MOBILE STARTING NOS STATE 5191 Uttar Pradesh 7206 Haryana 7209 Bihar 7275 Uttar Pradesh 7277 Bihar 7309 Bihar 7354 Uttar Pradesh 7376 Uttar Pradesh 7388 Uttar Pradesh 7398 Uttar Pradesh 7415 Chhattisgarh 7417 Uttar Pradesh 7488 Bihar 7500

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  MOBILE STARTING NOS STATE5191 Uttar Pradesh7206 Haryaa7209 B!har7275 Uttar Pradesh7277 B!har7 09 B!har7 5# Uttar Pradesh7 76 Uttar Pradesh7 $$ Uttar Pradesh7 9$ Uttar Pradesh7#15 %hhatt!s&arh7#17 Uttar Pradesh7#$$ B!har7500 Uttar Pradesh750 Ne' (e)h!7505 Uttar Pradesh7509 %hhatt!s&arh7566 %hhatt!s&arh75$7 %hhatt!s&arh765# B!har766$ Uttar Pradesh7669 Uttar Pradesh7677 B!har7697 %hhatt!s&arh7709 Maharashtra77 7 Ra*astha77 9 B!har77#2 Ra*astha7$0$ B!har7$27 B!har7$2$ %hhatt!s&arh7$60 Uttar Pradesh7$69 Uttar Pradesh7$79 Maharashtra7$91 Ra*astha7$9$ %hhatt!s&arh$002 B!har$00# Uttar Pradesh$005 Uttar Pradesh$009 Uttar Pradesh$010 Ne' (e)h!$052 Uttar Pradesh$055 Maharashtra$0$1 Uttar Pradesh$0$ B!har$0$# B!har$0$5 Uttar Pradesh  $090 Uttar Pradesh$092 B!har$102 B!har$10 %hhatt!s&arh$10# Ra*astha$107 Ra*astha$109 %hhatt!s&arh$115 Uttar Pradesh$126 Uttar Pradesh$127 Uttar Pradesh$1 0 +har,had$171 Uttar Pradesh$197 %hhatt!s&arh$2 Ra*astha$2 5 +har,had$2 9 Ra*astha$269 Uttar Pradesh$271 B!har$2$5 B!har$290 Ra*astha$292 B!har$29# B!har$29$ B!har$ 0 B!har$ 05 %hhatt!s&arh$#00 Uttar Pradesh$#09 B!har$#2 Uttar Pradesh$# 0 Uttar Pradesh$# 9 Uttar Pradesh$507 B!har$521 B!har$5#2 Uttar Pradesh$5# Uttar Pradesh$55 Uttar Pradesh$56 Uttar Pradesh$57# Uttar Pradesh$602 %hhatt!s&arh$60# Uttar Pradesh$726 Uttar Pradesh$7#2 Ra*astha$7#5 %hhatt!s&arh$755 Uttar Pradesh$765 Uttar Pradesh$791 Uttar Pradesh$$02 Uttar Pradesh$$0# B!har$$0$ Uttar Pradesh  $$17 %hhatt!s&arh$$26 Uttar Pradesh$$27 Uttar Pradesh$$5 Uttar Pradesh$$5$ Uttar Pradesh$$6$ Uttar Pradesh$$71 B!har$$7# Uttar Pradesh$$77 B!har$$7$ %hhatt!s&arh$$$9 %hhatt!s&arh$$90 Ra*astha$$92 B!har$$96 Uttar Pradesh$$99 Uttar Pradesh$909 Uttar Pradesh$922 Uttar Pradesh$92 Uttar Pradesh$92# Uttar Pradesh$9 1 Uttar Pradesh$9 2 Uttar Pradesh$9#$ Uttar Pradesh$95 Uttar Pradesh$95# Uttar Pradesh$957 B!har$960 Uttar Pradesh$962 Uttar Pradesh$966 %hhatt!s&arh$969 B!har$979 Uttar Pradesh$9$2 Uttar Pradesh$9$ Maharashtra$9$6 B!har$9$7 +har,had$9$9 Ne' (e)h!9001 Ra*astha9002 -est Be&a)9005 Uttar Pradesh9006 B!har9009 %hhatt!s&arh9012 Uttar Pradesh901 Ne' (e)h!9015 Uttar Pradesh902# Uttar Pradesh9026 Uttar Pradesh9027 Uttar Pradesh90 1 +har,had90 9 %hhatt!s&arh  90## B!har90#5 Uttar Pradesh90#9 %hhatt!s&arh905$ Uttar Pradesh907# %hhatt!s&arh9096 Maharashtra9097 B!har909$ %hhatt!s&arh9099 G.*arat9125 Uttar Pradesh91# B!har9151 Uttar Pradesh9161 Uttar Pradesh9166 Ra*astha9179 Uttar Pradesh919$ Uttar Pradesh920# B!har920$ Uttar Pradesh921# Ra*astha9219 Uttar Pradesh92 5 Uttar Pradesh9252 Ra*astha925$ Uttar Pradesh9266 Uttar Pradesh9 00 Ra*astha9 01 +har,had9 0 Uttar Pradesh9 0# B!har9 07 Uttar Pradesh9 0$ B!har9 12 Uttar Pradesh9 19 Uttar Pradesh9 2 Maharashtra9 29 %hhatt!s&arh9 # B!har9 5 Uttar Pradesh9 6 Uttar Pradesh9 51 Ra*astha9 5$ Uttar Pradesh9 59 Uttar Pradesh9 69 Uttar Pradesh9 $6 B!har9 $9 Uttar Pradesh9#06 %hhatt!s&arh9#07 Uttar Pradesh9#0$ Uttar Pradesh9#11 Uttar Pradesh9#1 Ra*astha
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