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  Transistor Tutorial Summary Bipolar Junction Transistor Tutorial We can summarise this transistors tutorial section as follows: ã  The Bipolar Junction Transistor  (BJT) is a three layer device constructed form two semiconductor diode junctions joined together, one forward biased and one reverse biased. ã  There are two main tyes of biolar junction transistors, the ! ! and the ! transistor. ã  Transistors are # Current Operated Devices $ where a much smaller Base current causes a larger %mitter to &ollector current, which themselves are nearly e'ual, to ow. ã  The arrow in a transistor symbol reresents conventional current ow. ã  The most common transistor connection is the &ommonemitter con*guration. ã +e'uires a Biasing voltage for & amli*er oeration. ã  The Base%mitter junction is always forward biased whereas the &ollectorBase junction is always reverse biased. ã  The standard e'uation for currents owing in a transistor is given as: - %   - B  / - &  ã  The &ollector or outut characteristics curves can be used to *nd either -b, -c or 0 to which a load line can be constructed to determine a suitableoerating oint, 1 with variations in base current determining the oerating range. ã  transistor can also be used as an electronic switch to control devices such as lams, motors and solenoids etc. ã -nductive loads such as 2& motors, relays and solenoids re'uire a reverse biased #3lywheel$ diode laced across the load. This hels revent any induced bac4 emf5s generated when the load is switched #633$ from damaging the transistor. ã  The ! ! transistor re'uires the Base to be more ositive than the %mitter while the ! tye re'uires that the %mitter is more ositive than the Base. rinciles of Transistor &ircuits, !inth %dition  List Price : 789.9  Current Price : 7;<.=  rice 2isclaimer Field Efect Transistor Tutorial ã Field Efect Transistors , or 3%T5s are # Voltage Operated Devices $ and can be divided into two main tyes: Junctiongate devices called  J3%T5s and -nsulatedgate devices called ->3%T?s or more commonly 4nown as @6A3%Ts. ã -nsulatedgate devices can also be subdivided into %nhancement tyes and 2eletion tyes. ll forms are available in both !channel and channel versions.  ã 3%T5s have very high inut resistances so very little or no current (@6A3%T tyes) ows into the inut terminal ma4ing them ideal for use as electronic switches. ã  The inut imedance of the @6A3%T is even higher than that of the J3%T due to the insulating oide layer and therefore static electricity can easily damage @6A3%T devices so care needs to be ta4en when handlingthem. ã When no voltage is alied to the gate of an enhancement 3%T the transistor is in the #633$ state similar to an #oen switch$. ã  The deletion 3%T is inherently conductive and in the #6!$ state when no voltage is alied to the gate similar to a #closed switch$. ã 3%T5s have very large current gain comared to junction transistors. ã  They can be used as ideal switches due to their very high channel #633$ resistance, low #6!$ resistance. ã  To turn the !channel J3%T transistor #633$, a negative voltage must be alied to the gate. ã  To turn the channel J3%T transistor #633$, a ositive voltage must be alied to the gate. ã !channel deletion @6A3%Ts are in the #633$ state when a negative voltage is alied to the gate to create the deletion region. ã channel deletion @6A3%Ts, are in the #633$ state when a ositive voltage is alied to the gate to create the deletion region. ã !channel enhancement @6A3%Ts are in the #6!$ state when a #/ve$ (ositive) voltage is alied to the gate. ã channel enhancement @6A3%Ts are in the #6!$ state when #ve$ (negative) voltage is alied to the gate. Te Field Efect Transistor Cart   Biasing of the >ate for both the junction *eld eCect transistor, (J3%T) and the metal oide semiconductor *eld eCect transistor, (@6A3%T) con*gurations are given as: Type Junction FET!etal O ide Semiconductor FET 2eletion @ode2eletion @ode%nhancement @odeBias6!6336!6336!633!channelDvveDvve/veDv channelDv/veDv/veveDv Diferences #et$een a FET and a Bipolar Transistor 3ield %Cect Transistors can be used to relace normal Biolar Junction  Transistors in electronic circuits and a simle comarison between 3%T5s and transistors stating both their advantages and their disadvantages is given below.
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