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Learn about all the history of Inexto which will increase trust, transparency, safety and ethics in their trade flows.

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  • Introduction of Inexto By:  Inexto
  • What is Inexto? Inexto is a international organization which leading a proven solution for brand protection, confirmation, serialization and track and trace.
  • Services of Inexto Ethics Trust Transparency
  • Ethics Inexto is leading provider of software and services of brand protection. Its provide the client greater transparency, trust and ethics in their trade flow.
  • Trust Inexto is a leading company and they helps in leading business to secure their supply chains and protect their brand.
  • Transparency Inexto is a leading provider of software and services for brand protection, authentication, secure serialization, Track & Trace, and Digital Tax Verification. Its provide the clients greater transparency ,trust and ethics in their trade flow.
  • Uses of Inexto Scalability through Interoperability. Supply Chain and Distribution. Understanding Inexto Technology. Assisting brand owners and manufacturers in a demanding marketplace.
  • Products of Inexto GS1 &ISO Trace and track solutions
  • GS1 &ISO Gs1 and ISO are a product of Inexto to help in private and public sector and clients increase trust, transparency, safety and ethics in their trade flows.
  • Trace and track solutions Inexto offers a advanced track and trace solutions in private companies.
  • Contact Us Address : Avenue Édouard Dapples 7, 1006 Lausanne Phone No: INFO@INEXTO.COM Email : +41 (0)21 552 13 30
  • Inexto
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