A I G I S Κ Ε Α YOUR OWN HOME IN THE AEGEAN FROM THE EPICUREAN CARE TO THE HOSPITALITY OF AIGIS IN KEA THE NAME AIGIS The renowned epicurean care and hospitality That which understood the foreigner

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A I G I S Κ Ε Α YOUR OWN HOME IN THE AEGEAN FROM THE EPICUREAN CARE TO THE HOSPITALITY OF AIGIS IN KEA THE NAME AIGIS The renowned epicurean care and hospitality That which understood the foreigner s need and honored it, finds today its actual name and meaning at the Boutique Hotel «Aigis» in Vourkari, Kea. ZEUS THE GOD OF HOSPITALITY Etymologically derived from the ancient Greek word aigos (goat), the skin of the goat with which the ancient Greeks covered their shields, Aigis symbolized the special treatment, the care. Aigis was also the name of Zeus shield, crafted by Hephaestus with Amalthea s skin, the mythical goat of antiquity whose milk raised the Olympian god and god of Hospitality, Zeus. A word and a hospitality culture entrenched in the Greek way of life since antiquity. THE EPICUREAN HOSPITALITY 300 B.C. An exhausted traveler arrives at Epicurus home, starving and with obvious the signs of discomfort. Epicurus hastens to offer him a simple dish, a bowl with porridge. The foreigner, finishing his dinner, exclaims: -This is the most delicious meal that I have ever had in my life. -How could it be? It is just a simple meal. -Yes, but I share it with a friend. - And what does it makes it special? - The porridge tastes the same with or without a friend. But it has the greatest taste because you, my friend, validated my existence. THE TALE THE VISION OF AIGIS The story commences in 1995 when Aspiotis family returns to the roots of origins of Liza Morfoniou mother in Kea and opens the legendary hub Astra (Stars) at the beach of Gialiskari; a family business that initially started for 40 days of work and pleasure on the magical beach that eventually became a reference point on the island. The guest felt like going to a big party at a friend's house by the sea. After that, Afro (Foam), a cute bar in Vourkari, was created. Fast forward to 2007, 14 years later, Lisa Morfonios and Takis Aspiotis hospitality vision would become true. JULY MARCH 2007 THE COMPLETION OF AIGIS IN JUST 9 MONTHS A very special, then, cottage with bohemian-chic ambience was born. The construction is completed in just nine months. The seminal architectural study of the architect Christos Vlachos envisioned the hotel, designed it initially in free sketch, engraved it into the ground and completed the architectural masterpiece of Aigis. Situated in the center of the triangular plot, right in the middle of the hug of Vourkari bay, a spatial hug, extension of the actual hug of the hospitality of the family. The absolute precision, as experts of the kind said, architects from all over the worldº an accuracy almost impossible to be achieved with naked eye THE CREATORS CHRISTOS VLACHOS LISA MORFONIOU Christos Vlachos continuous search for functionality and originality of the aesthetic approach of the space mingles with Liza Morfoniou decorative aesthetics, two technical processes that were simultaneously materialized. So, Aigis ends up in nine carved into the rock suites, a petite haven of care where the nature stars in tandem with vintage items and rustic style that embodies the local architecture and with originalities that include even some oblique walls that whereas they start being a meter, they end being on the ceiling 60 cm. Curved buildings are harmonized with the rocks while ornate doors hide the bathrooms highlighting them to the ultimate secrets of the room.. AIGIS & Aigis, a journey around the world. Lisa Morfoniou and Takis Aspiotis travel to far Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Africa, Cuba, visit beaches, small workshops and warungs (the Indonesian huts) by the sea to transfer their experiences and craft all the decorative details of the hotel, handmade and of only one production from the doorknob to the grand entrance door. Signature decorative touches reveal that each suite is a different thematic window to the Aegean sea, placing emphasis on the feeling and the detail. The pivotal inspiration for the name and decoration of each suite was an object... a handmade washbasin of small gold ivory sheets, an original piece that with its golden hues inspired and gave its colors and name to the suite Ammos (Sand). Every single small handmade detail in the suite, every object has its own story, a story that is reflected on small true tales like the way each water glass was manufactured for Aigis by a Balinese craftsman during the entire day, in his own hut with his big family. ALEKOS FASIANOS & AIGIS BRAND LOGO The famous painter Alekos Fasianos, honoring his eight-year acquaintance with the family, endorsing the visual cues around the hotel, knowing that Aspiotis family will represent the hospitality of Kea and seeing in the hotel all the elements that were the base of his own creations too-the balance of luxury in the simplicity, the earthy materials, the warm hospitality and the tradition of the local civilization- he offers himself to become the artistic godfather of this new jewel of the Cycladic hospitality and creates the hotel logo. ALEKOS FASIANOS & THE NAME AIGIS Midnight and the final decision on the name of the hotel was made. Lisa, the hotel will be called AIGIS not Aigiis as I had originally proposed. The lengthy echo of i will not allow foreigners to pronounce it correctly and this is very important.. THE A OF ASPIOTIS FAMILY Thus the name Aigis was given by the great painter and precious friend. Simultaneously the family tradition of naming their business children with words starting with an A, representing the drop cap of Aspioti family name (Astra- Afro- Aigis), was followed. YOUR VERY OWN AIGIS STORY Each guest is invited to find his own reading in a small moment in the Aigis tale, his his own spot where he felt the care that the hotel name promises: the moonlight in a corner on one of the pool couches, his own small blue paradise at a nearby beach that only few know and that the family recommended, the smells of the countryside coming through the window of the suite each morning, the naturalistic adventure when he walked with a hotel person an ancient path and enjoyed a picnic on the beach or the moment when he danced a romantic tango while the sun was descending beneath the Aegean scintillating waters... Guest stories that prove that there is always a place for everyone where he adds words and love. A BLUE ODYSSEY Aigis will always be a hospitality storytelling suite and the colors, materials, textures, shapes, design of every little detail will represent a passion. And it will be the narrative canvas to recount a dream: the life in the Cyclades, a Blue Odyssey, a landscape of emotions, the Greece of Fasianos and Hatzidakis, a yard in the Aegean, a room next to the sea and a window open to awaken the love, moonlit nights with chill out music, a family table where guests are connected around the taste and the spatial backdrop that is set up by those little beautiful lyrics in Elytis' Monogram In the Heaven I have spotted an island. Same as you and one house at the THE ARTISTIC GLANCES GEORGIOS XESTERNOS- VAGGELIS PATERAKIS- OLYMPIA KRASAGAKI The dream through the photographic lenses.. Pictures that worth lasting forever.. In 2007, Georgios Xesternos is inspired by the daybed overlooking Vourkari and makes Aigis recognizable at a glance, while in 2011, Vangelis Paterakis is entranced by the golden sunset and depicts Aigis in major foreign magazines. Some years later, Olympia Grasakaki with another, more poetic perspective deifies the blue sky and sea. Magical pictures that remain indelible in the eyes of those who lived them.. with the echo of nostalgia.. NEXT STOP IN THE DREAM.. Next stop in the dream, next stop on the island with the three letters, Kea, and that petite paradise that faces Hospitality as a holistic experience of emotions, Aigis. Welcome back to Aigis, welcome back home.. Α Ι G I S S U I T E S VOURKARI - KEA - CYCLADES - GREECE
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