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  #include <iostream>using namespace std; struct nod{int inf;nod *st,*dr,*par;};void Adauga(nod* &r,int info,nod* aux){if(r){r!ne nod;r>inf!info;r>st!r>dr!$%;r>par!aux;}elseif(info<r>inf) Adauga(r>st,info,r);else if(info>r>inf) Adauga(r>dr,info,r); else cout<<'nformatie duplicat';}void reare(nod* &r){int info,n;cout<<'numar de noduri ';cin>>n;for(int i!+;i<n;i){cout<<'informatia nodului '<<i<<--;cin>>info;Adauga(r,info,r);}}nod* .etermina/minim(nod *p){ 0ile(p>st) { p!p>st; }return p;}nod* .etermina/maxim(nod *p){ 0ile(p>dr) { p!p>dr; }return p;}nod* succesor(nod *p){ if(p>dr!!$%){if(p>par!$%) return p>par;else cout<<'$odul nu are succesor';} else{p!.etermina/minim(p>dr); return p;}  }nod* predecesor(nod *p){ if(p>st!!$%) cout<<'$odul nu are predecesor'; else{p!.etermina/maxim(p>st); return p;}}nod* auta(nod *p,int x) 11 returnea2a nodul care va fi sters, stocat in ns{if(p) {cout<<'$u sa gasit elem'<<endl; return +;}else if(p>inf<x) { p!p>dr; return auta(p,x); }else if(p>inf>x) { p!p>st; return auta(p,x); }else { cout<<'3a gasit elem cu val '<<p>inf<< endl; return p;}}void 3terge(nod* &r){ nod* ns;int x; cout<<'3a se stearga elem cu val'; cin>>x; ns!auta(r,x);if(ns!!+) cout<<'nformatia '<<ns>inf<<' $% exista in nici un nod al ar4orelui'<<endl;elseif(ns>dr!!ns>st) 11in ca2ul in care nodul cu inf x e frun2a{if(ns>inf<ns>par>inf) ns>par>st!+; else ns>par>dr!+; delete ns; 11eli4erea2a 2ona de memorie ocupata de elem sters}elseif(ns>dr!!+ && ns>st) 11in ca2ul in care nodul cu inf x are descendent stang{if(ns>par>inf<ns>inf) ns>par>dr!ns>st;else ns>par>st!ns>st;delete ns;}elseif(ns>st!!+ && ns>dr) 11nodul are descendent drept(simetric fata de else precedent){if(ns>par>inf>ns>inf) ns>par>st!ns>dr;else ns>par>dr!ns>dr;delete ns;}else 11nodul are am4ii descendenti{nod* aux;aux!predecesor(ns);cout<<aux>inf<<endl;ns>inf!aux>inf;if(aux>st)   aux>st>par!aux>par; if(aux>par>inf<aux>inf) aux>par>dr!aux>st; else aux>par>st!aux>st;delete aux;}}void 35.(nod *r){if(r){35.(r>st);cout<<r>inf<<- -;35.(r>dr);}}int main(){nod *rad!+; int x;nod *ns;reare(rad); 11se crea2a nodul initial cout<<'ntrodu val care se va adauga';cin>>x; Adauga(rad,x,rad); cout<<'ntrodu val nodului cautat';cin>>x; ns!auta(rad,x); 3terge(rad); 35.(rad);}
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