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  March Composer Unit Study: Frederic Chopin Created by Annette @ InAllYouDo for YearRoundHomeschooling  Text Copyright © 2015 Annette BreedloveAll Rights Reserved  No part of this book ay be reprod! ed# stored in a retrieval syste# or transitted in any for by any eans $ ele troni #e hani al# photo opy# re ording or other%ise $ %itho!t  prior perission of the p!blisher# ex ept as provided by &'(' opyright la%' YOU MAY: ã &se these files for personal !se )N*+' ã ,o%nload the files to yo!r personal op!ter' ã -rint as any opies as yo! %o!ld like for personal !se' YOU MAY NOT: ã .dit any of the printables' ã (hare y files %ith anyone else' ã (tore the on any %ebsite or for!' ã Clai the as yo!r o%n' ã -rint and sell/distrib!te to others' Clipart !sed in this pa k %as p!r hased fro .d!Clips'
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