熊本大学学術リポジトリ Kumamoto University Repository System

The equilibrium of the reaction ZN + CO₂ = ZNO +

basic definitions ãtypical ranges and units ãmeasurement of

Electrically Injected Cavity Polaritons - Université Paris-Sud

G2 Ångström`s Bar

Determination of 40Cr Johnson–Cook Dynamic Constitutive

New Proof of Hörmander multiplier Theorem on compact manifolds

A 4th-Order Low-distortion Low-pass ΣΔModulator Using

Defining Hazardous Zones – Electrical Classification Distances.

Dispersion For The Schrödinger Equation On Networks.

dygy„X$ L$p¡gp¡_u_p l_ydp_ `pX$pdp„ X„y$Nf rhõspf_u S>du_ ^ksp

Chemotaxis–fluid coupled model for swimming bacteria with

Flexible Foams Based on Poly bd® R45HTLO Resin

„Fast and efficient purification of synthetic peptides using solid

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