old flame never dies: TÜV NORD vintage car inspections After 30 years and one or two changes of owner, a vehicle and its proud owner get their happy ending: official recognition as a piece of heritage. This then means that the owner need only pay a flat-rate vehicle tax and can benefit from particularly cheap insurance premiums. The TÜV NORD examiners can advise beforehand, know some tricks and can issue certification. Û Checks are good, trust sells better g Objective vehicle evaluations as a sound basis for value calculation g Test of vehicle trustworthiness for private customers g Second-hand vehicle check for car dealerships and repair garages g Web-based tools for vehicle management and vehicle marketing g Second-hand vehicle management to reduce downtime and increase efficiency g Vintage car inspections 11 Damage and value assessment, driving licence, psychological assistance Life always leaves something behind. Scratches, dents, blemishes: mobile life is full of pitfalls. Thankfully, many misfortunes can be put right. But at what cost? The TÜV NORD damage and value assessors have, through their many years of market experience, acquired extensive knowledge which all those involved will benefit from. 12 An easy decision after a collision: TÜV NORD damage assessment Accidents happen. The experienced TÜV NORD damage and value assessors can competently and reliably deter mine causes and levels of damage, calculate losses in value, precisely document every detail and compile reports that can be presented in court. This way, nothing can stand in the way of a swift settlement of the situation. Leasing with a happy end When the leasing contract ends, the stress often begins. What counts as normal wear and tear? What is real damage? The objective, neutral and transparent TÜV NORD end evaluation ensures certainty and eliminates unnecessary disputes. The psyche doesn t always come out unscathed A dent or a few scratches in the paintwork can easily be put right. But sometimes, an accident can also leave its mark on a person s psyche. Many accident victims suffer from shock, which affects their everyday life. The Nord- Kurs psychologists help victims to cope with traumatic experiences. A licence to drive In mobile business, the driving licence is the personal declaration of independence. It is the prerequisite for greater professional prospects and success. TÜV NORD works together with driving schools to help learner drivers turn these prospects into reality. We give tips on how to prepare for the exam and physical disability is no obstacle here. Even those who perceive themselves as kings of the road could always learn a thing or two with us. Is your driving licence in jeopardy? If your driving licence has been revoked by the courts or the road traffic authorities, the Nord-Kurs offers ways to help you successfully regain your licence. Û Neutrality creates trust g Fast, flexible issuance of high-quality damage and value assessments g Faster claims settlements thanks to high levels of trust amongst all accident victims and insurance companies g Conflict-free processes when returning a leased vehicle g Driving tests and consultation given to driving schools and learners g Psychological support given to road users through the TÜV Nord-Kurs 13 Keeping customers loyal, gaining new customers, increasing efficiency Satisfied customers need to be well taken care of. The biggest compliment a customer can give you is their trust. Do not disappoint them. Satisfied customers come back and bring more buyers with them. With the car dealership test programme and the TÜV NORD toolbox, TÜV NORD offers you ways of delivering efficient customer care that can be put to use quickly and clearly. The service also includes tools to help ensure the successful acquisition of new custom ers. 14 Customer loyalty is a matter of the heart Both vehicles and their users need to be well taken care of. Market research shows that customers are becoming ever more critical, fussy, impatient and demanding. You have to win their heart! Only when you create an emo tional attachment with them can you retain them for the long term. The TÜV NORD Customer Barometer, which won the German Innovationspreis der deutschen Wirtschaft (a prize for economic innovation), allows you to measure your customers satisfaction directly from your company. Two-thirds of car drivers want to book appointments for repair garages online. With the TÜV NORD online appointment service, you can make this possible for them 24/7. New customers at the click of a mouse Go Google! A good three-quarters of Germans regularly go online and search for attractive offers on Google. With the TÜV NORD AdManager, dealerships and repair garages will be searched for and found. The TÜV NORD specialists develop target group-oriented Google AdWords campaigns which pull new customers to your website like a magnet. And with the TÜV NORD ServiceLister, you can offer repairs and other services in the relevant portals easily and professionally. If you want to overtake the competition, you have to put on the cost brakes. The key to success is efficiency. Using the TÜV NORD car dealership test programme, we examine the quality of the entire service offering. We show you what prospects you have and your weaknesses. As a result, you can reduce your costs, and your potential has the chance to fully unfold. Û Accelerate your sales success g More success online with a professionally created Internet presence, Google AdWords service and TÜV NORD ServiceLister g Greater customer satisfaction thanks to the TÜV NORD Customer Barometer and TÜV NORD online appointment service g Better service and more efficiency with the TÜV NORD car dealership test programme 15 TÜV NORD Mobilität GmbH & Co. KG Am TÜV Hanover Germany Tel.: +49 (0) Fax: +49 (0) Service tel.: +49 (0) TNM Image brochure L&W 10/13 Photos: TÜV NORD /
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