DÜNYANIN EN İYİ 500 ÜNİVERSİTESİ 1 Harvard University Amerika 1 Amerika 2 Stanford University Amerika 2 Amerika 3 Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Amerika 3 Amerika 4 University of California,

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DÜNYANIN EN İYİ 500 ÜNİVERSİTESİ 1 Harvard University Amerika 1 Amerika 2 Stanford University Amerika 2 Amerika 3 Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Amerika 3 Amerika 4 University of California, Berkeley Amerika 4 Amerika 5 University of Cambridge Avrupa 1 İngiltere 6 California Institute of Technology Amerika 5 Amerika 7 Princeton University Amerika 6 Amerika 8 Columbia University Amerika 7 Amerika 9 University of Chicago Amerika 8 Amerika 10 University of Oxford Avrupa 2 İngiltere 11 Yale University Amerika 9 Amerika 12 University of California, Los Angeles Amerika 10 Amerika 13 Cornell University Amerika 11 Amerika 14 University of Pennsylvania Amerika 12 Amerika 15 University of California, San Diego Amerika 13 Amerika 16 University of Washington Amerika 14 Amerika 17 University of California, San Francisco Amerika 15 Amerika 18 The Johns Hopkins University Amerika 16 Amerika 19 University of Wisconsin- Madison Amerika 17 Amerika 20 University College London Avrupa 3 İngiltere 21 The University of Tokyo Asya 1 Japonya 22 University of Michigan- Ann Arbor Amerika 18 Amerika 23 Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich Avrupa 1 İsviçre 24 The Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine Avrupa 4 İngiltere 25 Univeristy of Illinois at Urbana- Champaign Amerika 19 Amerika 26 University of Toronto Amerika 1 Kanada 27 Kyoto University Asya 2 Japonya 28 University of Minnesota, Twin Cities Amerika 20 Amerika 29 New York University Amerika 21 Amerika 30 Northwestern University Amerika 22 Amerika 31 Washington University in St. Louis Amerika 23 Amerika 32 University of Colorado at Boulder Amerika 24 Amerika 33 Rockefeller University Amerika 25 Amerika 34 University of California, Santa Barbara Amerika 25 Amerika 35 Duke University Amerika 27 Amerika 36 The University of Texas at Austin Amerika 27 Amerika 37 University of British Columbia Amerika 2 Kanada 38 The University of Manchester Avrupa 5 İngiltere 39 University of Maryland, College Park Amerika 29 Amerika 40 University of Paris Sud (Paris 11) Avrupa 1 Fransa 41 Pierre and Marie Curie University- Paris 6 Avrupa 2 Fransa 42 University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Amerika 30 Amerika 43 University of Copenhagen Avrupa 1 Danimarka 44 Karolinska Institute Avrupa 1 İsveç 45 Pennsylvania State University- University Park Amerika 31 Amerika 46 University of Southern California Amerika 32 Amerika 47 Technical University Munich Avrupa 1 Almanya 48 University of California, Davis Amerika 33 Amerika 48 University of California, Irvine Amerika 33 Amerika 48 Utrecht University Avrupa 1 Hollanda 51 The University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas Amerika 35 Amerika 52 Vanderbilt University Amerika 36 Amerika 53 The University of Edinburgh Avrupa 6 İngiltere 54 University of Munich Avrupa 2 Almanya 55 Carnegie Mellon University Amerika 37 Amerika 56 University of Zurich Avrupa 2 İsviçre 57 The Hebrew University of Jerusalem Asya 1 Israil 58 University of Pittsburgh Amerika 38 Amerika 59 Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey - New Brunswick Amerika 39 Amerika 60 University of Melbourne Avustralya 1 Avustralya 61 Purdue University - West Lafayette Amerika 40 Amerika 62 University of Heidelberg Avrupa 3 Almanya 63 The Ohio State University - Columbus Amerika 41 Amerika 64 McGill University Amerika 3 Kanada 65 Brown University Amerika 42 Amerika 65 Leiden University Avrupa 2 Hollanda 67 Uppsala University Avrupa 2 İsveç 68 King s College London Avrupa 7 İngiltere 69 Ecole Normale Superieure - Paris Avrupa 3 Fransa 70 The Australian National University Avustralya 2 Avustralya 70 University of Bristol Avrupa 8 İngiltere 72 University of Florida Amerika 43 Amerika 73 University of Geneva Avrupa 3 İsviçre 74 University of Helsinki Avrupa 1 Finlandiya 75 University of Oslo Avrupa 1 Norveç 76 Boston University Amerika 44 Amerika 77 Moscow State University Avrupa 1 Rusya 78 Arizona State University- Tempe Amerika 45 Amerika 79 University of Utah Amerika 46 Amerika 80 University of Arizona Amerika 47 Amerika 81 Stockholm University Avrupa 3 İsveç 82 Indiana University Bloomington Amerika 48 Amerika 82 Osaka University Asya 3 Japonya 84 University of Rochester Amerika 49 Amerika 85 University of Nottingham Avrupa 9 İngiltere 86 Aarhus University Avrupa 2 Danimarka 86 The University of Queensland Avustralya 3 Avustralya 86 University of Goettingen Avrupa 4 Almanya 89 Ghent University Avrupa 1 Belçika 89 McMaster University Amerika 4 Kanada 89 University of Basel Avrupa 4 İsviçre 92 Michigan State University Amerika 50 Amerika 93 Rice University Amerika 51 Amerika 94 Nagoya University Asya 4 Japonya 94 University of Bonn Avrupa 5 Almanya 96 University of Sydney Avustralya 4 Avustralya 97 Case Western Reserve University Amerika 52 Amerika 97 The University of Sheffield Avrupa 10 İngiltere 97 Tohoku University Asya 5 Japonya 100 Texas A&M University- College Station Amerika 53 Amerika 100 University of Frankfurt Avrupa 6 Almanya Aix-Maseille University Avrupa 4--6 Fransa Baylor College of Medicine Amerika Amerika Catholic University of Leuven Avrupa 2--3 Belçika Catholic University of Louvain Avrupa 2--3 Belçika Emory University Amerika Amerika Georgia Institute of Technology Amerika Amerika Hokkaido University Asya 6--7 Japonya London School of Economics and Political Science Avrupa İngiltere Lund University Avrupa 4 İsveç Mayo Medical School Amerika Amerika National Taiwan University Asya 1 Tayvan, Çin National University of Singapore Asya 1 Singapur Oregon State University Amerika Amerika Radboud University Nijmegen Avrupa 3--6 Hollanda Seoul National University Asya 1 Güney Kore Swiss Federal Institute of Technology of Lausanne Avrupa 5 İsviçre Technion-Israel Institute of Technology Asya 2--4 İsrail Tel Aviv University Asya 2--4 İsrail The University of Georgia Amerika Amerika The University of Western Australia Avustralya 5 Avustralya Tokyo Institute of Technology Asya 6--7 Japonya Tufts University Amerika Amerika University of Alberta Amerika 5--6 Kanada University of Amsterdam Avrupa 3--6 Hollanda University of Birmingham Avrupa İngiltere University of California, Riverside Amerika Amerika University of California, Santa Cruz Amerika Amerika University of Delaware Amerika Amerika University of Freiburg Avrupa Almanya University of Groningen Avrupa 3--6 Hollanda University of Hawaii at Manoa Amerika Amerika University of Iowa Amerika Amerika University of Leeds Avrupa İngiltere University of Liverpool Avrupa İngiltere University of Massachusetts Amherst Amerika Amerika University of Massachusetts Medical School - Worcester Amerika Amerika University of Montreal Amerika 5--6 Kanada University of Muenster Avrupa Almanya University of Paris Diderot (Paris 7) Avrupa 4--6 Fransa University of Pisa Avrupa 1--2 İtalya University of Roma - La Sapienza Avrupa 1--2 İtalya University of Sao Paulo Amerika 1 Brezilya University of Strasbourg Avrupa 4--6 Fransa University of Sussex Avrupa İngiltere University of Tuebingen Avrupa Almanya University of Virginia Amerika Amerika University of Wuerzburg Avrupa Almanya VU University Amsterdam Avrupa 3--6 Hollanda Weizmann Institute of Science Asya 2--4 İsrail Cardiff University Avrupa İngiltere Colorado State University Amerika Amerika Dartmouth College Amerika Amerika Delft University of Technology Avrupa 7--9 Hollanda Erasmus University Avrupa 7--9 Hollanda Florida State University Amerika Amerika George Mason University Amerika Amerika Iowa State University Amerika Amerika Joseph Fourier University (Grenoble 1) Avrupa 7--8 Fransa Kyushu University Asya 8--9 Japonya Louisiana State University - Baton Rouge Amerika Amerika Monash University Avustralya 6--7 Avustralya Mount Sinai School of Medicine Amerika Amerika National Autonomous University of Mexico Amerika 1 Meksika North Carolina State University - Raleigh Amerika Amerika Oregon Health and Science University Amerika Amerika State University of New York at Stony Brook Amerika Amerika Technical University of Denmark Avrupa 3 Danimarka The Chinese University of Hong Kong Asya 1 Hong Kong The University of Alabama at Birmingham Amerika Amerika The University of Calgary Amerika 7--8 Kanada The University of Glasgow Avrupa İngiltere The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston Amerika Amerika The University of Texas M. D. Anderson Cancer Center Amerika Amerika Tsinghua University Asya 1 Çin University Libre Bruxelles Avrupa 4 Belçika University of Bern Avrupa 6 İsviçre University of Buenos Aires Amerika 1 Arjantin University of Hamburg Avrupa Almanya University of Illinois at Chicago Amerika Amerika University of Kansas - Lawrence Amerika Amerika University of Kiel Avrupa Almanya University of Koeln Avrupa Almanya University of Mainz Avrupa Almanya University of Maryland, Baltimore Amerika Amerika University of Miami Amerika Amerika University of Milan Avrupa 3--4 İtalya University of Nebraska - Lincoln Amerika Amerika University of New South Wales Avustralya 6--7 Avustralya University of Padua Avrupa 3--4 İtalya University of Paris Descartes (Paris 5) Avrupa 7--8 Fransa University of Southampton Avrupa İngiltere University of Tennessee - Knoxville Amerika Amerika University of Tsukuba Asya 8--9 Japonya University of Vienna Avrupa 1 Avusturya University of Wageningen Avrupa 7--9 Hollanda University of Warwick Avrupa İngiltere University of Waterloo Amerika 7--8 Kanada Virginia Commonwealth University Amerika Amerika Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University Amerika Amerika Autonomous University of Madrid Avrupa 1--4 İspanya Brandeis University Amerika Amerika Chalmers University of Technology Avrupa 5--8 İsveç Charles University in Prague Avrupa 1 Çek Cumhuriyeti Claude Bernard University Lyon 1 Avrupa Fransa Complutense University of Madrid Avrupa 1--4 İspanya Dalhousie University Amerika Kanada Dresden University of Technology Avrupa Almanya Fudan University Asya 2--7 Çin Keio University Asya 10 Japonya King Saud University Asya 1 Suudi Arabistan Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology Asya 2--3 Güney Kore Lancaster University Avrupa İngiltere Laval University Amerika Kanada Macquarie University Avustralya 8--9 Avustralya Medical University of Vienna Avrupa 2--3 Avusturya Nanjing University Asya 2--7 Çin Nanyang Technological University Asya 2 Singapur National and Kapodistrian University of Athens Avrupa 1 Yunanistan National Cheng Kung University Asya 2 Tayvan, Çin Newcastle University Avrupa İngiltere Norwegian University of Science and Technology Avrupa 2--3 Norveç Paul Sabatier University (Toulouse 3) Avrupa Fransa Peking University Asya 2--7 Çin Polytechnic Institute of Milan Asya 5--8 İtalya Queen Mary, U. of London Avrupa İngiltere Queen s University Amerika Kanada Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Amerika Amerika Royal Institute of Technology Avrupa 5--8 İsveç RWTH Aachen University Avrupa Almanya Shanghai Jiao Tong University Asya 2--7 Çin Simon Fraser University Amerika Kanada State University of Campinas Amerika 2 Brezilya State University of New York at Buffalo Amerika Amerika Technical University of Berlin Avrupa Almanya The George Washington University Amerika Amerika The Hong Kong Polytechnic University Asya 2--4 Hong Kong The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology Asya 2--4 Hong Kong The University of Adelaide Avustralya 8--9 Avustralya The University of Auckland Avustralya 1--2 Avustralya The University of Connecticut - Storrs Amerika Amerika The University of Hong Kong Asya 2--4 Hong Kong The University of New Mexico - Albuquerque Amerika Amerika The University of Reading Avrupa İngiltere The University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio Amerika Amerika The University of Western Ontario Amerika Kanada Trinity College Dublin Avrupa 1 İrlanda Umea University Avrupa 5--8 İsveç University of Aberdeen Avrupa İngiltere University of Antwerp Avrupa 5--6 Belçika University of Barcelona Avrupa 1--4 İspanya University of Bergen Avrupa 2--3 Norveç University of Bochum Avrupa Almanya University of Bologna Avrupa 5--8 İtalya University of Cape Town Afrika 1 Güney Afrika University of Central Florida Amerika Amerika University of Cincinnati Amerika Amerika University of Colorado at Denver Amerika Amerika University of Duesseldorf Avrupa Almanya University of Durham Avrupa İngiltere University of East Anglia Avrupa İngiltere University of Erlangen-Nuremberg Avrupa Almanya University of Florence Avrupa 5--8 İtalya University of Gothenburg Avrupa 5--8 İsveç University of Guelph Amerika Kanada University of Houston Amerika Amerika University of Innsbruck Avrupa 2--3 Avusturya University of Kentucky Amerika Amerika University of Lausanne Avrupa 7 İsviçre University of Leicester Avrupa İngiltere University of Leipzig Avrupa Almanya University of Liege Avrupa 5--6 Belçika University of Lorraine Avrupa Fransa University of Maastricht Avrupa 10 Hollanda University of Manitoba Amerika Kanada University of Marburg Avrupa Almanya University of Medicine and Dentistry New Jersey Amerika Amerika University of Missouri - Columbia Amerika Amerika University of Montpellier 2 Avrupa Fransa University of Notre Dame Avrupa Amerika University of Oregon Amerika Amerika University of Otago Avustralya 1--2 Avustralya University of Ottawa Amerika Kanada University of Paris Dauphine (Paris 9) Avrupa Fransa University of Saskatchewan Amerika Kanada University of Science and Technology of China Asya 2--7 Çin University of South Carolina - Columbia Amerika Amerika University of South Florida Amerika Amerika University of Southern Denmark Avrupa 4 Danimarka University of St Andrews Avrupa İngiltere University of Stuttgart Avrupa Almanya University of Turin Avrupa 5--8 İtalya University of Valencia Avrupa 1--4 İspanya University of Vermont Amerika Amerika University of Victoria Amerika Kanada University of York Avrupa İngiltere Washington State University - Pullman Amerika Amerika Yeshiva University Amerika Amerika Yonsei University Asya 2--3 Güney Kore Zhejiang University Asya 2--7 Çin Aristotle University of Thessaloniki Avrupa 2 Yunanistan Autonomous University of Barcelona Avrupa 5--6 İspanya Bar-Ilan University Asya 5--6 İsrail Ben-Gurion University of the Negev Asya 5--6 İsrail Brigham Young University Amerika Amerika China Agricultural University Asya Çin City University of Hong Kong Asya 5 Hong Kong City University of New York City College Amerika Amerika Clemson University Amerika Amerika Drexel University Amerika Amerika Ecole Polytechnique Avrupa Fransa Eindhoven University of Technology Avrupa Hollanda Eotvos Lorand University Avrupa 1--2 Macaristan Federal University of Minas Gerais Amerika 3--5 Brezilya Federal University of Rio de Janeiro Amerika 3--5 Brezilya Flinders University Avustralya Avustralya Georgetown University Amerika Amerika Hanyang University Asya 4--7 Güney Kore Hiroshima University Asya Japonya Huazhong University of Science and Technology Asya Çin Indian Institute of Science Asya 1 Hindistan Indiana University-Purdue University at Indianapolis Amerika Amerika Industrial Physics and Chemistry Higher Educational Institution - Paris Avrupa Fransa Istanbul University Avrupa 1 Türkiye Jagiellonian University Avrupa 1--2 Polonya James Cook University Avustralya Avustralya Kanazawa University Asya Japonya Kansas State University Amerika Amerika Karlsruhe Institute of Technology Avrupa Almanya King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals Asya 2 Suudi Arabistan Kobe University Asya Japonya Korea University Asya 4--7 Güney Kore Medical University of Innsbruck Avrupa 4--5 Avusturya Medical University of South Carolina Amerika Amerika National Chiao Tung University Asya 3--4 Tayvan, Çin National Tsing Hua University Asya 3--4 Tayvan, Çin Northeastern University Amerika Amerika Okayama University Asya Japonya Pohang University of Science and Technology Asya 4--7 Güney Kore Polytechnic University of Valencia Avrupa 5--6 İspanya Queen s University Belfast Avrupa İngiltere Saint Louis University Amerika Amerika Saint Petersburg State University Avrupa 2 Rusya San Diego State University Amerika Amerika Sao Paulo State University Amerika 3--5 Brezilya Scuola Normale Superiore - Pisa Avrupa İtalya Shandong University Asya Çin Sichuan University Asya Çin State University of New York at Albany Amerika Amerika State University of New York Health Science Center at Brooklyn Amerika Amerika Stockholm School of Economics Avrupa İsveç Sun Yat-sen University Asya Çin Sungkyunkwan University Asya 4--7 Güney Kore Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences Avrupa İsveç Syracuse University Amerika Amerika Technical University Darmstadt Avrupa Almanya Temple University Amerika Amerika The University of Dundee Avrupa İngiltere The University of Montana - Missoula Amerika Amerika The University of Texas at Dallas Amerika Amerika The University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston Amerika Amerika Thomas Jefferson University Amerika Amerika Tokyo Medical and Dental University Asya Japonya Tulane University Amerika Amerika University College Cork Avrupa 2--3 İrlanda University College Dublin Avrupa 2--3 İrlanda University of Alaska - Fairbanks Amerika Amerika University of Bath Avrupa İngiltere University of Bielefeld Avrupa Almanya University of Bordeaux 1 Avrupa Fransa University of Duisburg-Essen Avrupa Almanya University of Exeter Avrupa İngiltere University of Genova Avrupa İtalya University of Graz Avrupa 4--5 Avusturya University of Halle-Wittenberg Avrupa Almanya University of Jena Avrupa Almanya University of Konstanz Avrupa Almanya University of Naples Federico II Avrupa İtalya University of Nebraska Medical Center Amerika Amerika University of New Hampshire - Durham Amerika Amerika University of Newcastle Avrupa Avustralya University of Oklahoma - Norman Amerika Amerika University of Oulu Avrupa 2--3 Finlandiya University of Palermo Avrupa İtalya University of Porto Amerika 1 Portekiz University of Regensburg Avrupa Almanya University of Rennes 1 Avrupa Fransa University of Rhode Island Amerika Amerika University of Roma - Tor Vergata Avrupa İtalya University of Szeged Avrupa 1--2 Macaristan University of Tasmania Avustralya Avustralya University of Tehran Asya 1 İran University of the Witwatersrand Afrika 2 Güney Afrika University of Turku Avrupa 2--3 Finlandiya University of Twente Avrupa Hollanda University of Ulm Avrupa Almanya University of Warsaw Avrupa 1--2 Polonya Wake Forest University Amerika Amerika Waseda University Asya Japonya Wayne State University Amerika Amerika Auburn University Amerika Amerika Beijing Normal University Asya Çin Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics Asya Çin Boston College Amerika Amerika Cairo University Afrika 1 Mısır Carleton University Amerika Kanada Catholic University of Chile Amerika 1--2 Şili Catholic University of the Sacred Heart Avrupa İtalya Chang Gung University Asya 5--7 Tayvan, Çin Chiba University Asya Japonya Chungnam National University Asya Güney Kore Curtin University of Technology Avustralya Avustralya Dalian University of Technology Asya Çin Ecole National Superieure Mines - Paris Avrupa Fransa Ecole Normale Superieure - Lyon Avrupa Fransa Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul Amerika 6--7 Brezilya Federal University of Sao Paulo Amerika 6--7 Brezilya Griffith University Avustralya Avustralya Hannover Medical School Avrupa Almanya Harbin Institute of Technology Asya Çin Jilin University Asya Çin Kent State University Amerika Amerika Kyung Hee University Asya Güney Kore Kyungpook National University Asya Güney Kore La Trobe University Avustralya Avustralya Lanzhou University Asya Çin Lehigh University Amerika Amerika Linkoping University Avrupa 11 İsveç London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine Avrupa İngiltere Massey University Avustralya 3--5 Avustralya Medical College of Wisconsin Amerika Amerika Medic
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