CURIE VIRÁG CURRICULUM VITAE POSITION 2003 Present: Assistant Professor, University of Toronto Department of East Asian Studies (St. George Campus) EDUCATION Harvard University, Cambridge, MA Ph.D., Department

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CURIE VIRÁG CURRICULUM VITAE POSITION 2003 Present: Assistant Professor, University of Toronto Department of East Asian Studies (St. George Campus) EDUCATION Harvard University, Cambridge, MA Ph.D., Department of East Asian Languages and Civilizations (2004) University of Paris II, Institut de Droit Comparé, Paris ( ) Coursework in comparative law and legal history Fulbright Scholar, Seoul, Korea ( ) University of California, Berkeley, Berkeley, CA B.A., History and English Literature (1992) RESEARCH AREAS Premodern Chinese intellectual and cultural history; history and philosophy of emotions, perception and memory; aesthetics and visual practice; ethical theory; self and subjectivity; antiquity and antiquarianism; comparative thought (East-West, East Asian). CURRENT PROJECTS Preparation of book manuscript, Emotions in Early China. Preparation of book manuscript, Emotions in Medieval China Other current research topics: landscape theory, the phenomenology and ethics of visual practice; conceptions and practices of memory. FELLOWSHIPS AND GRANTS Humanities Initiative Fellowship, CEU Institute for Advanced Study (2013/2014) Senior Visiting Fellow, Collegium Budapest Institute for Advanced Study (2010/2011) Charlotte Newcombe Doctoral Dissertation Completion Fellowship (2002/2003) Chiang Ching-kuo Foundation Dissertation Completion Fellowship (2002/2003, declined) Foreign Language and Area Studies Fellowship (1997/1998) Foreign Language and Area Studies Summer Language Fellowship (1996/1997) Harvard Graduate Society Summer Research Grant (1996) PUBLICATIONS Journal articles and chapters The Intelligence of Emotions? Debates over the Structure of Moral Life in Early China. L Atelier du Centre de Recherches Historiques, forthcoming The Politics of Self-Restraint: Ideals of Rulership and the Shifting Balance of Authority in Tang and Song China, in Youngmin Kim ed., East Asian Perspectives on Political Legitimacy (Forthcoming 2014). 1 Self-cultivation as Praxis in Song Neo-Confucianism. In John Lagerwey ed., Modern Chinese Religion. Value Systems in Transformation. Brill, In press Early Confucian Perspectives on Emotions, in Vincent Shen and Kwong-loi Shun eds., Handbook of Confucian Thought. Springer Locating the Moral Self in Song Neo-Confucian thought. In Vincent Shen and Kwong-loi Shun eds., Confucian Ethics in Retrospect and Prospect. Chinese Philosophical Studies XXVII. Washington, D.C.: The Council for Research in Values and Philosophy, 2008, pp The Artist as Philosopher: Eros and the Search for Unity in the Thought of Su Shi, in Passioni d oriente. Eros ed Emozioni Nelle Civilità Asiatiche, Sezione Asia Orientale (Conference volume, supplement 4 of Alla rivista degli studi oriental, 78 (2007), pp Emotions and Human Agency in the Thought of Zhu Xi, in Journal of Song Yuan Studies 37(2007), pp Emotion, Knowledge and the Reconfigured Self in the Tang-Song transition, in Paolo Santangelo with Donatella Guida eds., Love, Hatred, and Other Passions. Questions and Themes on Emotions in Chinese Civilization. Leiden and Boston: Brill, 2006, pp Re-envisioning self and world in the Daxue (The Great Learning) commentaries: Intellectual transitions from Kong Yingda to Mao Qiling. Article published in Russian in Far Eastern Affairs (Moscow), No. 6 (2001). Book Reviews Review of Ian Johnston and Wang Ping trans., Daxue and Zhongyong. Bilingual Edition. Hong Kong: Chinese University Press, In Dao: A Journal of Comparative Philosophy. (Forthcoming Sept. 2014) Utopian Projections. Review of Oriental Enlightenment: The Encounter Between Asian and Western Thought, by J.J. Clarke. The Boston Book Review, 4.10 (Dec 1997). After Koryo. Review of Korea s Place in the Sun: A Modern History, by Bruce Cumings. The Boston Book Review, 4.3 (Apr 1997) LECTURES AND CONFERENCE PAPERS The Ethics of Visualization: Structure and Feeling in Song Landscape Aesthetics. Conference on Middle Period China, Harvard University (June 2014). Moving Landscapes: On Movement as a Value in Medieval Chinese Aesthetics. Public lecture, CEU Department of Medieval Studies (March 2014) The Self and its Imagined Spaces: A Genealogy of Emotions in Medieval China. Fellow Seminar, CEU Institute for Advanced Study (February 2014) Desire and Dao in Early Chinese Thought. Keynote lecture at the Third Comparative Literature Graduate Conference, Love of Wisdom vs. Wisdom of Love, State University of New York Buffalo, April Self-cultivation as Praxis in Song Neo-Confucianism. Presented at the workshop, Modern Chinese Religion: Values in Transformation, Chinese University of Hong Kong (June 2012) 2 Minding the Gap: Cognition, Feeling and the New Subjectivity in Song Political Thought. Presented at the Conference, Governance and Political Leadership in East Asia. (Part of the Conference Series, East Asian Perspectives on Political Legitimacy: Advancing Research in Comparative Political Theory), Seoul National University, Korea (June 2011) Empty and Full: Imagining the Heart-and-Mind in Early Chinese Thought. Presented in Bucharest at the Conference, Passionate Minds. Knowledge and the Emotions in Intellectual History, sponsored by the International Society for Intellectual History, University of Bucharest, Romania (May 2011). The Multiplicity of Self: Emotions and the Search for Coherence in Premodern Chinese Thought. Collegium Budapest Fellow Seminar (Nov. 2010) The Art of Living in the World: Music as Therapy in the Thought of Ouyang Xiu. Presented at the 15 th International Meeting of CHIME (The European Foundation for Chinese Music Research), Dornach/Basel, Switzerland (Nov 2010) From Body to Movement: Emotions and Discourses of Self-Realization in the Wei-Jin Period. Presented at the conference, The Wei-Jin-Nanbei Period Literature, Art and Philosophy, organized by the Department of Asian and African Studies, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia (June 2010). Emotions, Subjectivity and Power: Narratives of Cultural History in China and Europe. Presented at the meeting of the International Society for Cultural History, Close Readings, Critical Syntheses, at the University of Turku, Finland (May 2010). The Reality of Emotions: The Self and its Transformations in Early China. Presented at the symposium, Emotions Under Siege? An Interdisciplinary Symposium on the Emotions, sponsored by the Jackman H Humanities Institute, The University of Toronto (May 2010) Placing Ideas: Memory and Forgetting in Tang and Song Theories of Learning, Writing and Art. Presented at the conference, Ideas, Networks, Places. Rethinking Chinese History of the Middle Period (Conference in Honor of the 60 th birthday of Prof. Peter K. Bol), Harvard University (July 2009) Music and Emotional Expression in Medieval China. Presented at the University of Umeå, Sweden, at the conference, Cultural History of Emotions in Premodernity, organized by CHEP - The Interdisciplinary Network on the Cultural History of Emotions in Premodernity, Faculty of Arts, Umeå University (Oct 2008) Emotional Geographies: Music and Movement in the Writings of Xi Kang ( ). Presented at Bard College, New York, at the conference, Music and Ritual in China and East Asia, the 13 th Annual CHIME (European Foundation for Chinese Music Research) Conference (Oct 2008). Returning to the Place Beyond: Artistic Expression and the Concept of Fugu (Returning to Antiquity) in Eleventh-Century China. Presented at the Huntington Library at the conference, Past Perfected: Antiquity and its Reinventions, organized by the National Committee for the History of Art (Apr 2006). Locating the Moral Self: Emotions and Human Agency in Song Neo-Confucian Thought. Presented at the University of Toronto at the conference, International Conference on Confucianism: Retrospect and Prospect (Sep 2005). Emotions in the Wujing Zhengyi commentary to the Treatise on Music (Yueji 樂記 ). A series of three talks presented at the Institut National des Langues et Civilisations Orientales (INALCO), Paris (Mar 2003). Knowledge as Authentic Experience: Epistemology and Subjectivity in Medieval China and Europe. 3 Presented at Princeton University, at a conference sponsored by the Princeton Society for Intercultural Comparative Studies (Oct 2001). That Which Encompasses the Myriad cares : Emotion, Knowledge and the Reconfigured Self in the Tang- Song Transition. Presented in Cortona, Italy at a conference sponsored by the European Association of Chinese Studies, Emotions and the Analysis of Historical Sources in China (May 2001) The Epistemology of Mapping: Learning to be Neo-Confucian in Early Choson Korea. Presented in Sariska, India, at the conference, Asia from Within Asia, sponsored by the Society of Asian Studies in Asia (Feb 1998) GRADUATE ADVISING AND PHD COMMITTEES External examiner Ania Barma, M.A. in Philosophy, Department of Philosophy, CEU (June 2014) Thesis: The Self Illusion Andy Patton, Ph.D in Art and Visual Culture, Department of Visual Arts, U. of Western Ontario (June 2013). Thesis: A Painter s Brush that Also Makes Poems Hong Ciyuan, M.A. in Chinese Studies, National University of Singapore (June 2011) Thesis: Through Philosophical and Sociopolitical Lenses Clearly A Study on the Mid-Ming Intellectual Cai Qing ( ) Advising David Machek, Ph.D. Candidate, Department of East Asian Studies, University of Toronto Thesis: Skill and Freedom in Stoicism and Daoism Ania Barma, M.A. in Philosophy, Department of Philosophy, CEU (June 2014) Thesis: The Self Illusion Zhexin Xu, M.A. Candidate in Medieval Studies, Department of Medieval Studies, CEU COURSES TAUGHT FROM Central European University History of Chinese Philosophy (M.A. course, Dept. of Philosophy, Fall 2013) The Art of Memory in China and the West (M.A. course, Dept. of Medieval Studies, Fall 2013) University of Toronto GAS C32 (UTSC) The Art of Memory in China and the West (Winter 2012) GAS C31 (UTSC) Self and Imagination in Traditional China (Winter 2010) GAS A02 (UTSC) Introduction to Global Asia II (Winter 2010, Fall 2011) EAS 344: Thinking about Emotions in Traditional China (Fall 2009) GAS B31 (UTSC): Chinese Thought and Culture in Historical Perspective (Fall 2009, Winter 2012) EAS 215: History of Chinese Thought, Tang through Ming (Winter 2008) HIS 389: The Art of Memory in China and the West (Winter 2008) HIS 496: Medieval Chinese Civilization (Winter 2008) HIS 389: Early Chinese Cultural History, Beginnings to 9 th Century (Winter 2008) EAS 346: Self and Imagination in Pre-Modern China (Fall 2008) EAS 215: History of Chinese Thought, Tang through Ming (Winter 2008) WORKSHOP ORGANIZATION The Self in the Ancient and Medieval Worlds: Conceptions and Practices in China and the West. International workshop at CEU, sponsored by the Humanities Development Fund, CEU and the Human Project, with the cooperation of the Departments of Philosophy and Medieval Studies, CEU (May 2014) 4 JOURNAL REFEREE Asiatische Studien/Études Asiatiques LANGUAGES Classical and Modern Chinese; French; Korean; some Japanese, Spanish and Hungarian CONTACT Budapest Toldy Ferenc utca Budapest HUNGARY Tel: / Toronto Department of East Asian Studies 772 Markham St. Robarts Library Toronto, ON M6G 2M5 CANADA 130 St. George St. Toronto, ON M5S 3H1 CANAD A Tel:
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