Auditions – annie & female orphans

“ANNIE” AUDITIONS – ANNIE & FEMALE ORPHANS “Annie” the musical version of the “Little Orphan Annie” comic strip, features “Tomorrow,”…

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“ANNIE” AUDITIONS – ANNIE & FEMALE ORPHANS “Annie” the musical version of the “Little Orphan Annie” comic strip, features “Tomorrow,” “Hard-Knock Life” “NYC,” “Easy Street” and many more great songs WHO: girls between the ages of 8-13, with acting, singing and tap dance experience WHAT: auditions for the following roles 1) Annie, age approx. 11, an unfortunate orphan, who is strong enough to defend other unfortunate orphan girls, who are her friends. She is chosen to spend time in the mansion of Oliver Warbucks 2) Eight other girls, age range between 8-13 years, including Pepper, the “bully” orphan and Molly the smallest “baby” orphan WHERE: Calliope Theatre, 150 Main St., Boylston, MA. WHEN: Friday. Sept. 3 6:30-9:00pm (on-line audition sign-up required) Saturday, Sept. 4 6:30-9:00pm (on-line audition sign-up required) Choose your preferred time, and sign-up on-line. Have several options ready, in case your preferred audition time is not available (based on how many other girls have signed up prior to you) HOW: In anticipation of 75-100 girls auditioning, and in an attempt to “streamline” the audition process and to give each girl an equal audition experience, we will have 6 girls come in to the audition area and audition together. (Parents will not be permitted in the audition area.) The girls will read for 3 contrasting characters (mentioned above in “WHAT”), sing portions of 2 songs and learn an easy tap dance combination. Information about the acting and singing audition will be on-line. The dance will be taught at the audition. WHAT TO DO: After signing up for an audition time on-line, do the following: PRINT at home: 1) this information page 2) the audition form 3) the audition scenes & song lyrics information PRACTICE 1) reading the dialogue scene 3 ways: once reading the Annie lines, once the Pepper lines and once Molly’s lines (see “WHAT” above for character differentiation). 2) singing the lyrics. Memorize. WHAT TO BRING Audition form – filled out and completed before arrival Tap shoes, if you have them (If not, a hard-soled shoe or other dance shoe) Bottled water, if desired Your big smile and your big stage voice (Please leave any naturally curly hair “natural” – no straightening) WHEN TO ARRIVE Please arrive 10 minutes before your audition time to be sure all paper work is in order, put on tap shoes, have pictures taken, get lined up, and practice the singing audition.
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