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LEARN FRENCH AT THE UNIVERSITÉ DE MONCTON! Classroom and Online Courses from Beginner to Advanced CONTINUING EDUCATION OFFICE FROM BEGINNER TO ADVANCED PROGRAMS AND COURSES TO FIT YOUR EDUCATIONAL NEEDS Online courses Daytime and evening courses offered in the classroom or in your workplace Intensive spring and summer immersion programs AT THE CONTINUING EDUCATION OFFICE OF THE UNIVERSITÉ DE MONCTON, WE HAVE WELL OVER 30 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE IN THE TEACHING OF FRENCH AS A SECOND LANGUAGE! Thousands of students have already registered for daytime, evening and online classes for the fall, winter, spring and summer sessions. Courses are offered in a more intensive format during the spring and summer months. Our courses will provide you with the ability to express your ideas and opinions in French, and to master the conversational skills required to travel, get a new job or that promotion you want or to simply converse with your friends. We work closely with experts in the fields of education and educational technology and we strive to deliver the highest standard of quality. GET A STEP AHEAD IN YOUR STUDY PROGRAM! University credits are awarded for courses when the student successfully meets the course objectives. Students may request a university transcript at any time after completing a course. COURSES ARE DESIGNED TO MEET MODERN WORLD NEEDS CLASSROOM COURSES Courses are designed to meet modern-day needs. In our French as a Second Language training program, specialized teaching staff use a communication-based approach. They seek to establish a link between theory, daily life and workplace experiences. FRENCH IMMERSION SUMMER PROGRAM A unique and dynamic intensive French immersion program is offered every summer to help you attain results quickly. Classroom instruction, group discussions and activities in a fun and engaging environment will take place in the mornings. In the afternoons, evenings and weekends you will take part in socio-cultural activities, workshops and trips to top attractions in the region. ONLINE COURSES We understand that your time is limited and precious. Our online courses are flexible, engaging and easily accessible. Courses are filled with interactive learning activities. Support tools such as video, audio, case scenarios and recording tools are also provided so that you can practice your vocabulary and pronunciation skills. You will also have the opportunity to interact with your colleagues and teachers in a Web-conference environment. COURSES OFFERED CLASSROOM ONLINE IMMERSION Beginner l l l Beginner-Intermediate l l l Intermediate l l l Intermediate-Advanced l l l Advanced l COMING SOON! l TOP TEN REASONS TO ATTEND THIS PROGRAM TOP QUALITY INSTRUCTION AND INNOVATIVE APPROACHES IN THE TEACHING OF A SECOND LANGUAGE MAKE THIS PROGRAM ONE OF THE BEST IN CANADA! Improving your French language skills through these courses will provide you with a wide range of benefits and opportunities such as: DYNAMIC AND INTERACTIVE CLASSROOM AND ONLINE SETTINGS ACCESS TO EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES THAT REQUIRE BILINGUAL CANDIDATES LEARN ONE OF THE TWO OFFICIAL LANGUAGES IN CANADA. AN AVERAGE RATIO OF 1 PROFESSOR PER 14 STUDENTS INNOVATIVE AND EASILY ACCESSIBLE ONLINE COURSES 10 COURSES, 5 LEVELS NEW EDUCATION OPTIONS THE ABILITY TO UNDERSTAND AND SPEAK FRENCH IN THE WORKPLACE, AT HOME, WITH FRIENDS OR WHEN TRAVELLING GREATER ENJOYMENT OF FILMS, LITERATURE AND MUSIC BETTER CULTURAL UNDERSTANDING THROUGH PARTICIPATION IN A WIDE RANGE OF EDUCATIONAL ACTIVITIES EMPLOYERS Our French as a second language courses will enable your company to: Strengthen the sense of belonging within your organization; Increase employee engagement and motivation; Create a more positive and energized work environment; Improve productivity and job satisfaction; Give your employees greater confidence in speaking, writing and reading in a second language. Customized in-house training? Why not! We offer flexible learning methods that are adapted to your specific needs. You can save time, resources and money by receiving training in your workplace. Please contact the Continuing Education Office for more information. PLACEMENT TEST AVAILABLE ONLINE As a registered student, you will be required to submit to a placement test before courses begin. This test will measure your level of language competency in the four following areas: listening, speaking, reading and writing. Your overall score will then determine your course level. For your convenience, an online placement test is available on our Website. REGISTER TODAY! To find out more or to register, visit LEARNFRENCH. RHONDA BEERS TO ANY STUDENTS THINKING OF ATTENDING THE UNIVERSITÉ DE MONCTON, MY SUGGESTION IS STOP THINKING ABOUT IT AND DO IT! THE IN-CLASS EDUCATION THAT I HAVE RECEIVED IS TOP-NOTCH, AND THE INSTRUCTORS I HAVE HAD ARE AMAZING AND THEY HELP YOU REACH YOUR GOAL. WHETHER YOU ARE DOING THIS FOR WORK EXPERIENCE, TO KEEP UP WITH THE KIDS OR JUST FOR FUN, IT COVERS ALL OF YOUR NEEDS. WITH EACH COURSE YOU SEE YOUR SPEAKING AND WRITING IMPROVE, AND IT IS A GREAT INCENTIVE TO CONTINUE AND ENJOY THE FRENCH LANGUAGE. THANKS U DE M! SHANE LOUGHERY ABSOLUTELY AND COMPLETELY ENJOYED THIS COURSE. IT WAS EVERYTHING I HAD ANTICIPATED AND ACHIEVED THE GOAL I SET OUT TO ACCOMPLISH. I WOULD HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS COURSE TO ANY INDIVIDUAL SEEKING TO FURTHER THEIR KNOWLEDGE AND UNDERSTANDING OF THE FRENCH LANGUAGE ON AN INTRODUCTORY LEVEL, AND THE PROFESSOR MAKES THIS COURSE NOT ONLY INFORMATIVE BUT FUN TO ATTEND! KANDACE WILLIAMS UPON STARTING WORK IN MONCTON, I QUICKLY REALIZED I WAS GOING TO HAVE TO BRUSH UP ON THE LITTLE FRENCH I HAD LEARNED IN HIGH SCHOOL. AFTER LOOKING INTO A FEW PROGRAMS, I DECIDED THAT THE UNIVERSITÉ DE MONCTON S FRENCH AS A SECOND LANGUAGE PROGRAM BEST MET MY NEEDS. THROUGH THE USE OF MICROPHONES, THE TEACHER ENSURED OUR PRONUNCIATION WAS THE BEST IT COULD BE AND ANSWERED ANY QUESTIONS WE HAD. THE EXERCISE COMPONENTS WERE WELL LAID OUT WEEK TO WEEK, AND YOU COULD COMPLETE THEM EVEN FASTER IF YOU CHOSE TO! THE WEEKLY ASSIGNMENTS WERE A GREAT WAY TO SOLIDIFY THE CONTENT. JEREMY COUSINEAU THE FRENCH IMMERSION PROGRAM PROVIDES A UNIQUE OPPORTUNITY FOR STUDENTS TO LEARN OR ENHANCE THEIR KNOWLEDGE OF THE FRENCH LANGUAGE AND CULTURE WHILE ENJOYING THE BEAUTY OF THE EAST COAST. THE UNIVERSITÉ DE MONCTON ENABLES STUDENTS TO EXPERIENCE THE ACADIAN LIFE, UNDERSTAND THE HISTORY OF THE LANGUAGE, AND IMPROVE THEIR ABILITY TO COMMUNICATE EN FRANÇAIS! LIFELONG FRIENDSHIPS WERE MADE, LAUGHS WERE SHARED, AND FRENCH WAS SPOKEN! FOR MORE INFORMATION Continuing Education Office Université de Moncton 18 Antonin let Avenue Moncton, NB E1A 3E LEARN FRENCH AT THE UNIVERSITÉ DE MONCTON!
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