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   Job Posting Add To Favorites   Apply Now     Email to Friend 4515 / Desk Assistant ! #   Position $n%ormation Below you will fnd detailed inormation or this job. Click the link or &rgani'ation Name  toview more inormation about the employer.I (bmit )es(me  is available above, click it to submit your resume directly to this employer. I it is not, please read the Application Instructions below or details on how to send your resume to the employer.Number o penin!s # $ork %chedule &arious times available '() hours a day, * days a week at the +rion or Commons -ront esks/ 0ours per $eek 1p to (2 hours $a!e3%alary *.45 6mployment %tart ate #3(73(284 6mployment 6nd ate 8(38*3(284  9ob escription  :he esk Assistant 'A/ is the primary contact with residents at the ront desk. esk Assistants work assi!ned hours each week as a point o contact and assistance or current residents, their !uests, and visitors to ;issouri $estern. :he primary responsibilities include answerin! <uestions, handin! out orms to residents, completin! necessary paperwork or the ront desk, checkin! out e<uipment at the ront desk and actin! as a resource to the residents and visitors o the buildin!. $hile at the desk, As may accept deliveries and sort mail, assist with student lock=outs, and assist durin! hall openin!s and closin!s. :his position is customer service and administration heavy. :he A reports directly to the >esidence 0all irector '>0/ or +rion, ?o!an, 9uda, and Beshears 0alls. @ualifcations +ood judicial and >esidential ?ie standin!;ust live in a residence hall6nrolled as a ull=time student or the duration o employment%tron! customer service skills;ust be ready to be!in trainin! as assi!ned >0 will communicate return dates and times;aintain cumulative +A o (.(5 or better. -ailure to maintain this cumulative +A will result in loss o your position. -ailure to achieve a semester !rade point avera!e o (.(5 or better or As will result in probation 0ow to Apply Complete and upload your ;$%1 %tudent 6mployment Application and >esume alon! with your %chedule o Availability to your +rions)0ire. nly when these three documents are in your profle the A? N$ buttonbe displayed at the : o the job postin!. Click the A? N$ button to notiy the contact. nline Application Address https 33www.myinterase.com3missouriwestern3Account3?o!nD>eturn1rlEF(missouriwesternF(studentF(  Posting $n%ormation  9ob ?ocation 'City, %tate/ +rion 0all   9ob Cate!ory  :eachin!36ducation osition :ype n=Campus nly ;inimum +A (.(522 $ork AuthoriGation +raduation %tart +raduation 6nd Classifcation e!rees ;ajors ost ate 43(H3(284 6piration ate *38#3(284 *inked +onta,t $n%ormation -irst Name  9ake ;iddle Initial ?ast Name %loan Address ?ine 8 )#28 6ast 1niversity rive Address ?ine ( Commons Buildin! City %t. 9oseph %tate ; Jip 4)52* Country 1nited %tates ;ap o Address Above nline ;apKce3$ork hone '#84/ 7#7=*88* -a Cell hone
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