ICKM 2014: 10 th International Conference on Knowledge Management. Gülten Alır Tunç Medeni Tolga Medeni Erkan İnan - PDF

ICKM 2014: 10 th International Conference on Knowledge Management Gülten Alır Tunç Medeni Tolga Medeni Erkan İnan Plan Controlled vocabulary and ontology Process Policies Tool Controlled Vocabulary Terminological

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ICKM 2014: 10 th International Conference on Knowledge Management Gülten Alır Tunç Medeni Tolga Medeni Erkan İnan Plan Controlled vocabulary and ontology Process Policies Tool Controlled Vocabulary Terminological resources play a key role in developing the information architecture Improve the effectiveness of information storage and retrieval systems Expose the knowledge structure of a specific domain and show the associations between resources and ontology concepts Ontology ~ Thesaurus Ontologies have become a strongly investigated instrument to create models that describe the context of terms and can be processed by machines. Ministry of Development (MoD) The State Planning Organization 1960 Ministry of Development - June 2011 is an expert based organization which plans and guides Turkey s development process in a macro approach and focuses on the coordination of policies and strategy development. (kalkinma.gov.tr) BİHAP Thesaurus ~ Methodology Emprical Approach The deductive method; Terms are extracted from content objects by humans or computers, optionally during a preliminary stage of indexing, but no attempt is made to control the vocabulary, nor to determine relationships between terms, until a sufficient number of terms has been collected. All terms are then reviewed by a group of experts, preferably consisting of both information and subject specialists. They should first identify terms that represent the broadest classes, and then allocate remaining terms to these classes on the basis of their logical relationships, so that the hierarchies tend to be established on a broader-to-narrower basis. (ANSI/NISO Z39.19, 2005; 91) Deriving the Terms ~ Documents Documents; Medium-Term Program (Orta Vadeli Program) 10 th Devlopment Plan (Onuncu Kalkınma Planı) Establishment Decree Law (641. KHK) Guide the Preperation of Investment program ( Dönemi Yatırım Programı Hazırlama Rehberi) The Establishment Law of Development Agengies (5449 Sayılı Kalkınma Ajanslarının Kuruluşu, Koordinasyonu ve Görevleri Hakkında Kanun) Ministry of Development Brochure (Kalkınma Bakanlığı Tanıtım Kitapçığı) Programe Decree (Programın Uygulanmasına Dair Karar) Strategic Planning Guideline (Stratejik Planlama Klavuzu) Decree on the Implementation, Coordination and Monitoring of 2014 Investment Programe (2014 Yılı Programın Uygulanması, Koordinasyonu ve İzlemesine Dair Karar) Questions Questions; What, When, Where, Who, Why, To Whom and How Deriving the Terms ~ Documents Cleansing the Terms ~ Documents Candidate terms; Is this term a common term used in this domain Is this term a common term used in this institution familiarity of users Is this term has any specialties (name, synonym, abbrevation, etc.) Is this term can be involve in any list (names of institutions, name of law documents, plans and projects etc.) or should be involve in thesaurus Is this term appropriate for Thesaurus as a grammatical (noun, noun phrase, singular, plural etc.) Cleansing the Terms ~ Problems Turkish is a suffix language Usage problems Singular, plural Verb Gerund Synonyms Clerical error Cleaning Terms ~ Policy If it doesn't make any difference in the meaning of the term, use the singular form. Singular: Bütçe Plural: Bütçeler If the terms is gerund, protect the original form of the term. Bütçeleme If the term is an abbrevation that well known, use it as an abbrevation AB (EU) Cleansing Terms ~ Policy If there is a conjunction, treat separately (depends meaning) İçmesuyu ve kanalizasyon sektörleri İçme suyu ve kanalizasyon Propose candidate terms which is not derived from documents pazarlama kanalları pazar and pazarlama Cleansing the terms ~ Documents ~ Classification and prioritization of the terms Macrothesaurus for Information Processing In The Field of Economic and Social Development (UN) EUROVOC Thesaurus (EU) ~ Classification and prioritizating of the terms Prioritizing in 5 group; 1- Located in Macrothesaurus as a same term 2- Terms that should be evaluated in the EUROVOC. 3- Terms that have very common use in MoD 4- Names of institutions, names of law documents, plans and projects etc. should be considered in seperated indexes 5- Terms that do not deserve to consider in Thesaurus Terms 2749 terms revised from docs 364 terms in category terms in caregory terms in category 3 Definition Reference Used for Narrower terms Broader Terms Related Terms Scope Note History Note Study Note Terms ~ Ontology Representation Business Analysis Forms Terms Next Deriving terms from interviews Reiterating the terms Visualizing and publishing the Thesaurus
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