Betriebsanleitung Návod k obsluze GB Operating Instructions Návod na obsluhu Mode d emploi ËÁ Ú ÛË - PDF

E I N FI LV LT EST BG RO TR HR UA SLO RUS GR SK CZ H PL P DK S NL F GB D 5500/3 Art D Betriebsanleitung Tauch-Druckpumpe GB Operating Instructions Submersible Pressure Pump F Mode d emploi Pompe

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E I N FI LV LT EST BG RO TR HR UA SLO RUS GR SK CZ H PL P DK S NL F GB D 5500/3 Art D Betriebsanleitung Tauch-Druckpumpe GB Operating Instructions Submersible Pressure Pump F Mode d emploi Pompe immergée pour arrosage NL Gebruiksaanwijzing Dompel-drukopvoerpomp S Bruksanvisning Dränkbar tryckpump DK Brugsanvisning Dyk- / trykpumpe FI Käyttöohje Uppopainepumppu N Bruksanvisning Nedsenkbar trykkpumpe I Istruzioni per l uso Pompa sommersa a pressione E Instrucciones de empleo Bomba sumergible a presión P Manual de instruções Bomba submersível de pressão PL Instrukcja eksploatacji Pompa zanurzeniowo-ciśnieniowa H Üzemeltetési utasítás Merülő-nyomószivattyú 6000/4 Art CZ Návod k obsluze Ponorné tlakové čerpadlo SK Návod na obsluhu Ponorné tlakové čerpadlo GR ËÁ Ú ÛË μ ıè fiìâóë ÓÙÏ apple ÂÛË RUS Инструкция по эксплуатации Насос погружной высокого давления SLO Navodilo za uporabo Potopna tlačna črpalka UA Інструкція з експлуатації Hасос заглибний високого тиску HR Upute za uporabu Potopna tlačna pumpa TR Kullanma Kílavuzu Dalgíç pompa RO Instrucţiuni de utilizare Pompă submersibilă de presiune BG Инструкция за експлоатация Потопяема дълбочинна помпа EST Kasutusjuhend Uputatav pump LT Naudojimosi instrukcija Panardinami slėginiai siurbliai LV Lietošanas instrukcija Legremdējams spiediensūknis GB GARDENA Submersible Pressure Pump 5500/3; 6000/4 Translation of the original German operating instructions. Please read the operating instructions carefully and observe the notes given. Use the instructions to familiarise yourself with the submersible pressure pump, its correct use, and the notes on safety. Never operate the product when you are tired, ill or under the influence of alcohol, drugs or medicine. This product may be used under supervision, or if instruction regard - ing the safe use of the product has been provided and the resulting dangers have been understood, by children aged 8 and above, as well as by persons with physical, sensory or mental disabilities or a lack of experience and knowledge. Children must not be allowed to play with the product. Cleaning and user maintenance must not be performed by children without supervision. The use of this product by young people under the age of 16 is not recommended. v Keep these operating instructions in a safe place. Contents: 1. Area of application of your GARDENA Submersible Pressure Pump Safety instructions Initial Operation Operation Putting into Storage Maintenance Trouble-Shooting Technical Data Available accessories Service / Warranty Area of application of your GARDENA Submersible Pressure Pump Purpose: Liquids to be pumped: 10 The GARDENA Submersible Pressure Pump is intended for the private use in house and hobby gardens. It is intended for draining water from fountains, cisterns and other water reservoirs or for operating irrigation equipment and systems. The GARDENA Submersible Pressure Pump must only be used to pump clear, fresh water. The pump is watertight and is submerged in water (for max. submersion depth, see 8. Technical specifications). The pump is equipped with an integrated check valve, which prevents automatic drainage of the pressure hose when the pump is shut down. Please note: Salt water, contaminated water, corrosive, easily flammable, or explosive substances (for example gasoline, petroleum, cellulose thinner), oil, heating oil, and foodstuffs may not be conveyed. The water temperature may not exceed 35 C. GB 2. Safety instructions Electrical Safety: DANGER! Electric shock! With a cut off mains plug, moisture can get into electrical parts via the mains cable and cause a short circuit. v Never cut the mains plug off (e. g. to feed through wall). v Don t use the power cable for plugging off. DANGER! Electric shock! A damaged pump must not be used. v In case of damage, please have the pump checked by our GARDENA Service Centre. v Before operating the pump, first make a visual check, if there is any damage of the pump (esp. regarding power cable and plug). According to DIN VDE (German Electrical Engineers Association) 0100, submersible pres sure pumps may only be used in swimming pools, garden ponds, and fountains if the pump is operated via a residualcurrent device with a residual-current rating of 30 ma. The pump must not be operated when there are persons in the swimming pool or garden pond. For safety reasons we recommend that you always operate the submersible pressure pump via a residual-current device (DIN VDE and ). v Please contact your electrician. The cable length must be at least 10m. The power cable of the Submersible Pressure Pump must be connected to a socket which is positioned at a height of max. 1.10m (measured from ground). Take care that the power cable leads downwards. Data indicated on the type plate must match technical data of the mains supply. Only use extension cables authorised in accordance with HD 516. v Consult your qualified electrician. v Take care that the electrical connections are made within dry area, protected from flooding. v Keep mains plug dry. Protect plug and power cable from heat, oil and sharp edges. The power cable must not be used for mount - ing or relocating the pump. For submerging or lifting / securing the pump, please use the fastening rope. In Austria: In Austria, according to ÖVE B/ EN part 1 to 3, pumps which are used in swimming pools and garden ponds, and equipped with firm power cable should be fed via an ÖVE approved isolating transformer rated voltage must not exceed 230 V. In Switzerland: In Switzerland mobile appliances which are used outdoors, must be connected via a residual-current device. Notes on use: When connecting the pump to the water supply system, the country-specific sanitary regulations must be observed to prevent water not of drinking water quality being drawn back in. v If necessary, contact your sanitary expert. Sand and other abrasive substances cause increased wear and reduce the pump s output. During operation, the pump must always be submersed in the water up to the minimum submersion depth (see 8. Technical specifications). Do not allow the pump to run for more than 10 minutes against the closed pressure side (e.g. closed valve, closed dispenser etc.). 11 GB 3. Initial Operation Connect hose via the GARDENA Connection System: 1 ß v 19mm (3/4 )- / 16mm (5/8 ) and 13mm (1/2 ) hoses can be connected via the GARDENA Connection System. Hose diameter 13mm (1/2 ) Pump connection GARDENA Pump Connection Set Art mm (5/8 ) GARDENA Tap Connector Art. (2)902 GARDENA Hose Connector Art. (2)916 19mm (3/4 ) GARDENA Pump Connection Set Art The pump connection component 1 is already pre-installed by the manufacturer together with the check valve ß v. v Connect hose via the relevant GARDENA Connection System. Backflow preventer ß v : The backflow preventer ßv prevents the hose from running empty after the pump has been turned off or taken out of operation. With a parallel connection of more than one hose or connected devices, the GARDENA 2- / 4-Way Valve (Art / 8194) can be used, which is screwed straight onto the pump connection piece 1. Pump installation: ß t The pump must always be submerged in the fountain or water reservoir with the fastening rope 3 provided. For the pump to be primed, the pump must be submerged to the minimum submersion depth ßt (see 8. Technical specifications). So that the filter does not become dirty, the pump should be fixed at least 30cm above the ground. 1. Attach the fastening rope 3 to the handle Submerge pump in the fountain or water reservoir via the fastening rope Secure fastening rope With deep fountains or shafts (from approx. 5m), route the connection cable 5 along the fastening rope 3 with clips. Thermal protection switch: In the event of an overload, the pump is switched off by the built-in thermal motor protection. After sufficient cooling of the motor, the pump is operational again. 12 4. Operation GB Automatic operation: The float switch 6 turns the pump on automatically when the water level exceeds the cut-in height and the water is pumped out. The float switch 6 turns the pump off again as soon as the water level falls below the cut-out height. v During automatic operation, ensure that the float switch 6 can move freely. Adjusting the Cut-in and Cut-out Height: The cable length between the float switch 6 and the float switch lock 7 must always be at least 10cm. 1. Press the cable of the float switch 6 into an opening in the float switch lock 7. Do not select a cable length that is too long or short to ensure that the float switch can turn on and off properly. 2. Plug the mains plug of the connection cable 5 into a mains socket. The higher the opening of the float switch lock 7, the higher the cut-in and cut-out height. The shorter the length of cable between the float switch 6 and the float switch lock 7, the lower the cut-in height and the higher the cut-out height. Manual operation: The pump remains in constant operation when the float switch is attached facing upwards so that the cable is pointing downwards. v Attach the float switch 6 to the top so that the cable points downward. The residual water height of approx. 25mm is only reached during manual operation since the float switch turns off the pump during automatic operation before this water level is reached. 5. Putting into Storage Frost-free storage: The storage location must not be accessible to children. v Store the pump away from frost before the first frost sets in. Disposal: (in accordance with RL 2012/19/EU) The product must not be added to normal household waste. It must be disposed of in line with local environmental regulations. 13 GB 6. Maintenance Clean suction foot with inlet screen: DANGER! Electric shock! There is a risk of injury from electric shocks. v Before maintenance, disconnect the submersible pressure pump from the mains Do not use any corrosive or abrasive cleaning media. 1. Unscrew the 4 screws 8 with a screwdriver. 2. Remove the suction foot valve 9 with inlet screen from the pump and clean it. 3. Attach the suction foot valve with the inlet screens 9 to the pump and tighten the 4 screws 8 with washers 0. For safety reasons, a damaged turbine must only be replaced by GARDENA Service. 7. Troubleshooting DANGER! Electric shock! There is a risk of injury from electric shocks. v Before eliminating faults, disconnect the submersible pressure pump from the mains. Fault Possible cause Remedy The pump does not deliver any water. 14 Air cannot escape as the pressure line is closed. Air cushion in suction foot. When starting the pump, water height falls below the min. water level. Suction foot / inlet screens clogged. Pump overheated: Thermal protection switch switched pump off due to overheating. Power supply interrupted. Check valve jammed. v Open pressure line (e. g. bent pressure hose). v Unplug mains cable and plug in again. v Submerge pump deeper (see 8. Technical Data / Minimum submersion depth on commissioning). v Unplug the mains plug and clean the suction foot valve (see 6. Maintenance). v Unplug the mains plug and clean the suction foot valve (see 6. Maintenance). Observe max. media temperature (35 C). v Check fuses and electrical plug-in connections. v Disassemble check valve and clean (see 3. Initial operation). Fault Possible cause Remedy Delivery rate suddenly decreases. Suction foot / inlet screens clogged. v Unplug the mains plug and clean the suction foot valve (see 6. Maintenance). GB For any other malfunctions please contact the GARDENA service department. Repairs must only be carried out by GARDENA service departments or specialist dealers authorised by GARDENA. 8. Technical Data 5500/3 (Art. 1461) 6000/4 (Art. 1468) Mains voltage / mains frequency 230 V / 50 Hz 230 V / 50 Hz Rated power 900 W 1,000 W Max. delivery capacity 5,500 l/h 6,000 l/h Max. pressure 3.0 bar 4.0 bar Max. delivery height 30m 40m Max. submersion depth 12m 12m Power cable 15m H07 RNF 15m H07 RNF Pump connection 33.3mm (G 1 female thread) 33.3mm (G 1 female thread) Minimum submersion depth on commissioning 50mm 70mm Min./ max. cut-in height 430mm / 660mm 450mm / 680mm Min./ max. cut-out height 115mm / 210mm 135mm / 230mm Residual water level 25mm 25mm Weight approx. 9.6 kg 10.0 kg Fastening rope length 15m / Ø 5mm length 15m / Ø 5mm Max. media temperature 35 C 35 C 9. Available accessories GARDENA 2- / 4-Way Valve For parallel connection for more than Art / 8194 one hose or connected devices. GARDENA Fitting 3/4 For 19mm (3/4 ) hoses. Art GARDENA Fitting 1 For 25mm (1 ) hoses. Art GARDENA For 13mm (1/2 ) hoses via the Art Pump Connection Set GARDENA Connection System. GARDENA Tap Connector For 16mm (5/8 ) hoses via the Art. (2)902 GARDENA Hose Connector GARDENA Connection System. Art. (2)916 GARDENA For 19mm (3/4 ) hoses via the Art Pump Connection Set GARDENA Connection System. 15 GB 10. Service / Warranty Warranty: GARDENA guarantees this product for 2 years (from date of purchase). This guarantee covers all serious defects of the unit that can be proved to be material or manufacturing faults. Under warranty we will either replace the unit or repair it free of charge if the following conditions apply: The unit must have been handled properly and in keeping with the requirements of the Operating Instructions. Neither the purchaser or a non-authorised third party have attempted to repair the unit. The wear parts (impellers and turbines) are excluded from the warranty. Pumps damaged by frost are excluded from the warranty. This manufacturer s guarantee does not affect the user s existing warranty claims against the dealer / seller. If you have any problems with your Submersible Pressure Pump, please contact our Service or return the defective unit together with a short description of the problem in case of guarantee, with a copy of the receipt postage paid to one of the GARDENA Service Centres listed on the back of this leaflet. 16 Pumpen-Kennlinien Performance characteristics Courbes de performance Prestatiegrafiek Kapacitetskurva Ydelses karakteristika Kapasitteetikäyrä Kapasitetskurve Curva di rendimento Curva característica de la bomba Características de performance Charakterystyka pompy Szivattyú-jelleggörbe Charakteristika čerpadla Charakteristiky čerpadla Ã Ú ÎÙËÚÈÛÙÈÎfi È ÁÚ ÌÌ ÙË ÓÙÏ Karakteristike črpalk Характеристика насоса Крива характеристики насоса Obilježja pumpe Pompa karakter eąrisi Caracteristică pompă Помпена характеристика Pumba karakteristik Siurblio charakteristinė kreivė Direktīva par sūk iem h [m] h [m] /3 Art , Q [l/h] /4 Art , Q [l/h] 185 D Produkthaftung Wir weisen ausdrücklich darauf hin, dass wir nach dem Produkthaftungsgesetz nicht für durch unsere Geräte hervorgerufene Schäden einzustehen haben, sofern diese durch unsachgemäße Reparatur verursacht oder bei einem Teileaustausch nicht unsere originale GARDENA Teile oder von uns freigegebene Teile verwendet wurden und die Reparatur nicht vom GARDENA Service oder dem autorisierten Fachmann durchgeführt wird. Entsprechendes gilt für Ergänzungsteile und Zubehör. GB Product Liability We expressly point out that, in accordance with the product liability law, we are not liable for any damage caused by our units if it is due to improper repair or if parts exchanged are not original GARDENA parts or parts approved by us, and, if the repairs were not carried out by a GARDENA Service Centre or an authorised specialist. The same applies to spare parts and accessories. F Responsabilité Nous vous signalons expressément que GARDENA n est pas responsable des dommages causés par ses appareils, dans la mesure où ces dommages seraient causés suite à une réparation non conforme, dans la mesure où, lors d un échange de pièces, les pièces d origine GARDENA n auraient pas été utilisées, ou si la réparation n a pas été effectuée par le Service Après-Vente GARDENA ou l un des Centres SAV agréés GARDENA. Ceci est également valable pour tout ajout de pièces et d accessoires autres que ceux préconisés par GARDENA. NL Productaansprakelijkheid Wij wijzen er nadrukkelijk op, dat wij op grond van de wet aansprakelijkheid voor producten niet aansprakelijk zijn voor schade ont staan door onze apparaten, indien deze door onvakkundige reparatie veroorzaakt zijn, of er bij het uitwisselen van onderdelen geen gebruik gemaakt werd van onze originele GARDENA onderdelen of door ons vrijgegeven onderdelen en de reparatie niet door de GARDENA technische dienst of de bevoegde vakman uitgevoerd werd. Ditzelfde geldt voor extra-onderdelen en accessoires. S Produktansvar Tillverkaren är inte ansvarig för skada som orsakats av produkten om skadan beror på att produkten har reparerats felaktigt eller om, vid reparation eller utbyte, andra än Original GARDENA reservdelar har använts. Samma sak gäller för kompletteringsdelar och tillbehör. DK Produktansvar Vi gør udtrykkeligt opmærksom på, at vi i henhold til produktansvarsloven ikke er ansvarlige for skader forårsaget af vores udstyr, såfremt det sker på grund af uautoriserede reparationer eller hvis dele er skiftet ud og der ikke er anvendt originale GARDENA dele eller dele godkendt af os, eller hvis reparationerne ikke er udført af GARDENA-service eller en autoriseret fagmand. Det samme gælder for ekstra udstyr og tilbehør. FI Tuotevastuu Korostamme nimenomaan, että tuotevastuulain nojalla emme ole vastuussa laitteistamme johtuneista vahingoista, mikäli nämä ovat aiheutuneet epäasianmukaisesta korjauksesta tai osia vaihdettaessa ei ole käytetty alkuperäisiä GARDENA-varaosia tai hyväksymiämme osia ja korjauksen on suorittanut muu kuin GARDENA-huoltokeskus tai valtuuttamamme ammattihenkilö. Tämä pätee myös lisäosiin ja lisävarusteisiin. I Responsabilità del prodotto Si rende espressamente noto che, conformemente alla legislazione sulla responsabilità del prodotto, non si risponde di danni causati da nostri articoli se originati da riparazioni eseguite non correttamente o da sostituzioni di parti effettuate con materiale non originale GARDENA o comunque da noi non approvato e, in ogni caso, qualora l intervento non venga eseguito da un centro assistenza GARDENA o da personale specializzato autorizzato. Lo stesso vale per le parti complementari e gli accessori. E Responsabilidad de productos Advertimos que conforme a la ley de responsabilidad de productos no nos responsabilizamos de daños causados por nuestros aparatos, siempre y cuando dichos daños hayan sido originados por arreglos o reparaciones indebidas, por recambios con piezas que no sean piezas originales GARDENA o bien piezas no autorizadas por nosotros, así como en aquellos casos en que la reparación no haya sido efectuada por un Servicio Técnico GARDENA o por un técnico autorizado. Lo mismo es aplicable para las piezas complementarias y accesorios. P Responsabilidade sobre o produto Queremos salientar que segundo a lei da responsabilidade do fabricante, nós não nos responsabilizaremos por danos causados pelo nosso equipamento, quando estes ocorram em decorrência de reparações inadequadas ou da substituição de peças por peças não originais da GARDENA, ou peças não autorizadas. A responsabilidade tornar-se-à nula também depois de reparações realizadas por oficinas não autorizadas pela GARDENA. Esta restrição valerá também para peças adicionais e acessórios. PL Odpowiedzialność za produkt Zwracamy Państwa uwagę, że nie ponosimy odpowiedzialności za uszkodzenia naszych maszyn, bądź szkody spowodowane ich wadliwym funkcjonowaniem, powstałe na skutek nieprawidłowo przeprowadzonych napraw lub użycia nieoryginalnych
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