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rsV Rs. 9,300'34,800 & GP AO.4,600 Re. 9.300-;)4,800 & GP Rs. 4,600 Ro. 9.300' 34.800 & GP As. 4,600 Rs. 9,300' 34,1ldo& P RI . l,llOO Rs. 9,300-34,800 & GP As. 4,600 Pey band & Grade pay Rs. 9,300-34.800 & GP Rs. 4,600 For Ph.D: Rs. 24 ,0001- +30% HRAs lor M.Sc.: Rs. 23,0001· +30% HRA Rs. 5,200·20,200 & GP As. 1,900 Fur Ph.D: Rs. 24,0001· +30%HRA& lor M.Sc.: As. 23 ,0001· . 30% HRA For Ph.D: As. 24,0001- +30%HRA& for M.Sc.: As' 23,000/- . 30% HRA F

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  rsVRs.9,300'34,800 & GPAO4,600 Re. 9.300-;)4,800 & GPRs.4,600Ro.9.300'34.800 & GPAs.4,600Rs.9,300'34,1ldo & PRI. l,llOO Rs.9,300-34,800 & GPAs. 4,600 Peyband & Gradepay Rs.9,300-34.800 & GPRs. 4,600 ForPh.D:Rs. 24,0001- +30%HRA s lorM.Sc.:Rs. 23,0001· +30%HRARs.5,200·20,200 & GPAs. 1,900 FurPh.D:Rs. 24,0001· +30% HRA & lorM.Sc.:As. 23,0001· .30%HRAForPh.D:As. 24,0001- +30%HRA&forM.Sc.:As'23,000/-.30%HRA ForPh.D:As. 24,0001- ,30%HRA & for M . ~ . : As.23,000/....:l0%HRA .Ai.9,300-34,800 & GP As.4,600As.9,300-34.800 &GPR 4. 1lOO As.12,000/·+30% HilA AS.12,Ooo ·. ·30% HAA As. 12,0001- + 30% HRA As.12,000/-ã30%HAA As .II ! ,OOO/- ã 30% HAARS .12,OOO/· ã 30% HAA 11 No. 01Poata 3 0101 Dy. Suporltendent of Pollco 01(Oy .SP) Rs.9300-34800 + GPRs.5400/-By tran sler on deputatlonltransfer f allingwhichby re-employm ent! short-termcontr actS ect ion Off icer Rs.9300-34800 + GPRs.4800/· By tranaforon deput a tlonl tranafer For PlantH ealth Manag amant Dlvlalon:_1.Sciontiflc Ofl lcer(AgronomylWaedScience)2.ScientificOfficer(Entomology) 3.ScientificOfficer(PlantPathOlogY/Nematology) - Dlroct Recrultmant or Deputation baala For Plant Quarantin e& PolicyManage 'ant Dlvlalon :_1,ScientificOHlcer(NematolOgy) 2.ScientificOfficer(Entomology) - Dlroct Aec rultm entOrD oputatlon bUls For Vertob rato Post Ma nage montD lvl alon :-1.ScientificOfficer(VPM)'.' - Dlroct Recru itme nt or Deputation basi sLibraryandPUblicationOfficerã DlroctRecrultmont orDo ut a tlon basi s Hind 0 Icor - Direct Aecrultment orDe putation baals HindiTypist - Direct RocrultmontForPlantQuarantine & Policy Manageme ntDlvlslon:-1.ResearchAssociate(Nematology) 2.ResearchAssociate(Entomology) 3.ResearchAssociate(PlantPathology) -ContractualbasisForVertebrate PestManagemont Divislon:1.ResearchAssociate(VPM) -ContractualbasisFor Pes tic ideManagement D lvlslon :1.ResearchAssociate(PM) -Contractualbasis ForPlantQua ra nti ne & PolicyDl\ll alon :- 1. JuniorResearchFellow(PlantPathology) 2.JuniorResearchFellow(Entomology) 3.JuniorResearchFellow(WeedScience) -Con trac tualbasis 1. S.Nsmeofthe Post No. 3. 4. 5. NationalInstituteofPlantHealthManagement p artment of AgrlcU1ture & Cooper ation,Mlnl ltry. of AgriCUltur e,Qove rnmnt OfI ndl R a/elJdranagar, Hyderabad - 500030 .,A.P, INDIA Telephone : 9140-24015374,Tefe .Fax : 9140-2401 5346 e-mail: nlphm @nlc.ln, http://nlphm.gov.ln ' N -'- ..... ~ i I I ! -- NOTIFICATION NationalInstituteofPlantHealthManagomon tln vltesapplicationsforIhefOlowing posts onDIRECTRECRUITM ORTRANSFERONDEPUTATION,OR CONTRACTUAl BASIS.Thegistofpayandnumberof poe\!l elow.,LastDateforreceiptofapplicati on: 25.04201 ~ 7. 8.g. 10. For Plant Health ManagomentDlvls lon :-1Research Assoc iate(Horticullure)-Co ntra c tua lbs sls 11SI.No. Detell a of posts,payscala andNo.01Eligibilitycr ltor a mode of recruitmentPosts 12. For Plant HealthManagement Division:(Blo Control) :-1.JuniorResearchFellow(Entomology)., 2.JuniorResearchFellow(PlantPathology)1 3.JuniorResearchFellow(Horticulture)2 - Contractualbssls td 2. 1. 3 I eandother eligibility crlterls for appolntman anThede tail sof -educattcnat quallflcatlona, exper o n ~ e , agd from wabslta http://.nlphm.gov .ln the ir dutie s alongwithapplicationproforma msy e aCCDSse ReglotrsrEN53/42 Fllo No.A·1202410112012-Est1.ã NationalHumanRightsCommission FsrldkotHouse, . c o P : ~ ~ : s M a a : ~ e n t i o n ed belowtorappointmenttolhll Applicationsareinvitedfromcandidates f U I f I ~ n g the ~ : ~ g ~ ~ ~ I ~ m i s s l o n , NewDeihl:- postsmentionedhereunder .ln theNallonaluman I orgB sa' r. hrl emporary or quasi- r9 . atu eof prese n t' e mp loyment r.e. adoc a anen or perma nent. deputation /con racrbaSIS,ploymentISheldonã nr case the present.em .t(b) penod of appomtrne, stae.(a)ThedateofInollal appom rent. ice/or gan sation awhICh dill O l e s ; l l I i f a O O n / ( . ; o o ~ l a c .(e) name 0' the pare na ..up one pqst ofAssistantCommisslonor1Flshorlos)InW.lCUlk ll o. Dopartmont ofAnimalHUsbandry,DairyingandrolntralSlNvlco Group 'A'POst,Inihepay S caleof o G.< .) rovised)Rs.10000-325-15200(pre-revised) InclUding short-termcontractba lll s)fromamongst ntre Slate Governments/AgriculturalUnlvcrs llie sflCARI los a Q.d Corporalion .Iqgous pest . or (Ii) With live years'serviceInposts<nthe .5 39 '100 + 5400 (G.P.) :rev lsed)Rs.8oo0-275-135001_ rl'QU1valent; and sllJhe10llOwlngeducationalqualificationsand e.per lence:. Master :s degree /n. Zoology ofarecogniledUniversityor teEllploma 10 Fisher iesSc ience of CIFE and,(II)5yearsexperience ~ ~ I I .. r ij ~ t . fSI.1 e r l E l 6 Deve lopment or appl iedFisheriesResearchofFisheriesExtension. b lr abl e:_DOClorateinZOology. The duti esandr espon sibilltlo sa tts c hed withthopost of AssistantComm i ssioner (Flsh erl os)la glv onbolow: (I)ScrutinyofStatePlan, Annual Pland iscuss ions.(II)Coordinationofthe resulls of research at Fisheries ResearchInstitutionsandfieldworkofSlate FisheriesDepartment. (III) Assistance inpolicyformu/atlon.dealingwithforeign exportsand fellowship relatingtofisheries. (Iv) InternationalFisheries matters etc. (v) Issue 01 technicalladministrativeapprova lto Slat es, pattern of assistance/regularizat ion 01 expenditure ine xcess offinancialand administrative limitsof States .(Vi)PreparationofbriofsforCentralteamsand follow up action .(vII) Preparation 01 spec ialprojectreporton(a)PilotSchemes for development of Fisher iesinSundarbans(b)Development 01 Fisheriesin hilly areas . (Period of deputation/co ntract inclUdingperiodofdeputationinanotherex cadrepost held immediate lyprecedingthisappointmentinthesameDepartment shall ordinarily not exceed 5(five)years.) 3. Themaximumage limitfor appo intmentbydeputation(inclUdingshort-term contract) shall benot exceed ing56yearsasontheclosingdateofreceiptof applications. 4. It is requested thata pplications (in dup licate)ofWillingandeligibleofficers inthe given prolorma. along withthefo llow ing doc umentsmaypleasebe forwarded tothisdeoartment withi n60 days 'fromthl!dateofAdvertisement of vacan cyintheEmployment News . (I) Copiesoflast five yearsConf idential ReportsDossier,eachpagedUy aHestod byan officer not below therankofU nder Secretary, (IJ) DUlyattestedcadre clearance certificate,(III)DUlyattestedminor/majorpenaltiescertificate of last ton years. (Iv)DUy attested vigilanceclearance cortificatn, (v)Dulyattestedintegrilycertificate..._ .. S. While forward ingtheappli cat ions,it may also be ventiec andcertifiedthat theparti culars furn ished bytheofficers ale correct.Itmayalsobenotedthat appli cati onsrec eived afterdue date or wilhout requisite docum ents,Willnotbe considered .(SubhashChandKhatri) Un der Secretary 'a thoGovernmentofIndia .'Ph.No.23383340 Blo -Data Proforma 1. NameandAddress in block letters :(withtelephone numbers) 2 Date ofBirthin Chr istianera:3:·Dateofretirement under Centra VStateGovernmentrule s: 4 Edu catlonal Qua lifications :. f d('1any..I ITc lionsre quire d tor thepostaresansre I Whe thereducationaqua II a.IItotheoneprescribedinthe qualifi cationhasbeen treated asequrvaen rule s, state the author ityofthe san;e )ITtions/Experience possessed QuaHfication sl Expellence b v u ~ h l e l ~ f f i c e r requiroo Essent ial:(1) ( 2)' (3) Des ira ble: (1). thrghtofentries made byyouabove,5. Pleasestateclearlywhet herIneI youmeet the requ ir ement sof.lhe f post. intmentondeputation(including 6 Whetheryourcandidatur eISor apposhort-termcontract )ortransferbaSIS.I der enclos ea separate sheet. 7. Deta ilsof employment in c h r O n O I O g l ~ ~ h~ r s p ~ c e below is insufficientdul 1 authenticated byyoursignature.INatureof
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