International Theatre Festival Divadelná Nitra nd edition. 27 September 2 October Purged? detailed project description. - PDF

International Theatre Festival Divadelná Nitra nd edition 27 September 2 October 2013 Purged? detailed project description December 2012 projekt Medzinárodný festival Divadelná Nitra 2013, Asociácia

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International Theatre Festival Divadelná Nitra nd edition 27 September 2 October 2013 Purged? detailed project description December 2012 projekt Medzinárodný festival Divadelná Nitra 2013, Asociácia Divadelná Nitra, december contents characteristics 2 key words 2 mission 2 vision 3 leitmotif, theme 4 conceptual intentions 6 aims 7 dramaturgy 7 programme structure 8 main programme 8 accompanying programme 9 work programme 10 educational programme 11 concept of sustainable impact 11 performers, creators and participants 12 target groups 13 young people main target group 13 general public Nitra and satellites 13 professional public 13 mode of project funding 14 promotion 14 printed and electronic materials 14 plan for other promotional items 15 website 15 social networks 15 informing and promotion through the media 15 expected project effectiveness 16 qualitative parameters 16 quantitative parameters 16 revenue from ticket sales 16 timeframe 17 contact 19 project International Theatre Festival Divadelná Nitra 2013, 22 nd edition. Divadelná Nitra Association, December CHARACTERISTICS KEY WORDS creativity, innovativeness, current topics, attractive forms, new tendencies, non-traditional means of expression, provocative statements, rising stars as well as established names, diversity (of forms, genres, techniques, opinions, poetics, mentalities), eventful programme offer, presence of various arts multiplicity of arts, international cultural exchange, serving both professionals and the general public, non-formal education through arts and towards culture, new programme and organisational elements, promotion of volunteering, work with both young people and seniors, supporting participation of citizens and artists in cultural and social processes, transformation of traditional thinking about the form of theatrical presentation, clear target groups, friendly atmosphere, knowledge gained, lessons learned, pleasure felt. MISSION In terms of programming, the International Theatre Festival Divadelná Nitra profiles itself as a platform initiating a movement of ideas, creative thinking and expression. In this sense it serves as a counterweight balancing commercial and conventional art. Every culturally developed country should be equipped with an international theatre festival. In Slovakia, such festival is the Divadelná Nitra. Thus, its basic mission is, through top foreign art, to enhance the cultural offer in Slovakia, raising Slovak public awareness of the diversity of European culture, and to offer impulses for further development to the domestic professional environment, as well as provide it with possibilities of presentation in an international context. The Divadelná Nitra represents an important point on the map of European festivals, a place offering an interesting choice of works from Central and Eastern Europe, especially for festival managers and managers of culture houses from the West. Thus, in line with and through its programme orientation, it encourages international cultural exchange and fosters international cultural contacts. For many European countries it represents the only platform for presenting their art in Slovakia. For many foreign theatre ensembles it is a prestigious event that opens doors to other more important European forums. For the Divadelná Nitra it is important to keep this status into the future. The purpose of the existence of the Divadelná Nitra is to contribute to the fostering of a positive attitude of the citizens of our country toward art. That is why both the Festival and the Association of the same name not only seek to present various kinds of art, but also make the values of art comprehensible to the public, teach the public how to apprehend more difficult creative methods, understand the message contained in the works and the artistic statements, foster the awareness of cultural diversity, enhance creativity, emotionality and ethical values. A breeding ground for such activities are, above all, projects of non-formal education, but also new forms of communication with the public, cooperation with representations, with partners from both the cultural and business spheres, new challenges for creators and the media. project International Theatre Festival Divadelná Nitra 2013, 22 nd edition. Divadelná Nitra Association, December The Divadelná Nitra's mission is to pass on the knowledge that art may serve as an important impulse for thinking on man, on society, on the world, as a place for discovering values both inside and outside one's self, as an opportunity for purging and enriching one's spirit. The International Theatre Festival Divadelná Nitra thus ultimately contributes to the raising of the cultural level of the society, enhancing of Slovakia s image abroad and improving the quality of life of the citizens. VISION Quality domestic and foreign reflection. The Divadelná Nitra has interest to help foster critical reflection, e.g. by entering into systemic instruments designed to support professional reflection, by creating its own media space and by establishing new forms of cooperation with domestic journalists and theatre critics. It will thus pick up the threads of its previous initiatives, such as the two annual editions of the seminar The Death of Slovak Theatre Criticism or its participation in the international project Mobile Lab (Festivals in Transition). In the interest of keeping or extending foreign coverage, it is essential to continue participating in common international projects and foster relationships with foreign periodicals. The Divadelná Nitra as an inspirer for domestic artistic creation. To choose a quality Slovak production that would compare favourably to the foreign productions within the international context which the Festival creates is becoming an increasingly bigger problem. The Divadelná Nitra aspires to become a meeting place for professionals, wishes to create favourable conditions for the stay of theatre practitioners from all over Slovakia and make the format of common discussion forums more attractive. The strategy for collaboration with the domestic theatrical environment has become a longterm plan of the Divadelná Nitra and is expected to liven up the artistic creation in the sense of searching for new tendencies and themes, as well as to bring more interesting productions for the Festival's programme. Top quality and multi-year programming. The vision for the future is a multi-year project allowing multi-year programming, i.e. a subsidy from the MK SR (Ministry of Culture of the Slovak Republic), that would allow advance planning for a longer period of time. A substantially higher sum coming from domestic resources would allow to select a higher number of truly top-quality works. An original face and prestigious position in Europe. it remains an ambition of the International Theatre Festival Divadelná Nitra to search for and present works of topquality European performing arts, untraditional by their nature, and which bring new themes, raise disturbing questions, express strong opinions of the creators and at the same time experiment with the form, innovate the means of expression, discover new names of creators and new methods of expression, and as such are in the vanguard of contemporary performing arts and anticipate their possible future ways. Knowledgeable and satisfied spectators As a consequence of the progressive commercialisation of the Slovak public space not excluding the cultural sphere it is increasingly more difficult to promote the dramaturgical tendencies of the main programme of the Divadelná Nitra Festival. Audiences of petit-bourgeois taste refuse works that are less traditional, provocative or innovative, i.e. works that the Divadelná Nitra presents in its main programme. The consequence is reflected in the composition of the festival audience, or more precisely in the difficulty to sell some of the performances to the standard spectator. By employing all available methods and by learning from foreign experience, the Divadelná Nitra shall make all efforts to increase preparedness of the spectator for unknown ensembles, unexpected themes, unusual means of expression. project International Theatre Festival Divadelná Nitra 2013, 22 nd edition. Divadelná Nitra Association, December Professional development. In the future, the crucial task will be to maintain professionalism of the Festival staff and selectors, on the one hand by engaging highlyskilled outstanding people (including people from abroad), and on the other hand by an adequate rewarding policy. The fact that this non-standard work, so demanding in terms of flexibility, linguistic abilities and energy, is often performed in return for an inadequate reward, does not serve well the result. The solution to the situation is complicated by the fact that standard grants available in Slovakia do not provide funding for most of the above mentioned development investments. International cooperation. For the future, it is an ambition of the Divadelná Nitra to participate in international co-production projects or to produce its own new works. However, such an ambition assumes appropriate staffing at the Festival and an adequate amount of funding. The reputation of a reliable and attractive partner, which is the first condition for joining such projects, is something that the Divadelná Nitra has already gained. A platform for an exchange of experience and opinions. In the future, the Divadelná Nitra might serve as a platform for a free movement of thoughts and ideas provide opportunities for a continuous discourse on serious aesthetic and societal issues, serve as an ideological counterweigh balancing commercial culture and devaluation of values in the society. In accordance with this intention, in 2012 the Festival will pick up the threads of the international symposium Festival as a (Creative) Industry which took place in 2011, and will prepare a sequel to the symposium entitled Performing Arts and Creative Industry. The Divadelná Nitra not only in Nitra. To make it possible for people living in other Slovak cities to benefit from the presence of top-quality works from abroad, to link the Festival s institutional headquarters with institutions in other cities and thus turn the Divadelná Nitra Festival into an event reaching a broader public. LEITMOTIF, THEME In the areas of dramaturgical orientation, aims and programming, the 22 nd edition of the International Theatre Festival Divadelná Nitra will seek results that are in line with the best achievements of the previous 21 festival editions. underlying theme: PURGED? Purged on our way to heaven or hell? Truly purged or just have swept the dirt under the carpet? What is it that we want to/are supposed to/can purge ourselves of is it something we did or something that blemished our past/present, i.e. something we are not in the least responsible for, but what affects also those actions for which we do bear responsibility? Can we purge ourselves? How do we do it? The underlying theme or motto of the International Theatre Festival Divadelná Nitra 2013 is a thematic sequel to two previous editions (2011 (don't) tell your secret, 2012 guilt/innocence) and it suggests that the Festival s tendency to study serious social and political phenomena will continue. The selection of productions for the festival programme will be influenced by the chosen motto. Such a thematically coherent programme is most likely to achieve new synergy which will better convey the theme and message of the performing arts works. The underlying theme thus becomes the leitmotif. The question mark which rounds it off is supposed to provoke new questions. We see purgation as a transition ritual, as a part of advancing to a higher level, to the next stage. Identifying the guilt and getting rid of it are parts of the process. project International Theatre Festival Divadelná Nitra 2013, 22 nd edition. Divadelná Nitra Association, December The underlying theme of Purged? addresses many issues and raises many questions of social and political, as well as purely personal character. We ask whether the contemporary society-wide crisis in Europe, the growth of social and racial tension, failures of political representations and individual failures to meet one s moral principles, are themselves the very purgation or just a prelude to something far more dreadful. The question emerges as to whether the mankind does not feel a natural need to undergo a cataclysm so that it can subsequently come to realise where humanity ends. A second line is that of purgation of one's own personal failures/sins, or of failures of our families or older communities. It is related to our past, but also to the present crisis in the European Union which, after the fall of Communism, became the longed-for milestone and today we realise that an ever increasing number of citizens consider it a new form of totalitarianism. And lastly there is the classical interpretation of the word purgation in theatre the phenomenon of purging our passions. Is there actually a way how to purge ourselves, how to get rid of guilt? What variety of concepts of purgation today s world and our Judeo-Christian tradition have to offer? It is also interesting to look at the concepts of purgation in other cultures and link them with our concept. Why do so many people nowadays explore alternative ways to approach spirituality, why and what do they wish to balance? What other ways of purgation are there? Will we achieve redemption through psychology or tantra or the new economic visions? We think of the feeling of guilt as of something that may be productive on our way to a change, to a better world, yet it might as well be counterproductive if the man or the society assumes the guilt for something they are not to blame for. What are nowadays the authorities who decide? Is it still the Church (for many people it probably still is) or the democratic state (for many people not anymore), or are they the intellectual concepts, economic visions or esoteric paths? We may be living more chaotic lives, but at the same time more open than the previous generations, however, are we able to bear such freedom? Therefore, Purged? should not be a mere search for (artistic) ways to deal with our past, but a report on how we nowadays purge ourselves of responsibility. On the one hand, from all sides we are being implicitly encouraged to be responsible (ecologically, financially, or morally), on the other hand we behave irresponsibly (economic crisis, ecological disasters, wars etc.). How can this conflict be overcome? And can it be actually done through theatre? We ask ourselves, how theatre searches its own conscience, its responsibility, its relationship with the world in which it originates and communicates. How it formulates its mission and aims as an art form. What is the role of artists in the society, under capitalist conformism that knows how to deal with all things, even the negative ones, by turning them into saleable articles? Can artists (theatre makers) nowadays purge themselves of the mercantile nature of art distribution, of hyper-production? Can they again speak utterly sincerely for themselves, individually, and out of a genuine inner urge, to their fellow citizens, neighbours, parents, children? Can their communication be powerful enough to make a difference? With respect to the phenomenon of catharsis, the International Theatre Festival Divadelná Nitra 2013 aims to focus on productions which bring a new view on big tragedies, but also on the technique of purgation in other-than-tragic type of theatre. We are looking for strong themes, new visions, attempts to show the unexplored, other ways, bringing hope and project International Theatre Festival Divadelná Nitra 2013, 22 nd edition. Divadelná Nitra Association, December optimism to balance the crisis, depression and the constant flashbacks to the past. What we want to offer is the opening of the door and a step off. purged purging purgation purgatory purgative purge oneself purge oneself of accusation, of feelings of remorse, of sins, of guilt, of the past, of conflicts, of suffering, of aggression, of impurity, of dangerous substances, of drugs; purge one's soul, body, memory, mind, blood, name, reputation; outer purification, inner purification; purge by way of/through searching for the truth, reflecting on the past, expressing regret, through confession, judgement, silence, contemplation, penitence, apologies; purgation may be a way to forgiveness, to mercy, to salvation, to liberation, to righting the wrongs, to respect, to self-respect, to healing, to love, to piece, to joy, (purgatory before going to heaven or hell) CONCEPTUAL INTENTIONS Intercultural exchange and cooperation, mobility of artworks to be a platform for cultural exchange and artistic inspiration, social discourse and movement of ideas, to serve as a link between the East and the West, as a place where innovations and quality of performing arts works are studied and evaluated. New territories to present performing art from countries which have not yet been represented at the Festival, or which have not had a delegate participating at the Festival for a longer time. For the DN 2013 edition, it should be one of the northern and Baltic countries, preferably Latvia or Finland, represented by one of the following artists and theatre companies (Alvis Hermanis / New Riga Theatre, Latvia; Kristian Smeds / Smeds Ensemble, Helsinki, Finland). Between East and West to support mutual inspiration, cultural exchange and creative confrontation between theatre of Central and Eastern Europe and theatre of Western Europe. Stars to present top artists and productions artists who create European theatre and are highly regarded stars both in their homelands and in Europe, who set the trends and bring innovations in the performing arts. Discoveries and new faces to present new names of artists rising stars at the start of their careers, discover young artists and ensembles and introduce them to European professional public, search for new partners, new forms of cooperation with partners. Innovation and inspiration to present theatre works that are both inspiring and innovative, non-traditional and non-conventional, artworks which dare to bring new trends and discuss taboo subjects. In 2013 it will be productions which bring direct or important reactions to questions and topics related to the central theme of the Festival. Critical thinking and reflection to support in Slovakia the development of critical thinking on theatrical creation. City and region to present, in the framework of the accompanying programme, diverse multigenre activities of non-traditional forms of contemporary art, of regional and supraregional character, to design an attractive and creative programme which will be an alternative to commercial events and available to large numbers of visitors, to bring new spatial and visual concepts for public spaces with the aim to enhance the city's environment. Impulses for the young to work with young people, systematically carry out activities in the area of non-formal education and participate in projects engaging volunteers, to project International Theatre Festival Divadelná Nitra 2013, 22 nd edition. Divadelná Nitra Association, December give young people an opportunity to know quality European culture, to foster their positive attitude toward tolerance, to non-commercial art and to culture as such. Concept of Sustainable Impact to look for and implement partnerships which will allow specific year-round cooperation with the following groups: 1. the public working with the audiences, 2. the Slovak professional environment, 3. festival partners. AIMS to bring to Slovakia quality Eur
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