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CURRICULUM VITAE N. GLEZOS PHYSICIST, DIRECTOR OF RESEARCH ΙNSTITUTE OF MICROELECTRONICS, NCSR DEMOKRITOS PERSONAL Date and place of Birth: May 1955, Athens Family status: Married, two daughters (Myrsini, Iro) EDUCATION 1973 Italian School of Athens 1979 University of Athens, Department of Physics 1984 University of Athens, Department of Physics, PhD in Solid State Physics PROFESSIONAL POSITIONS PHd Student at NCSR Demokritos Teaching Professor at the Technological Educational Institute pf Pireaus Research Associate (Researcher D Level) at NCSR Demokritos, Institute of Microelectronics Teaching Professor at the Technological Educational Institute of Pireaus 1994 Researcher on contract at NCSR Demokritos, Institute of Microelectronics Researcher C Level at NCSR Demokritos, Institute of Microelectronics Researcher B Level at NCSR Demokritos, Institute of Microelectronics Researcher A Level (Director of Research) at NCSR Demokritos, Institute of Microelectronics RESEARCH ACTIVITIES Electron beam lithography Electron beam lithography simulation Molecular electronics and nanodevices Plastic electronics RECENT PROJECTS 1. UNI-NANO-CUPS (European Project RTN) Duration: Objective : The use of cycedextrines as components of molecular devices 2. TASNANO (European Project NMP-STREP) Work Package Leader Duration: Objective: The construction of a parallel probing system and the use of this system for the characterization of surfaces and for molecular manipulation PHD THESIS SUPERVISION 1. I.Raptis, Application of electron beam lithography to the fabrication of submicron structures, University of Athens, Solid State Physics Faculty, G.Patsis, Theoretical and experimental study of electron beam lithography processing, National Technical University of Athens, D.Velessiotis, Fabrication of Microelectronic micro- and nano- devices based on polyoxometallic composites, Information Faculty, University of Athens, G.Chaidogiannos, Oligomeric crystals as components of organic FETs, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Technical University of Athens, A.Balliou, Memory hybrid devices based on inorganic polyoxometallates National Technical University of Athens, in progress JOURNAL AND PROJECT REVIEWER 1. Various IOP Journals 2. APL, JAP 3. FET, ICT Projects CONFERENCE ORGANIZATION 1. MNE 2008 Conference, Organizing Committee member 2 3 PUBLICATIONS International journals 1. N.M.Glezos and A.K.Theophilou, Nonzero helicity states in jellium in connection to the I group. Physica 146A, 360 (1987) N.M.Glezos, Influence of the exchange effects on the plasmon excitation spectrum of metals, Physical Review B, n.43, 7538 (1991) 3. N.M.Glezos and A.G.Nassiopoulos, Lateral Resolution of Auger Electron spectroscopy in the range 5-100keV, Surface Science 254, 309 (1991) 4. E.Valamontes, A.G.Nasiopoulos, N.Glezos Backscattering and X-ray induced correction factors for AES of thin overlayers. Influence of the lateral resolution. Surf. and Interf. Anal. 16, 203 (1990) 5. E.Valamontes, A.G.Nassiopoulos and N.M.Glezos, Monte-Carlo Simulations of the point-to- point resolution in Scanning Auger Microscopy and X-ray Microanalysis of thin over-layers, Surf. and Interf. Microanalysis 19, 419 (1992) 6. N.Glezos, I.Raptis, D.Tsoukalas and M.Hatzakis, Application of a new analytical technique of electron distribution calculation to the profile simulation of a high sensitivity negative e- beam resist, J.Vac.Sci.B 10, 2606 (1992) 7. I.Raptis, N.Glezos and M.Hatzakis, Use of the Boltzmann transport equation for the evaluation of energy deposition in the case of electron sensitive resist films over composite substrates, Microelectronic Engineering 21, 289 (1993) 8. I.Raptis, N.Glezos and M.Hatzakis, Analytical evaluation of the energy deposition function in electron-beam lithography in the case of a composite substrate, J.Vac.Sci. B 11(6), 2754 (1993) 9. N.Glezos, I.Raptis, M.Hatzakis, LITHOS: A fast electron beam lithography simulator, Microelectron. Eng (1994) 10. N.Glezos, I.Raptis and M.Hatzakis, LITHOS: A fast electron-beam lithography simulatorextended article, Microelectronic Engineering. 26, 131 (1995) 11. P.Argitis, I.Raptis, C.J.Aidinis, N.Glezos, M.Bacciochi, J.Everett and M.Hatzakis, An advanced epoxy novolac resist for fast high resolution e-beam lithography, J.V.Sci.Technol. 13(6) 3030 (1995) 12. I.Raptis, L.Grella, P.Argitis, M.Gentilli, N.Glezos and G.Petrocco, Determination of acid diffusion and energy deposition parameters in chemically amplified resists, Microel. Eng. 30, 295 (1996) 13. N.Glezos and I.Raptis, A fast electron beam lithography simulator based on the Boltzmann 4 transport equation, IEEE, Transactions on Computer-Aided Design of Integrated Cirquits and Systems, 15(1), 92 (1996) 14. D.Tsamakis and N.Glezos, Static Current-Voltage Characteristics of Silicon n-i-n Resistors at liquid helium temperatures, Journal de Physique IV 6, C3-93 (1996) 15. G.Kaltzas, N.Glezos, E.Valamontes and A.G.Nassiopoulos, Application of the Boltzmann transport equation in the thickness determination of thin films, Mikrochimica Acta, Suppl 13, 349, (1996) 16. N.Glezos, G.Patsis, I.Raptis, P.Argitis, M.Gentilli and L.Grella, Application of a reaction diffusion model for negative CARs in the determination of e-beam proximity correction parameters, JVST(B), 14(6), 4252 (1996) 17. G.Patsis, I.Raptis, N.Glezos, P.Argitis, M.Hatzakis, C.J.Aidinis, M.Gentili and R,Maggiora, Gel formation theory approach for the modeling of negative chemically amplified e-beam resists, Microelectronic Engineering 35, 157 (1997) 18. D.Tsamakis and N.Glezos, Anomalous electrical conduction in Silicon n + in + resitors at low temperatures, Semicond. Sci.Technol. 12, 672 (1997) 19. P.Argitis, S.Boyatzis, I.Raptis,N.Glezos and M.Hatzakis, Post exposure bake kinetics in epoxy novolac based chemically amplified resists, ACS Books, Abstracts 214:321 Symposium Series 706, Editors: H.Ito, E.Reichmanis and O.Nalamazu, G.Patsis, G.Meneghini, N.Glezos and P.Argitis, Theoretical Discussion of Acid Diffusion Effects of Negative CARs based on Contrast Curve Simulation, JVST (B) 15(6), 2561 (1997) 21. N.Glezos, G.P.Patsis, A.Rosenbusch, Z.Cui, E-beam proximity correction for negative tone chemically amplified resists taking into account post-bake effects, Microelectronic Engineering 41/42, 319 (1998) 22. I.Raptis, N.Glezos, A.Rosenbusch, G.Patsis and P.Argitis, Calculation of energy deposition in thin resist films over multilayer substrates, Microelectronic Engineering 41/42, 171 (1998) 23. G.Kaltsas, N.Glezos, E.Valamontes and A.G.Nassiopoulou, Thickness Determination of Thin Films based on X-ray Signal Decay Law, Surface and Interface Analysis 26, 876(1998) 24. A.Rosenbusch, M.Ardito, Z.Cui, E. DiFabrizio, M.Gentili, N.Glezos, G.Meneghini, B.Nowotny, G.Patsis, P.Prewett, I.Raptis Simulation of Chemically Amplified Resists in E-beam lithography, Microelectron. Eng (1999) 25. GP. Patsis and N.Glezos, Molecular dynamics simulation of gel formation theory and acid diffusion in negative tone chemically amplified resists, Microel. Eng. 46, 359, (1999) 26. G.P.Patsis, N.Glezos, I.Raptis, E.Valamontes Simulation of roughness and free volume in chemically amplified resists using percolation theory, J. Vac. Sci. Technol. B (1999) 27. I.Raptis, B.Nowotny, N.Glezos, M.Gentili, G.Meneghini Electron beam lithography simulation on homogeneous and multilayer substrates, Jpn. J. Appl. Phys (2000) 5 28. P.Argitis, N.Glezos, M.Vasilopoulou, I.Raptis, M.Hatzakis, J.Everett, G.Meneghini, A.Palumbo, M.Ardito, P.Hudek, I.Kostic Aqueous base developable epoxy resist for high sensitivity electron beam lithography, Microelectron. Eng (2000) 29. Glezos, P.Argitis, D.Velessiotis, I.Raptis, M.Hatzakis, P.Hudek, I.Kostic Aqueous base development and acid diffusion length optimisation in negative epoxy resist for electron beam lithography, J. Vac. Sci. Technol B (2000) 30. P.Patsis, A.Tserepi, I.Raptis, N.Glezos, E.Gogolides, E.S.Valamontes, Surface and lineedge roughness in wet and dry developable negative tone systems: experiment and simulation, J. Vac. Sci. Technol B (2000) 31. I.Raptis, N.Glezos, E.Valamontes, E.Zervas, P.Argitis Electron beam lithography simulation for high resolution and high density patterns, Vacuum (2001) 32. X.Zianni, D.Velessiotis, N.Glezos, K.N.Trohidou, Application of the partial wave expansion method in 3-D low energy electron beam lithography simulation, Microelectronic Engineering 57-58, 297 (2001) 33. N.Glezos, K.Missiakos, S.Kakabakos, P.Petrou and G.Terzoudi, Electron beam patterning of biomolecules, Biosensors and Bioelectronics 17 (2002) M.Chatzichristidi, I.Raptis, C.D.Diakoumakos, N.Glezos, P.Argitis, M.Sanopoulou Strippable aqueous base developable negative photoresist for high aspect ratio micromachining, Microelectron. Eng (2002) 35. G. P. Patsis and N. Glezos, Probabilistic gel formation theory in negative tone chemically amplified resists used in optical and electron beam lithography,, J. Vac. Sci. Technol. B 20, 1303 (2002) 36. P. Patsis, N. Glezos, and E. Gogolides Monte Carlo simulation of gel formation and surface and line-edge roughness in negative tone chemically amplified resists,, J. Vac. Sci. Technol. B 21, 254 (2003) 37. N. Glezos, D.Velessiotis, G.Chaidogiannos, P.Argitis, D.Tsamakis, X. Zianni, Transport properties of polyoxometalate containing polymeric materials, Synthetic Metals, 138, 267 (2003) 38. N.Glezos, P.Argitis, D.Velessiotis and K.Diakoumakos, Tunneling transport in polyoxometalate based composite materals, Appl. Phys. Lett. 83 (3), 488 (2003) 39. G.Chaidogiannos, D.Velessiotis, P.Argitis, P.Koutsolelos, C.D.Diakoumakos, D.Tsamakis and N.Glezos, Tunneling and negative resistance effects for composite materials containing polyoxometalate molecules, Miroel. Eng , 746 (2004) 40. D.Velessiotis, N.Glezos and V.Ioannou-Sogleridis, Tungstate poloxometalates as active compound in molecular devices, Journal of Applied Physics, 98(8), 1-4, Velessiotis, D., Ioannou-Sougleridis, V., Chaidogiannos, G., & Glezos, N. (2005). Compound polymeric materials in molecular nanodevices: Electrical behavior of zero-dimension 6 semiconducting inorganic molecules embedded in a polymer substrate. Journal of Physics: 10(1), Patsis, G. P., & Glezos, N. (2005). Electron-beam lithography simulation for EUV mask applications. Journal of Physics: 10(1), Glezos, N., Douvas, A. M., Argitis, P., Saurenbach, F., Chrost, J., & Livitsanos, C. (2006). Electrical characterization of molecular monolayers containing tungsten polyoxometalates. Microelectronic Engineering, 83(4-9 SPEC. ISS.), Patsis, G.P., Tsikrikas, N., Raptis, I., Glezos, N. Electron-beam lithography simulation for the fabrication of EUV masks 2006 Microelectronic Engineering 83 (4-9 SPEC. ISS.), pp Papavassiliou, G.C.a, Anyfantis, G.C.a, Steele, B.R.b, Terzis, A.c, Raptopoulou, C.P.c, Tatakis, G.d, Chaidogiannos, G.d, Glezos, N.d, Weng, Y.e, Yoshino, H.e, Murata, Some new nickel 1,2-dichalcogenolene complexes as single-component semiconductors, K.e, Zeitschrift fur Naturforschung - Section B Journal of Chemical Sciences,Volume 62, Issue 5, May 2007, Pages Soluble Phthalocyanines: Perspective Materials for Electronics S. Nespurek, G. Chaidogiannos, N. Glezos, G. Wang, S. Bo hm, J. Raku_san, M. Kar_askov_a, Mol. Cryst. Liq. Cryst., Vol. 468, pp. 3 21, Velessiotis, D., Maffeo, D., Millios, C., Makarona, E., Viswanathan, C., Yannakopoulou, K., Mavridis, I., Pikramenou, Z., Glezos, N. «Molecular nanodevices based on functionalized cyclodextrins».(2008) Physica Status Solidi (A) Applications and Materials, 205 (11), pp Chaidogiannos, G.a, Petraki, F., Glezos, N., Kennou, S., Nešpurek, S. «Soluble substituted phthalocyanines for OFET applications», (2008) Materials Science and Engineering B: Solid- State Materials for AdvancedTechnology, 152 (1-3), pp Makarona, E., Kapetanakis, E., Velessiotis, D.M., Douvas, A., Argitis, P., Normand, P., Gotszalk, T., Woszczyna, M., Glezos, N. «Vertical devices of self-assembled hybrid organic/inorganic monolayers based on tungsten polyoxometalates», (2008) Microelectronic Engineering, 85 (5-6), pp Kapetanakis, E., Douvas, A. M., Velessiotis, D., Makarona, E., Argitis, P., Glezos, N., et al. (2008). Molecular storage elements for proton memory devices. Advanced Materials, 20(23), Douvas, A.M., Makarona, E., Glezos, N., Argitis, P.a, Mielczarski, J.A., Mielczarski, E. Polyoxometalate-based layered structures for charge transport control in molecular devices (2008) ACS Nano, 2 (4), pp Šebera, J., Nešpurek, S., Kratochvílová, I., Záliš, S., Chaidogiannos, G., & Glezos, N. (2009). Charge carrier mobility in sulphonated and non-sulphonated ni phthalocyanines: Experiment and quantum chemical calculations. European Physical Journal B, 72(3), 53. Chaidogiannos, G., Petraki, F., Glezos, N., Kennou, S., & Nešpurek, S. Low voltage operating OFETs based on solution-processed metal phthalocyanines. Applied Physics A: Materials Science and Processing,96(3), (2009) Kapetanakis, E., Douvas, A. M., Velessiotis, D., Makarona, E., Argitis, P., Glezos, N., et al. Hybrid organic-inorganic materials for molecular proton memory devices. Organic Electronics: Physics, Materials, Applications, 10(4), (2009) Woszczyna, M., Zawierucha, P., Swiatkowski, M., Gotszalk, T., Grabiec, P., Nikolov, N., et al. Quantitative force and mass measurements using the cantilever with integrated actuator and deflection detector. Microelectronic Engineering, 86(4-6), (2009) Giacomini, M.; Pastorino, L.; Soumetz, F. Caneva; Mielczarski, J.A.; Mielczarski, E.; Rangelow I. ; Gotszalk T.; Glezos N.; Huq, Ejaz; Ruggiero C, Data Modeling for Tools and Technologies for the Analysis and Synthesis of NANO structures : Journal of Information Technology Research, Vol. 2, Issue 3 p 49-70, Molecular junctions made of tungsten-polyoxometalate self-assembled monolayers: Towards polyoxometalate-based molecular electronics devices, D. Velessiotis, A.M. Douvas, S. Athanasiou, B. Nilsson, G. Petersson, U. Södervall, G. Alestig, P. Argitis, N. Glezos, Microel. Eng.,Article in Press, doi: /j.mee (2011) 58. Lasse E. P. Kyllönen, Viswanathan Chinuswamy, Davide Maffeo, Evangelos T. Kefalas, Zoe Pikramenou, Irene M. Mavridis, Konstantina Yannakopoulou, Nikos Glezos, Electronic transport between Au surface and STM tip via a multipodal cyclodextrin host - metallo-guest supramolecular system, J.Phys.Org.Chem., 25(3), pp , Kaloudi-Chantzea, A., Karakostas, N., Pitterl, F., Raptopoulou, C.P., Glezos, N., Pistolis, G., Efficient supramolecular synthesis of a robust circular light-harvesting Bodipy-dye based array, Chemical Communications, Volume 48, Issue 100, 28 December 2012, Pages Velessiotis, D., Douvas, A.M., Dimitrakis, P., Argitis, P., Glezos, N., Conduction mechanisms in tungsten-polyoxometalate self-assembled molecular junctions, Microelectronic Engineering,Volume 97, September 2012, Pages Publication in Book 1. R. Compano, L. Molenkamp, D. J. 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P.Argitis, S.Boyatzis, I.Raptis, N.Glezos, E.Tegou, E.Gogolides, M.Hatzakis Radiation induced cationic polymerization in epoxy novolac resists: A reaction kinetics study for optimized microlithography. 6 th Eur. Polymer Federation Symp. of Polymeric Materials (09/1996) 9. P.Argitis, S.Boyatzis, I.Raptis, N.Glezos, M.Hatzakis Post exposure Bake kinetics in epoxy novolac chemically amplified resists. ACS Symp. Polymeric Materials Science and Engineering Vol. 77 p. 471 Las Vegas (09/1997) 10. G.P.Patsis and N.Glezos, Simulation of gel formation in chemically amplified resists used in lithography, IV Int. Symposium on Polymers in Advanced technologies, Liepzig Germany, G.P.Patsis, N.Glezos, Simulation of gel formation in chemically amplified resists, 4 th Intenational Symposium on Polymers, Patra (Rio), Greece I.Raptis, G.Meneghini, A.Rosenbusch, N.Glezos, R.Palumbo, M.Ardito, P.Argitis Electron beam lithography on multilayer substrates: experimental and theoretical study Proc. SPIE (1998) 9 13. E.Tegou, E.Gogolides, P.Argitis, I.Raptis, N.Glezos, Z.C.H.Tan, K.Lee, P.Le, Y.Hsu and M.Hatzakis An epoxidised novolac resist (EPR) for high resolution negative and positive tone electron beam lithography Proc. SPIE (2000) 14. N.Glezos, P.Argitis, D.Velessiotis, I.Raptis, P.Hudek, I.Kostic Process optimisation and diffusion length evaluation of a new aqueous base developable negative epoxy electron beam resist Advanced Semiconductor Devices and Microsystems ASDAM 2000 conf. p. 231 (Slovakia, 10/2000) 15. X.Zianni, D.Velessiotis, N.Glezos and K.Trochidou, Monte Carlo calculation of the energy deposition in PPMA and oxometalate resists in low energy electron beam lithography, MMN 2000, Athens 16. I.Raptis, N.Glezos Electron beam lithography simulation for subquartermicron and high density patterns Proc. SISPAD 2001 p M. Chatzichristidi, I. Raptis, C. D. Diakoumakos, N. Glezos, P. Argitis Strippable negative thick photoresist for micromachining applications IUPAC Int. Symposium (IP 2001) on ionic polymerization (Greece 10/2001) 18. N. Glezos, P.Argitis, D.Velessiotis, P. Koutsolelos, C.D.Diakoumakos, A.Tserepi, and K. Beltsios. Pοlyoxometalate containing polymeric materials for nanolithography and molecular devices, MRS 2002, Symposium Y, MRS Proceedings Volume A.Vourdas, A.C.Cefalas, N.Glezos, S. Kobe and E.Sarantopoulou, AC Acharonov-Bohm phenomena in mesoscopic rings, EMRS-Spring Meeting 2002, Symposium Q, Current trents in Nanotechnologies 20. M.Biler, L.t.d. Dvorakova, S.Nespurek and N.Glezos, Poly[(ethylenedioxy)thiophene] conductive films, World Polymer Conference, 40 th Symposium on Macromolecules, Paris D.Velessiotis, G.Chaidogiannos, N.Glezos and P.Argitis, Quantum effects in molecular nanodevices based on tungsten polyoxometalates, European Microelectronics and Packaging Symposium, Prague N.Glezos, Electronic transport properties of organic/inorganic composite materials in the nanoscale, Nanomeeting 2005, Minsk 23. G.C.Papavassiliou, G.C.Anyfantis, B.R.Steele, A.Terzis, C.P.Raptopoulou, G.Tatakis, G.Chaidogiannos, N.Glezos, Y.F.Weng, H.Yoshino, and K.Murata, Single-Component Nickel-1,2-Dithiolene Complexes, Candidate Semiconductors For Field-Effect
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