Full Paper Journal Mia Rachmawati, Lisda Maulani, The Lack of Students’ Motivation to Read English Books and Its Effect Towards Their English Proficiency | Self-Improvement

This paper concerns with the lack of students' motivation to read English book. This research aims at finding out the reasons why they are unmotivated to read English book.

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  THE LACK OF STUDENTS’ MOTIVATION TO READ ENGLISH BOOKSAND ITS EFFECT TOWARDS THEIR ENGLISH PROFICIENCY(A Case Stud Resea! # C$%du ted at &u%'$! Lee) $* E%+)'s# Edu at'$%P!$+!a, Ga)u# U%'e!s't-M'a Ra #,a.at'!a #,a.at','a/01a#$$2 $,L'sda Mau)a%',au)a%')'sda1a#$$2 $2'dE%+)'s# Edu at'$% P!$+!a,3 Ga)u# U%'e!s'tA4st!a t  In the developing country, the students’ desire of reading is still low. Dealing withthis problem, this research aims to investigate the lack of students’ motivation toread and its effect toward their English proficiency. The research was conducted toward EF !unior level the third grade in university# of English Education $rogram, %aluh &niversity who were selected purposively from a particular classwhich consists of '( students. The writers, therefore addressed two research)uestions* '# what are the effects of the students’ reading enthusiasms towardstheir English proficiency+ # -ow do students’ reading enthusiasms affect  students’ English proficiency+ In answering the research )uestions, the writer applies case study to collect the data by observing and administering )uestionnaires to '( respondents in %aluh &niversity iamis. The results showthat /01 students in the class who have lack of enthusiasm in reading have lesser  English proficiency than those who like reading. Ke.$!ds5 reading, students’ motivation, English language proficiency INTRODUCTION Reading is viewed as a way to gain knowledge besides experiencing.Through reading, someone can see another part of the world without even touchit, someone can know the fact or theory without trying an experiment andexperiencing the failure first. However, although reading is considered as animportant activity, there are so many people who do not realize about howimportant reading is, particularly in developing country, at which knowledgeawareness of people are still low. They are not accustomed to reading becausethey think that knowledge is not a vital thing in their life. They believe that themost important thing is to survive, and they can survive without reading. Reading 1  is only for some people who learn at school. Unfortunately, this wrong perceptionis inherited to their generations hereditarily. Their children who learn at schoolview reading is only for answering uestions in examination. There is lack of awareness of implementing the knowledge on the book in their life. Therefore,reading is supposed to something boring, something burdened and somethingunnecessary for many students. !n line with the students awareness of reading, the writers try to associateit with the students #nglish proficiency, hence the writers intend to focus on the $unior students #nglish proficiency which is something uite problematic in #%&students, especially in 'aluh university. Therefore, the present study focuses on#nglish books as materials, which are to be read by students. %urthermore, thewriters took three previous studies in order to support their present study. The first previous study is from (l)*aleem +-/ who conducted a content analysisresearch entitled encouraging reluctant readers to read. The second previous studyis from *tarcher and 0roffitt +-/ who conducted an empirical research entitledencouraging students to read1 what professors are +and aren t/ doing about it. thelast previous study is from 'havamnia, 2assaian and 3abaghi +-/ whoconducted a research entitled the relationship between language learningstrategies, language learning beliefs, motivation and proficiency1 a study of #%&learners in !ran.!n accordance with the present study, those previous studies have somesimilarities and differences, yet they still support the present research. The first previous study tells about what people can do to encourage reluctant students toread. He +-/ commonly focuses on the environment and habitual building asthe solution of his problem. Unfortunately, he +-/ aimed his study to thegeneral reading problem rather than specifying it to #nglish area only. The second previous study found that there are factors why students completed their assignments late, one of the factors is the lack of reading motivation. *tudentsview interesting books differently, and it affects the students motivation to readthe books in order to complete their assignments. Therefore, according to thiscase, the professor should consider about what does and does not have to do in 2  order to encourage students to do their assignments punctually. (fterwards, thethird previous study reveals the language learning strategies used by students of !sfahan University, !ran, which are associated with three variables that are owneddifferently by each student, those are motivation, proficiency, and beliefs of thelearners.Regarding to the overview of previous studies above, all have relation withthe present study in several aspects, and in other aspects, those previous studieshave no relation at all with the present study. However, the writers feel the stronglink between the first previous study and the present study because many aspectsin the first previous study assist the present study and provide appropriateresource to be engaged with the present study. !n harmony with that issue, thewriters then conduct a research entitled1 4 T#e La 6 $* Stude%ts’ M$t'at'$% t$Read E%+)'s# B$$6s a%d Its E**e t t$.a!ds T#e'! E%+)'s# P!$*' 'e%  .5(fter discussing about the background of the study and previous studies,the writer is now going to discuss about the aim of the study. The writer conductsthis study to investigate the answers of the following research uestions that thewriter has addressed1.6hat are the effects of the students reading enthusiasms towards their #nglish proficiency7.How do students reading enthusiasms affect students #nglish proficiency7 REVIEW OF RELATED LITERATURE !n this part, the writers are going to delineate the theories that are relevantwith the present study. Those relevant theories cover definition of reading,motivation and #nglish &anguage proficiency.  Definition of Reading  To begin with, the writer takes two experts in defining reading. The firstexpert is 6illis +--8, p. / who defines reading as a process of activity whichinvolves 4several essential and interrelated phases.5 Those phases are1.!nformation intake9focusing and attending to the pertinent environmentalstimuli..%luency and vocabulary9associating the words on the page with storedknowledge to bring meaning to the text. 3  :.0atterning and networking9recognizing familiar patterns and encodingnew information by linking it with prior knowledge.Then, the next expert is ;ameron +--, p. </ who states, 4Reading brings together visual information from written symbols, phonologicalinformation from the sounds those symbols make when spoken, and semanticinformation from the conventional meanings associated with the words andsymbols.5Regarding to the definitions aforementioned, the writers would like toelaborate them, that reading is a process of obtaining information by associating prior knowledge which includes the recognition of written symbols, phonologicalinformation and semantic information with new information in the text in order to bring meaning to the text.  Definition of Motivation The next term which needs to be taken into account is motivation. =ecausethis study is dealing with the students eagerness to read, hence the motivationrefers to students motivation to read. The writers have taken some experts todefine what motivation is. The first expert is =arry ;orbin, the author of Unleashing the 0otential of the Teenage =rain +--8/ as cited in 2irby and>c3onald +--?, p. </ who describe, 4>otivation as an emotional reaction inwhich the learner sees a benefit, reward, or the potential for a positive reward in atask. %urthermore, the second experts are ;ambria and 'uthrie +--/ who argue,4>otivation are the values, beliefs and behaviors surrounding reading for anindividual.5 !n harmony with the those definitions above, the writers elaborate themthat motivation is emotional reaction which includes values, beliefs and behaviorsin a learner in order to see benefit, reward, or the potential for positive reward inreading activity.  Definition of English Language Proficiency (fter defining the term motivation, the writers then are going to conveythe term #nglish language proficiency. There are some experts who define the#nglish &anguage 0roficiency, the first expert is &achat +--@, p. <)A/ statesthat #nglish language proficiency is the ability to read, speak comprehend andwrite a message in #nglish in order to exchange ideas. The skills contribute in 4
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