UNIÃO EUROPEIA DELEGAÇÃO NA REPÚBLICA DE MOÇAMBIQUE Caderno de Encargos 1. A Delegação da União Europeia na República de Moçambique pretende adquirir 4 fotocopiadoras multifuncionais (copiadora, scanner,

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UNIÃO EUROPEIA DELEGAÇÃO NA REPÚBLICA DE MOÇAMBIQUE Caderno de Encargos 1. A Delegação da União Europeia na República de Moçambique pretende adquirir 4 fotocopiadoras multifuncionais (copiadora, scanner, impressora com agrafador) para os seus escritórios situados na Avª Julius Nyerere, 2820, Maputo 2. Requisitos e termos técnicos ESPECIFICAÇÕES Maximum Original A3 Size Cassette: 305x457mm, A3, A4, A4R, A5R Free size x 182 mm to x mm Copy Sizes Envelope (with optional Envelope Feeder) Stack Bypass: A5R- SRA3 (320x450mm), Envelopes Free size 99x139.7mm to 320x457.2mm Reading: 600dpi 600dpi Copying: 600dpi 600dpi Resolution Printing: 1200dpix1200dpi (text/line only) 256 gradations A4: NiR MID 51: 51ppm (BW/) NiR MID 45: 45ppm (BW) NiR MID 35: 35ppm (BW) NiR MID 30: 30ppm (BW) Copy/Print Speed A3: NiR MID 51: 26ppm (BW) NiR MID 45: 26ppm (BW) NiR MID 35: 18ppm (BW) NiR MID 30: 18ppm (BW) Zoom: % Magnification Fixed: 25%,50%,71%,100%,141%,200%,400% First Copy Time Black-and-White: 4.0sec (51/45 ppm model), 5.5sec (35/30 ppm model) Warm-Up Time 38 seconds Multiple 1 to 999 sheets Copies/Prints Duplexing Standard automatic stackless Cassette: 52 to 209g/m2 Paper Stack Bypass: 52 to 256g/m2 Duplex: 52 to 209g/m2 Standard: 550 sheets x2 cassettes (80g/m2) Paper Capacity Stack Bypass: 100 sheets (80g/m2) Optional: 550 sheets x2 cassettes (80g/m2) 1 Paper Deck: 2,700 sheets (80g/m2) Total capacity: 5,000 sheets CPU Custom Processor, 1.2GHz Memory 2.5GB Hard Disk Drive 80GB Interface Ethernet (1000BaseT/100Base-TX/10Base-T) Wireless LAN(IEEE802.11b/g, Optional), USB2.0 Power Supply V AC, 50/60Hz Power Consumption 1.8kW max (51/45ppm), 1.3kW max (35/30ppm) Dimensions (W x D x H) 620 x 760 x 982mm (with 1PDS) / x1230mm (with 1PDS&CFU) 620 x 735 x 938mm (with DADF) / 1186mm (with DADF&CFU) 620 x 735 x 826mm (with Platen cover) / 1074mm (with Platen cover&cfu) Approx.170kg (with 1PDS) Approx.153kg (with DADF) DETALHES PRINT SPECIFICATION Resolution 1200dpi x 1200dpi(Text/Line only), 600dpi x 600dpi Memory 2.5GB (Uses Main unit RAM) Hard Disk 80GB (Uses Main unit HDD) CPU 3Custom Processor, 1.2GHz (Uses Main unit CPU) PS Fonts Roman 136 PCL Fonts Roman93, Bitmap10,OCR2 PCL: Windows 2000/XP/Server2003/Vista/Server2008/Win7 Adobe Postscript3: Windows 2000/XP/Server2003/Vista/Server2008/Win7, Mac OSX( or later) Supported OS UFR II: Windows 2000/XP/Server2003/Vista/Server2008/Win7, Mac OSX( or later) Mac-PPD: Mac OS 9.1 or later, Mac OSX( or later) Ethernet (1000Base-T/100Base-TX/10Base-T) Wireless Interface LAN(IEEE802.11b/g, Optional), USB2.0 TCP/IP*(LPD/Port9100/WSD/IPP/IPPS/SMB/FTP), IPX/SPX(NDS,Bindery), Network AppleTalk Protocol *IPv4/IPv6 support Pull Scan Network TWAIN Driver (75 to 600dpi 24bit, grayscale/2bit Black & white) 2 SEND SPECIFICATION Standard/Optional Standard Scan Speed A4, 300dpi: 70 ipm (B&W), 100 ipm for Duplex scan by 1PDS Scan Resolution 100dpi,150dpi,200x100dpi,200dpi,200x400dpi,300dpi,400dpi,600dpi Destinations /Internet FAX(SMTP), PC(SMB,FTP), iwdm, WebDAV Address Book LDAP, Local(Max.1800) File Format TIFF, JPEG, PDF, XPS, High compression PDF/XPS, PDF/A-1b, Optimize PDF for Web UNIVERSAL SEND PDF Name Universal Send Advanced Feature Set-D1 Outline PDF (Trace & Smooth), Searchable PDF/XPS, Reader Extensions PDF, Format Office Open XML UNIVERSAL SEND PDF Name Universal Send Security Feature Set-D1 Format Encrypted PDF, Device Signature PDF/XPS DADF Paper Size Paper Max. Number of Originals Document Scanning Speed (max.) Dimensions (W x D x H) A3,A4,A4R,A5,A5R Single-sided original: 42 to 128 g/m2 Double-sided original: 50 to 128 g/m2 100sheets (80 g/m2) for 2-sided Double pass ADF 150sheets (80 g/m2) for 1PDS 2-sided Double pass ADF Copy: A4 46 ipm 600dpi (B&W) 2-sided Double pass ADF Scan: A4 46 ipm 300dpi (B&W) 1PDS Copy: A4 51/70 ipm 600dpi (B&W) 1PDS Scan: A4 70 ipm 300dpi (B&W), 100 ipm 300dpi for Duplex scan 2-sided Double pass ADF: 620 x 536 x 137 mm 1PDS: 618 x603 x 180 mm 2-sided Double pass ADF: Approx. 8.7kg 1PDS: Approx. 26.8kg 3 CASSETTE FEEDING UNIT Type 2 Front-loading adjustable drawers Paper Size 305x457mm, A3, A4, A4R, A5R Free size x 182 mm to x mm Paper s 52 to 209g/m2 Paper Capacity 550 sheets(80 g/m2) x 2 cassettes Dimensions (W x D x H) 620 x 700 x 251 mm Approx kg PAPER DECK Paper Size A4 Paper 52 to 105 g/m2 Paper Capacity 2,700 sheets (80g/m2) Dimensions (W x D x H) 372 x 603 x 473 mm Approx.37 kg FINISHER Name Inner Finisher (865 x540x 234mm) Number of Trays One stack tray (Optional 2nd Tray) A4, A5, A5R: A4-A5R :500 sheets Tray Capacity A3, A4R: A3,A4R: 500 sheets Staple Position Corner, Double A4: 50 sheets Staple Capacity A3: 30 sheets Approx.11.5kg (Approx.13kg with optinal tray) FINISHER Name Staple Finisher/Booklet Finisher Number of Trays 2 Trays A4, A5, A5R: 1300 on upper tray, 1700 on lower tray Tray Capacity A3, A4R: 650 on upper tray, 650 on lower tray Corner, Double, Booklet stitch(booklet Finisher only) Booklet Stitch Specifications (Booklet Finisher only): Staple Position Paper Size: 305 x 457mm, A3, A4R Staple Capacity: 1 to 16 sheets (64pages, 52-81g/m2) 1 to 10 sheets(40pages, g/m2) A4: 50 sheets(80g/m2) Staple Capacity A3, A4R: 30 sheets(80g/m2) Staple Finisher: 677 x 646 x 1097mm Dimensions Booklet Finisher: 789 x 646 x 1097mm Staple Finisher: Approx.46kg Booklet Finisher: Approx.75kg 4 3. Os preços devem ser apresentados em Meticais 4. A proposta deve mencionar o prazo máximo de entrega, o período de garantia e o custo da manutenção por um período de três (3) anos por aparelho 5. A proposta deve ser acompanhada dos requisitos técnicos dos equipamentos propostos 6. A proposta deve ser assinada e datada 5
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