Die Gotische Bibel Gotisch–Griechisch–Deutsches Wörterbuch Streitberg 1910

Die Gotische Bibel Gotisch–Griechisch–Deutsches Wörterbuch Streitberg 1910 The Gothic Bible Gothic Greek German Dictionary

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  About the edition This facsimile reproduction of Wilhelm Streitberg's  Die Gotische Bibel / Zweiter Teil: Gotisch–Griechisch–Deutsches Wörterbuch (Heidelberg 1910) was created in 2005 as part of the Wulfila Projectat the University of Antwerp, Belgium. The book can be browsed online at http://www.wulfila.be/lib/streitberg/1910. Each page was scanned with an HP Scanjet 5p scanner and saved as a 600 dpibilevel (monochrome) TIFF image measuring 2370 x 4070 pixels. The images weresubsequently compressed with CCITT Group 4 compression using Imagemagick 6.1.9 and can be downloaded at the URL above. The PDF document was createdwith XSL Formatting Objects, using Saxon 6.5.2 to generate XSL-FO code and Apache FOP 0.20.5rc to render the document. Tom De Herdt, March 2005http://www.wulfila.be
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