ÉCOLE NATIONALE DE CIRQUE MY College Residence Residence Regulations College Program (MAN-DEC-DEE) In case of any discrepancy between the French version of the present rules and its English version,

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ÉCOLE NATIONALE DE CIRQUE MY College Residence Residence Regulations College Program (MAN-DEC-DEE) In case of any discrepancy between the French version of the present rules and its English version, the French version shall prevail. The use of the word «student» or «resident» includes the students attending the College program living at the residence. The masculine gender is used herein for sake of reading facility. Student housing requires a certain direction. It also requires adjustments on everyone s part. It also offers great challenges. Most importantly, to maximize the student housing experience for everyone involved, sharing your day to day lives with other people offers opportunities for showing both self-respect and respect of others. Living in a school s residence is sharing your day to day life with other people. Living in a residence is not like living in your own apartment. Living in a school residence can be a rewarding experience: it allows the student to focus on schooling and training, without the daily hassles and hurdles of an apartment to manage. Eventually, living in the residence allows for a smooth transition between family and living on your own. Living in a school residence is like living in a second home, with people who often become like family. This family is made up of students in neighbouring rooms and resident supervisors and other people involved in residence life, overseeing the student housing program and ensuring everyone s well-being. Behaviours, attitudes and values each resident brings to the table contributes to the quality of life in the residence, for the individual student and those around. Each year, our residence regulations are updated. They take into account comments and experiences of students as well as those of the resident supervisors. At the National Circus School (the School), we want to share with you the values we believe are important and will bring you ahead! Should you have any queries, contact the Academic Administration and Student Services Coordinator, Claudia Silva at or , extension 243. The Residence Regulations: a commitment to respect As soon as you enrolled at the School, you made an implicit commitment to respect the School s values, and our ways of teaching and doing things. When you registered at the residence, you made a commitment to respect the residence s values, and our 1 ways of teaching and doing things. These values have guided us in making the rules of conduct that we are sharing here. Those rules are also part of your commitment as a student. These regulations consist in a set of rules for day to day life in shared premises. They serve as a tool box, helping you to better organize your daily tasks, plan your activities, communicate effectively. This tool box can assist you in adapting to change or overcoming personal dilemma. Plus, they can guide you in managing a potential fall out with your next-door neighbor, in showing respect for everyone living or working at the residence, despite or should we say, with their different viewpoints, experiences, perspectives, ages and levels of responsibility. Who are the Residence Regulations for? The Residence Regulations apply to any person who stays in or lives at the School s residence, and this present version of the regulations is intended specifically for college (DEC-DEE) program students, including Mise à niveau (MÀN). These regulations form part of the school s Code de vie (Code of conduct) and the School s policies and regulations. Who-does-what at the residence? The Residence Supervisor: While you live at the residence, the Residence Supervisor represents the School which is a sort of parent, even though you are 18 years of age and older. The supervisor: Ensures the health and safety of every resident. Assists residents in daily life issues at the residence. Coordinates activities at the residence. Prepares activities in line with the residents needs and preferences. Oversees study period supervision. Makes necessary purchases for weekend brunches and snacks. Helps serve the evening meals. Is the point of contact when you enter or leave the residence during the week and on weekends. Reminds residents of the importance of the Residence Regulations (a sort of Code of Conduct of the residence). Is onsite at the residence from Monday to Thursday from 5:30 PM to 8:30 AM, Friday from 5:30 PM until Monday 8:30 AM (whenever the residence is opened as per the school calendar and the residence calendar). The Academic Administration and Student Services Coordinator: The Academic Administration and Student Services Coordinator is the transmission wheel between the educational department, the administration department, the resident supervisor, the parents (should you be under 18) and the resident. As such, the Coordinator coordinates the arrival and departure of residents at the beginning of the school term, during study weeks and holidays, and at the end of the term. 2 Before 3 PM on Fridays, the Coordinator must receive parents confirmation of permission to leave on weekends (should you be under 18). The Coordinator also follows-up with all necessary and relevant health sheet forms for residents. The resident: On a priority basis, the School offers lodging facilities to non-montreal high school students under 18 years of age. In the event of under capacity, the School s residence may welcome college students, whether they are under 18 or not. Every student living at the residence is entitled to enjoy safe and favourable conditions for community life, and for study and rest. Resident students also have obligations: they must adapt their personal conduct to conform to the requirements of group living, participate in the residence activities, and observe the following regulations: Assignment of Rooms 1. The assignment of the rooms and the designation of the roommates are determined by the School, it being acknowledged that roommates will be of opposite gender. 2. Any modification to the agreed duration of stay at the residence or to the agreed number of week days at the residence is subject to the payment of an indemnity. Language Used at the Residence 3. The language used at the residence is the French language. Access to the Residence 4. Access to the residence is not allowed after 8:15 AM. In order to enter the residence during the day, the resident must invoke exceptional reasons. If such may be the case, authorization must be obtained from the Academic Administration and Student Services Coordinator. In the event of a holiday, or, for a 5-day resident, over the course of the week-end, the resident cannot, after 8:15 AM, enter the residence should he have left a personal belonging or for any other reason whatsoever. 5. Entry into the residence is through level 0, except Friday from 9h30PM, Saturday and Sunday from 6PM, and from 5PM the day of the return from a break. Forbidden Amenities and Activities 6. It is forbidden to keep, to use or to share on the residence s premises, in the resident s room, or any other space within the residence (including the School s parking lot, patio, entry, or other property owned by the School), any tobacco products or e-cigarettes, including any inhaling product or device. 3 7. It is also forbidden to keep or use any electrical appliances such as a coffee machine, a toaster or any other device used for cooking, roasting, heating or refrigerate foods. It is possible for a College level resident to rent a personal room refrigerator by contacting the Academic Administration and Student Services Coordinator. A communal refrigerator may be used by a resident, on the condition that the resident ensures at all times the freshness of his food by a regular inspection and keeps clean at all times the area of the fridge where he has placed his food. The same obligation of cleanliness applies to the resident s personal room refrigerator. 8. It is forbidden to light a candle or a fuel lamp, or to burn any other matter in the residence. 9. The School s representatives have the right to visit the rooms at any time and to confiscate any unauthorised amenity it evaluates as being a possible danger. 10. At any time in the common premises and before retirement time in the rooms, the resident must be dressed appropriately. Care of Room and Public Amenities and Cleanliness 11. The student must use with the utmost care the furniture and amenities made available by the School. 12. The resident is not entitled to move or displace without authorisation any furniture without casters. No resident is entitled to move or displace any piece of furniture from its room. 13. Space within the room cannot be obstructed by any of piece of furniture; no piece of furniture may be placed so as to prevent surveillance of the room. 14. It is forbidden to install or to modify an electric, computer or telephone distribution system, outlet or component. 15. It is forbidden to place anything on the walls, doors or furniture in the rooms or common spaces. For pictures or posters, it is mandatory to use sticky tack or similar adhesive sticker. 16. The resident, alone or together with his roommate, must maintain his room clean and tidy; the resident is responsible for its regular cleaning, as directed by the School. 17. Each week, the resident must change his own bed linens or those provided by the School. 18. The cleaning products to be used for the cleaning and maintenance of the rooms are those provided by the School. No other product is to be used. 19. It is forbidden to hang anything from or on to the sprinklers. 20. The student is liable for all damages caused to his room or to any other area or amenity of the residence by his own fault or negligence. The cost and expenses incurred by the School will be charged to the student. 21. Overall cleaning of the residence and the rooms is made every 2 weeks. The resident supervisor announces such cleaning chores by posting a notice on the days such chores are made, and each resident is expected to remove every object from under the bed, from the shower, from the sink and from the counters of the room. 22. Bicycles cannot be brought into the residence or into a resident s room. 4 Health and Personal Hygiene 23. The School will not tolerate the intake of medication beyond prescribed dosage. 24. On the basis of a medical recommendation or as a preventive measure, the residence supervisor is authorized to request a student to stay in a separate room. 25. The use of the therapeutic bath is limited to one student at a time; the duration and the frequency are controlled by the residence supervisor. After using it, the student must wash the therapeutic bath with the disinfectant product prominently placed by the School which is to be replaced by the student at the same place. 26. The student must comply with basic personal and oral hygiene rules. The resident supervisor is authorized to require that a student brush his teeth, take a shower, wash his hair, change his clothes frequently, that he does his laundry, that he cleans his room, and such other requests of a similar nature. 27. The use of perfume, after shave or a scented cosmetic product may be prohibited if it bothers a resident. 28. The student shall not be barefoot or wear socks when out of his room. Food and Beverages 29. It is forbidden to keep in his room any food that must be refrigerated. 30. The intake of «energy» drinks is forbidden. The School does not tolerate abusive consumption of foods or beverages with low nutritional value or with high concentration of sugar, fat or caffeine. 31. Should he be under the influence, the student is confined to his room, and will ensure not to disturb his roommate and neighbors. If the student does not comply, a disciplinary measure could be applied. Outings and Safety 32. Non authorized visitors not being allowed in the residence, it is forbidden to let in or facilitate the entry of strangers, friends or non-resident students in the residence. 33. In the absence of their occupants, the rooms must always be locked. 34. It is forbidden to enter into the resident supervisor s room or in the room of a CES level resident. 35. It is forbidden for a resident of 18 years of age to enter into the room of a resident under It is forbidden to enter into a resident s room in his absence. 37. It is forbidden for a resident of 18 years of age to welcome in his room a resident under The student is not authorized to make a copy of his room s key, lend it to another person or hold the key to another person s room. 39. Gatherings are forbidden in the staircases. 40. Hallways and staircases must remain free of any objects. 41. The school is not responsible for any lost or stolen objects. 42. Except for an emergency situation, it is forbidden to open the exterior doors 5 of the residence when the alarm is activated. Daily Schedule, Activities, and Climate Study 43. At all times, the climate in the residence must allow for study or rest. 44. Except for School activities and activities to be held outside the residence which are all mandatory, when internal residence activities are planned, every resident should participate in order to reinforce group spirit at the residence. 45. The resident is not entitled to have a friend for sleep over. 46. In the morning, each student is responsible to prepare and leave the residence between 7:45 and 8:15 AM. 47. From Monday to Friday, meals are served from: 8h to 9h30 for breakfast, de 12h30 to 13h30 for lunch; dinner time begins no earlier than 5:30 and at 6:30 PM at the latest, depending on time courses. 48. During the week-ends, the meal schedule is: o Saturday, from 10 to 11 AM for brunch, from 2 to 2:30 PM for the snack, o and 5:30 to 6:30 PM for dinner; Sunday, from 8:30 to 10 AM for breakfast, 12:30 to 1:30 PM for lunch and 5:30 to 6:30 for dinner. 49. The resident of 18 years of age and over must return to the residence before the retirement time in the room. 50. Retirement time in the resident s room is 11 PM from Sunday to Thursday, and 1 AM Friday and Saturday. From that time on, the student must remain in his room during the night, reduce any noise to the minimum (radio, music, television or computer must be used with headphones), and keep door closed and locked. 51. The resident of 18 years of age and over may stay overnight out from the residence, provided he informs in advance the resident supervisor and advises him of the time of his departure and the time of his return. 52. The resident under 18 may stay overnight out from the residence, provided that the Academic Administration and Student Services Coordinator has received a specific authorization in writing from the parents or guardian prior to 3 PM on Friday, specifying the name of the designated parent or guardian (see below), the address of the location visited, the means of transportation to the location visited and the return to the residence, and the telephone number where the resident can be reached at all times; it being acknowledged that the sleep over must take place at the personal residence of an adult having close ties to the family of the resident, or, if at the personal residence of another student, the sleep over must take place under the continued supervision of the parent of such student. In the event a student does not apply any given section of the present Residence Regulations, disciplinary measures could be taken, ranging from a verbal warning to being expelled from the residence and the School, depending on the nature and the frequency of such default. 6 I have read the regulations of the residence and I undertake to abide by them. Student s Signature Date 7
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