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Baker Oil Tools Unit No. 8002 Date: October 1, 2003 Rev. New Page: 1 of 4 FLOW CONTROL SYSTEMS Locking Systems TECHNICAL UNIT Mo

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  This document is and contains unpublished, copyrighted and confidential information of Baker Hughes, and is revealed for limited purposes only. This document is the property of Baker Hughes and is to be returned to Baker Hughes on request and may not be reproduced, used or disclosed to persons not having a need to know consistent with the purpose of the document, without the written consent of Baker Hughes. This document is not rented, loaned or sold, either alone or in conjunction with equipment or product. !  9/18/03 Baker Hughes Incorporated. Baker Oil Tools FLOW CONTROL SYSTEMSTECHNICAL UNIT Locking Systems  Description Product No. 801-55. Model “R” Bottom No-Go Non-Ported Seating Nipple, Alloy Steel. 801-56. Model “R” Bottom No-Go Non-Ported Seating Nipple, Stainless Steel. 801-57. Model “R” Bottom No-Go Non-Ported Seating Nipple, 9CR-lMo. The Baker Model “R” Bottom No-Go Non-Port-ed Seating Nipple is a tubing nipple for use with bottom no-go locking devices only. It has a seal bore, bottom no-go shoulder, and a locking groove. The Model “R” nipple locates, seals, and retains flow control accessories that have a bottom no-go locking device. The accessories are run and retrieved on wireline (refer to units under Locking Systems). Features/Benefits ã M aterial Selection- Alloy steel, stainless steel and 9CR-lMo are heat-treated to N.A.C.E. recommendations. (Hardness is 18-22 R c ). ã S eal Bores- Contoured and polished. ã I ntegral locking groove. ã OD  Same as Coupling OD with properties corresponding to N-80 or better. ã N ipples ordered with turned-gown ODs correspond to turned-down N-80 couplings in diameter and properties. ã S evere-Service Chevron Packing is standard on all accessories. ã S afety Feature- Bottom no-go nipple prevents the loss of wireline tools when they are inadvertently dropped or released during running or retrieving. Drawing No. 295-399   Unit No. 8002 Rev. NewDate: October 1, 2003Page: 1 of 4 Model “R” Bottom No-Go Non-PortedSeating Nipple Product Nos. 801-55, 801-56 and 801-57  WARNING Use of Baker equipment contrary to manufacturer’s specification may result in property damage, serious injury or fatality. Unit No. 8002 Rev. NewPage 2 of 4 Availability Nipple SizeBFC Bottom No-Go AccessoriesNipple SizeFC Bottom No-Go Accessoriesã4.312.124.562.254.752.315.252.565.502.755.752.815.95 # Refer to Seal Bore Selector Chart, Unit No. 8003 for complete tubing details.ãLimited flow control accessories for size 2.06. # 10-1-03 Model “R” Bottom No-Go Non-Ported Seating Nipple  Model “R” Bottom No-Go Non-Ported Seating Nipple   Unit No. 8002 Rev. NewPage 3 of 410-1-03 Dimensional Data, Sizes 2.31 - 3.81 Refer to Drawing No. 295-399, Sizes 2.31 - 3.31, and Drawing No. 295-825, Sizes 3.68 - 3.81 Dimensional Data, Sizes 4.00 - 5.95 Refer to Drawing No. 230-825 Dimensional Data, Sizes 1.18 - 2.25 Refer to Drawing 295-399 all sizes except Size 2.06: Refer to Drawing No. 295-825 Dim.Size 1.181.431.501.561.781.811.872.062.122.25 Seal Bore1.1871.4371.5001.5621.7811.8121.8752.0622.1252.250 No-Go Bore1.1351.3851.4471.5101.7281.7601.8221.9652.0352.197  A1.3051.5651.7051.9502.1902.1802.380 B1.621.872.002.312.532.792.81 C3.954.514.564.485.415.436.627.195.74 D5.345.885.866.817.628.187.12 E # 9.00 - 10.009.50- 12.009.68 - 11.569.50 - 12.0011.00 -13.0010.50 -11.0014.75 - 16.7518.21- 20.2111.50 - 13.50 #  Length of nipple is as shown, varying tubing size, thread and bore size relationships. Dim.Size 2.312.562.752.813.123.313.683.753.81 Seal Bore2.3122.5622.7502.8123.1253.3133.6883.7503.812 No-Go Bore2.2572.4422.6972.7593.0723.2423.6253.7003.759  A2.3852.7692.9252.9453.2503.4113.886 B2.813.213.373.383.593.814.37 C6.129.556.276.712.772.846.926.987.03 D7.1210.557.707.7210.9411.038.38 E # 12.84 - 14.8420.00 - 22.0012.50 - 14.5018.75 - 20.7515.81 - 17.8116.62 - 18.6214.75 -15.50 #  Length of nipple is as shown, varying tubing size, thread and bore size relationships. Dim.Size Seal Bore4.0004.1254.3134.5624.7505.5205.5005.7505.953 No-Go Bore3.9104.0354.2234.4724.6605.1505.4005.6255.828  A4.1254.3124.4374.7184.8755.3755.6255.9376.125 B4.564.754.875.125.436.006.006.566.68 C2.612.842.802.772.952.672.362.932.63 D12.5612.6312.4412.5612.2512.9712.6513.0612.87 E # 19.50 - 20.7522.00 - 24.0019.50 - 20.7519.25 - 20.1220.87 - 22.1320.81 - 21.5020.50 - 22.5020.75 - 21.50 #  Length of nipple is as shown, varying tubing size, thread and bore size relationships.  Model “R” Bottom No-Go Non-Ported Seating Nipple   Unit No. 8002 Rev. NewPage 4 of 4 Dimensional Data Drawing No. 295-399 Sizes 1.18 - 3.81 (Except 2.06, 3.12 And 3.31) Dimensional Data Drawing No. 230-825 Sizes* 2.06, 3.12, 3.31 and 4.00 - 5.95 *NOTE: These nipple sizes will receive only collet type locks. 10-1-03
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