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Auditor’s Communication

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   AUDITOR’S COMMUNICATION  Sl. No.NameRoll No.Topic   Slide No. 1 Ekata Agrawal148Defnition o Report and Certifcation 2 Pooja Agarwal150Distinction between Report and Certifcation 3 Angelina !pta145 #portance o a Report 4 Pri$anka %agla144 5 &o#al C'a!d'ar$154($pes o A Report 6.  (an!s'a Raj15)*or#s o content o a Report 7. Ritika14+A Report in Prospect!s 8. Rini !pta14,Consideration or drating a Report 9. -'re$a C'andak14.A!ditor/s d!t$ wit' regard to a Report 10 Akanc'a %ansal151-peci#en ansd -ignat!re o a Report 11 Raka -arkar15-peci#en o a Certifcate  INTRODUCTION TO AUDITOR’S COMMUNICATION A communication audit is a comprehensive evaluation of an organization’s ability to send, receive and share information with various audiences within the organization.A communication of audit may be undertaken by corporate communications team or by outside consultants who are retained my management to assess the company’s communication effectiveness.  Defnition o a!dit report According to osep' 2ancaster3 A report is a state#ent o collected and considered acts so drawn !p as to gie clear and concise inor#ation to persons w'o are not alread$ in possession o t'e
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