ESKİŞEHİR TEPEBASI MUNICIPALITY Info about Mayor of Tepebaşı Municipality, Mr. Ahmet Ataç: Mr. Ahmet Ataç was born in Eskişehir. He is a dentist and graduated from İstanbul The School of Dentistry in 1969.

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ESKİŞEHİR TEPEBASI MUNICIPALITY Info about Mayor of Tepebaşı Municipality, Mr. Ahmet Ataç: Mr. Ahmet Ataç was born in Eskişehir. He is a dentist and graduated from İstanbul The School of Dentistry in His first mayoral election and his first victory were in Today, it is his third-term mayoralty. In 2011 he joined the political party, called Republican People s Party (CHP). He is married and has 3 children. Info about Eskişehir-Tepebaşı District: With the population, Eskişehir-Tepebaşı is one of first settlements in BC The population is young and dynamic since percent of the population is between 0-20 ages, percent is ages and 8.90 percent is over 65 ages. Tepebaşı district is located in the north of the capital city, Ankara and is located in the center of Eskişehir. It consists of 91 neighborhoods with hectares and its north border is Porsuk River, which flows through the center of Eskişehir. Eskişehir is a city known as Dorylaion in ancient and medieval Greek times, also known by its Latin name as Dorylaeum. Dorylaion, was a Phrygian city located on the junction point of important roads and famous for its thermal spring, attained wealth through trade with reference to ancient sources. Eskişehir, which is located in the western boundary of Phrygia, was one of the most important settlements of the era of Hittite, Roman, Seljuk and Ottomans. The district, Tepebaşı, had significant amount of immigrants from the Caucasus, Balkans and Crimea since mid-1800s. Although there are different ethnic groups, the city is dominated by an atmosphere of peace and serenity. Eskişehir made great strides in the fields of education, art & culture and industry after the establishment of Turkish Republic.Turkey s two prominent universities, Anadolu University & Osmangazi University, are located in Eskişehir. Anadolu University, which is in Tepebaşı district, has more than 1 million students of Open Education Faculty including students of formal education. The district s education distribution is 15% graduated from university, 26% from high school and 54% from primary school. Besides education, Eskişehir/Tepebaşı district is also well-known with TEI TUSAS Engine Industry, Inc., civil and military aviation industries and therefore it has become a center of attraction for major investments in the last ten-fifteen years. Eskişehir is the important junction point of Turkey. It is easily accessible by railway and highway to major cities, such as Istanbul and Ankara. Airport, train station and bus station are located within the boundaries of Tepebaşı district. Eskişehir, the philosophy of love Yunus Emre and humorist Nasreddin Hodja are the hometown. In this sense, Eskişehir-Tepebaşı Municipality that values human, environmental policies, which protects the animal rights and social municipality has the participants understanding. Some Activities and Projects of Eskişehir Tepebaşı Municipality Life Village and Alzheimer Center Due to its patient care costs and difficulties, Alzheimer s disease is a burden for low-income groups. The families and the patients of Alzheimer s disease, who are living in Eskisehir Tepebasi district, are now looking at the future hopefully with the project Life Village and Alzheimer Center of Tepebasi Municipality. The village consists of fifty-four villas, which are bought from TOKI (Housing Development Administration of Turkey) by selling the land in return. The village is one of the first cases for Alzheimer s disease, disabled old people and healthy aging issues in Turkey. The facility provides services daily and also provides residential care services under the control of Alzheimer s Association. Şirintepe Children s Oral and Dental Health Center Tepebaşı Municipality created Şirintepe Children s Oral and Dental Health Center in Şirintepe district. Preventive medicine and treatment is implemented and also trainings about oral and dental health are provided in the center. The center s aim is to reduce problems of children s oral and dental health since 9 out of 10 children have decayed tooth, 8 out of 10 have periodontal diseases in our country. TEBEV Home Health and Care Services Perception of continuous health services brings up the concept Home Health and Care Services. Home health and care service is a kind of project that aims to understand the society and provide needed benefits. People who fail to reach health services and are not able to care himself/herself, who are disabled, over 65 ages have priority in the project. With this project, majority of the citizens receive health services and requirements, such as cleaning, maintenance and renovation of houses are also provided. Zübeyde Hanım Cultural Center Zübeyde Hanım Cultural Center aims to serve better quality to Eskisehir citizens with its 440 people capacity, renovated seats and modernized foyer. In addition, during the day Cultural Center offers warm atmosphere with its book café. Özdilek Art Center Building of the Center was used as dwelling-house of Turkish National Intelligence Organization from 1980 to By the agreement in 2006, it is handed over to Tepebasi Municipality. Tepebasi Municipality is famous for its projects related to retrieving the buildings, which are important and entrenched in the city life, back to the urban life. Children, who are coming to the Center, are spending their extracurricular times with improving their skills on several arts. They are enjoying, learning, producing collectively and in return they are organizing their own exhibitions and concerts. 23 th April - Children s Art and Cultural Center The center has activities for children and situated in Tunali district, Eskisehir. In the center there are several courses, such as music, modern dance, gymnastic, taekwondo, theatre and drama, puppet workshops for attendee from neighbourhood and also courses for placement tests to high schools, pre-school play group, trainings for leadership and reinforcing women and father support trainings. Esentepe Children Art Center First activities in the Esentepe Children Art Center are started on 13 th November, 2012 and programs and summer time activities are created by considering the physical conditions of the center. Even the priority is given to the children in the center, there are programs specially scheduled for mothers and fathers. The trainer team consists of the experts in their own areas. There are three rooms, which are used for multipurpose, in the center. 19 th May and 29 th Youth Centers This centers primary objective is to create interaction between young people and city and then creating interaction between young people and the other young citizens in the city. After that it aims creating cooperation between these people and sharing the information and capability with the other part of the public. Solar Panels Developing face of Eskisehir, the reformist Tepebasi Municipality turns its way to the sun. The Tepebasi Municipality, which values environment and famous for its environmental projects both in Turkey and in international arena, provide its energy need from sun. Municipal services building provides its %20 energy from solar panels and that makes it Eskisehir s first energy effective public building. On the other hand, it is a first in Turkey, via bidirectional counter; generated energy will be transmitted to network. Bidirectional counter transmits the energy, which comes from solar panels, to network and thereby consumption amount in the counter decreases. Sukurusu Implementation Center It is a paper recycling atelier, established to point out the importance of home wastes recycling with a distinctive way which is to capture people s attention on variable creations and crafts of post-consumer recycled handmade paper. Thus, visitors of Sukurusu in any age- are attracted by the result, and as well with the action of recycling. Sukurusu Vehicle Two-part programme consists of two games: Land Model Game helps children to understand ecological issues and pollutions created by urbanization, and Puzzle Game is to comprehend what they can do in order to reduce environmental problems. Social Houses Thousands of citizens, who are old, young, women and men, benefit from vocational courses, sport and music courses, trainings, and hobbies freely. Trainees receive certificates, which are approved by Ministry of National Education, at the end of each course periods. Thirty different courses, which reach ten thousand trainees, are opened every year. Center of Natural Life We are in charge of all animals, which are named as street pets and used to live with people. For a healthy environment, we are regularly organizing check-ups for street pets and act as a mediator to find them homes to live. We host primary school students in a park in the center and have conversations about our animal friends. Hippotherapy Children, who are welcomed by our cute animal friends, visit our center with our veterinary experts. After this cheerful visit, children learn how to ride a horse from trainers, who are experts in their own areas. Noting that authorities are expressing many benefits of horse riding, they are especially mentioning about adaptive horse riding, which develops children s learning skills, balance and posture, coordination and their motor skills development. Social Life Center Disabled people are attending to rapport programs in the center, which is designed according to the needs of mentally disabled young people. They are producing together and exhibit the results of their sharing. Rainbow Cafe Rainbow Cafe, in which Tepebasi Municipality aims to integrate mentally disabled people with society, serves in Kızılcıklı Mahmut Pehlivan Street and in Özdilek Art Center. Rainbow Cafes are established to improve these people s self-confidence. Disabled people have activities, such as photography, the art of marbling, folk dances and latin dances as well. Disabled People and City Life We are making arrangements for the city to eliminate obstacles since we believe that if disabled people are not included in the social life of the city, you cannot talk about development. Besides the visual attractiveness of the city, we generate environmental factors to strengthen public health and social cohesion. Hobby Gardens With the help of hobby gardens, retired citizens spend their time with nature and also cultivate several products. On the other hand, disabled citizens are socialising and spending their time in the best way in these hobby gardens. Support to Amateur Sports Besides the power of professional billion-dollar-sport industry, we believe in amateur sports, which are in direct relations on healthy and quality living and also have more important power. That is the reason why we run together and sweat for same purposes. Blue Flag The firms with blue flags are the ones which serve in healthier and more hygienic conditions to our citizens. In these firms hygiene, quality management and environmental criteria are in the foreground and these firms respect to consumers rights and they are customer-oriented. The aim of preparing environmental criteria for firms is to create awareness on water usage, energy waste and waste management, which cause global climate change. Since 2010, 25 blue flags are given to the firms. Dustwomen Tepebasi Municipality is appreciated with its exemplary cleaning practises by the society just like its all other practises in the city. The municipality enables citizens to be more sensitive to cleanliness by giving the cleaning activity of the city center to women. Tradesmen give great support to this project. Dustwomen are working in İsmet İnonu Street and Kızılcıklı Mahmut Pehlivan Street, which are the city s common areas and have the heaviest traffic in the city. Eco-Show Eco-Show is a rhythm band and its group members are dustmen. Their instruments are at the same time their tools that they use while doing their jobs. Container, oar and rubbish bin, which are known as cleaning tools, turn into melodies with their rhythms. Summer Schools Primary school students are active in any sports they want with their expert trainers during summer. The way of building awareness on doing sports regularly and consciously is to have proper fields and competent trainers. Every year thousands of students are practicing on these summer schools. Winter Courses Thousands of our citizens benefit from our free vocational, educational, hobby, sports and music courses. End of each courses, trainees have a right to receive certificates, which are approved by Ministry of National Education. Food Detectives Food safety is the most important stage of primary and industrial production, shipment, purchasing, keeping and consumption processes. Through trainings to primary school students, it is aimed to create awareness about food safety in childhood. In this way, while they are shopping, eating outside or doing something which is related to food safety, they are acting like detectives. Women Theatre Community The community is established in It consists of fifteen housewives, who are practising on basic acting, creative drama, and text reading and the performance is highly appreciated by the society. It is also a very good example of women cooperation. Their first play was staged on 20 th January 2012, in 23 rd April Children s Art and Cultural Center. Their plays fill the whole saloon and in total they have reached two thousand theatre lovers. Mothers Folk Dance Group What happens if sixty cheerful, excited, energetic mothers come together? Definitely, the darkness is brightened. Eskisehir Tepebasi Municipality Mothers Folk Dance Group, which is trained by Hafize Erdogan and Zeynep Kayamaz, is the pride of Eskisehir. Tepebaşı Youth Theatre Tepebasi Youth Theatre is formed as a result of 23th April Children s Art and Cultural Center and gives hope with their performance. Members of the group, who are trained by qualified experts, are performing very well so that the society is pleased with the plays. Audiences feedback is positive about the group s performance. The group is giving a fresh breath to Eskisehir, which is a shining star city for art and cultural activities in Anatolia. Prof. Atila Ozer Cartoon House Cartoonist Prof. Atila Ozer s name is kept alive with cartoon house. He is the one who has established and provided significant contributions to Anadolu University Research Center for Cartoon Art. Thanks to Prof. Atila Ozer Cartoon House since children become interested in cartoon art and promotes new cartoonists to grow up. REMOURBAN REMOURBAN (Regeneration model for accelerating the smart urban transformation) is a HORIZON2020 work programme , Smart Cities and Communities solutions integrating energy, transport, ICT sectors through lighthouse (large scale demonstration first of the kind) project, which is composed by 22 partners across 7 different countries with total budget of the total budget is the amount of Turkish aims at the development and validation in three lighthouse (Valladolid-Spain, Nottingham-UK and Tepebaşı/Eskişehir-Turkey) of a sustainable urban regeneration model that leverages the convergence area of energy, mobility and ICT sectors in order to accelerate the deployment of innovative Technologies, organisational and economic solutions, improve the sustainability of urban transport and drastically reduce greenhouse gas emissions in urban areas. The areas we want to work: - Disabled people - Senior Citizens - Womens - Childrens - Smart cities - Renewable energy/environment - Culture and Art
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